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Form NameForm Pt 300
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other names Fillable Online dx1slceezt1vd cloudfront STATE OF ...

Form Preview Example






(Rev. 11/3/20)


SID number






Return Filing Status: (check one)



1 Initial

2 Annual



4 Final

Owner name and mailing address

Change of address

5 Return due to change in accounting closing period

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Mail to: SCDOR, Manufacturing Section, Columbia, SC 29214-0302

Section A: Account Information






























2. Accounting closing date
















Start up date































3. Property location






4. Type of ownership



*If box for Partnership













Sole Proprietor (one owner)



or LLC was checked,















please complete







Business phone number





Partnership (two or more owners, other than LLP)













Section B below.













LLC/LLP filing as:




































Single Member


























South Carolina Corporation


















Date incorporated




















Foreign Corporation










5. Contact person


6. Contact phone no.























State and date incorporated


















Other (explain)












7. Name used to file Income Tax return



















































































Section B: Name(s) of Business Owner, General Partners, Officers, or Members


Name/title/general partners

Home address

% Ownership

Section C: Schedule Summary (Enter total gross cost below from Plant/Operation Schedules A through F, S and T.)



Plant/Operation name





gross cost



Additional Schedules (check if the following schedules are attached.)

Schedule X: Improvement Schedule

Schedule Z: Lease Schedule

See page 2 for the required signature and ownership changes.


Page 2

Section D: Associated Leases: Schedule Z Required

Section E: Account Information Changes











Report changes, corrections, and omissions below.







































Property location







































































Phone number


































Accounting closing date


















Start up date






































































Section F: Ownership Changes


See application for exemption below.
















Facility sold to:



















Facility purchased from:


















































Date of sale


Contact person




Phone number (






























Application for five-year exemption and/or property value exemption

When you file a PT-300 on time and with all relevant schedules, it is considered the application for the partial exemption under SC Code Sections 12-37-220(A)(7), (A)(8), (B)(32), (B)(34) and the property value exemption under SC Code Section (B)(52)(a).

Change In Ownership: If you purchase an existing facility, you must also get approval for exemption from the local county for a five- year partial exemption in accordance with SC Code Section 12-37-220(C). You must submit a PT-444, Manufacturers Exemptions Extended To Unrelated Purchaser, within three years of filing a PT-300 on time for the filing of an application for exemption. The PT-444 is available at

No Change In Ownership: Owners of existing facilities that have not been purchased within this reporting period are not required to obtain approval from the local county governing body.

Application for special assessment of warehousing (PT-465)

To request a special assessment of warehousing, you must file a PT-465, Warehousing & Wholesale Distribution Facilities of Manufacturers, with the SCDOR by July 1 of the tax year for which you are requesting the special classification. See SC Code Sections 12-43-220 (a)(4) and the PT-465 for qualifications and application procedures.

Section 12-54-44 (B)(1) A person who willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat a tax or property assessment imposed by a title administered by the department or the payment of that tax or property assessment, in addition to other penalties provided by law, is guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than ten thousand dollars or imprisoned not more than five years, or both, together with the cost of prosecution.

Under penalty of law, I certify that this return, including any accompanying schedules and statements, is correct, true, and complete to the best of my knowledge.

Taxpayer name

Taxpayer signature


Phone number

Preparer name

Preparer signature


Phone number

All returns must be signed and dated by the preparer and the taxpayer or an officer of the company.


How to Edit Form Pt 300 Online for Free

When you wish to fill out Form Pt 300, there's no need to download any programs - just try using our PDF tool. Our development team is always working to expand the editor and enable it to be even easier for people with its multiple functions. Bring your experience to the next level with continuously improving and amazing possibilities available today! Here is what you will need to do to start:

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So as to finalize this PDF form, ensure you enter the required information in each and every blank field:

1. The Form Pt 300 involves particular information to be typed in. Make sure the subsequent blank fields are completed:

Stage no. 1 of filling in Form Pt 300

2. After the last section is complete, you'll want to include the required specifics in FEINSSN, Nametitlegeneral partners, Home address, Ownership, Section C Schedule Summary Enter, Schedule, letter, Schedule number, PlantOperation name, Total, gross cost, MUST ATTACH ALL APPROPRIATE, Additional Schedules check if the, Schedule X Improvement Schedule, and See page for the required so you're able to move on to the next step.

Step no. 2 of submitting Form Pt 300

A lot of people often make some errors while completing Home address in this section. Make sure you review whatever you type in right here.

3. This stage is usually hassle-free - complete every one of the empty fields in Section D Associated Leases, Section E Account Information, Report changes corrections and, FEINSSN, Property location, Street, City, Phone number, Accounting closing date, Start up date, ZIP, monthyear, monthdayyear, Section F Ownership Changes, and See application for exemption below to complete this process.

Section D Associated Leases, Section E Account Information, and Accounting closing date of Form Pt 300

4. The next subsection needs your information in the following areas: Taxpayer name, Taxpayer signature, Preparer name, Preparer signature, Date, Phone number, Date, Phone number, and All returns must be signed and. Make sure that you enter all needed details to go onward.

Form Pt 300 completion process explained (stage 4)

Step 3: Prior to moving forward, you should make sure that all form fields have been filled out the proper way. When you are satisfied with it, press “Done." Get hold of your Form Pt 300 after you join for a 7-day free trial. Quickly get access to the pdf inside your FormsPal account, along with any modifications and adjustments being conveniently saved! With FormsPal, you can certainly complete documents without worrying about database breaches or entries being shared. Our secure software makes sure that your personal details are kept safe.