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In order to complete your tax return, you will need to fill out Form Tmsm 01. This form is used to calculate the amount of tax that you owe on self-employment income. The form consists of a number of questions about your business and its income and expenses. By completing the form accurately, you can ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax on your self-employment income. Let's take a closer look at how to fill out Form Tmsm 01. Form Tmsm 01 is used to calculate the amount of tax that you owe on self-employment income. The form consists of a number of questions about your business and its income and expenses. By completing the form accurately, you can ensure that you pay the correct amount of tax on your self-employment income. The first step in filling out Form Tmsm 01 is to enter your business name and address in Part 1: Business Information. In Part 2: Gross Income,you will need to report all of your self-employment income for the year. This includes both cash and non-cas

Form NameForm Tmsm 01
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Other namesnew jersey original trade mark, nj application mark online, nj treasury application trade form, nj original mark

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TMSM-01 Revised Jan. 2013

State of New Jersey

Department of the Treasury

Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services

33 West State Street, 5th Floor

Trenton, NJ 08608

PLEASE NOTE: When examining an application to register a mark, the Division of Revenue only considers its database of registered New Jersey marks. We do not search the state or county assumed name records, legal names of

corporations or other filing entities, nor search the USPTO. We do not search phone books, the internet, or any other “common law” usage of marks in commerce. The person seeking to register a mark is responsible for a more substantial

search to avoid infringing on the marks of others.

Owners of registered marks are responsible for enforcing their rights to the marks. A private attorney can assist you in determining and enforcing your rights.

Search State of New Jersey registered marks:

You can search federally-registered marks online at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) (

Information for submission of Form TMSM-01

Type or machine print all information except signatures and file the application in duplicate. Application must be notarized.

Please refer to the instruction sheet below for completing items 1 8 of the application form TMSM-01.


A check or money order signed and made payable to the NJ Division of Revenue must accompany the application.

Base Filing Fee: $50.00 per filing (includes one classification)

Premium Service Surcharges:

1)$15.00 additional per filing for expedited handling (8.5 business hours processing time for filing delivered over the counter or from date of receipt)

2)$100.00 additional per filing for same day service (same day processing for filing delivered over the counter)

Regular service (regular mail)

Expedited and same day service **

NJ Division of Revenue

NJ Division of Revenue

PO Box 453

33 West State Street, 5th Fl.

Trenton, NJ 08646-0453

Trenton, NJ 08608-1214


Attn: TMSM Unit


**Delivery by courier service or in person only.


Do not use USPS overnight delivery.




Instructions to complete the Original Application to Register

Trademark or Service Mark (TMSM-01)


A Trade Mark is any word, name, symbol or device or any combination thereof, used by a person to identify and distinguish the goods of the person, including a unique product, from those manufactured and sold by others, to indicate the source of the goods, even if that source is unknown.

A Service Mark is any word, name, symbol or device or any combination thereof, used by a person to identify and distinguish the services of one person, including a unique service, from the services of others, to indicate the source of the services, even if that source is unknown.

Specimen of the mark is a sample of the mark in use (i.e.-letter head, business cards, menu, website banner, distinct photograph of shirt, sign, pen, or other item …please do not send the actual item).

Drawing of the mark: The mark shown on the drawing sheet must exactly match the mark shown in your specimen and must coincide with the description in item 2 of the application. The “drawing” does not have to

be a hand-drawn depiction. You can print a picture of the mark onto the Drawing Sheet. The Drawing Sheet

cannot include any text, pictures, or other material that is not part of the mark. If the mark is a phrase (word mark) it must be typed onto the drawing of the mark page. Submit on 8.5x11 sheet of paper labeled “Drawing of the Mark”.



Item 1 – Mark Type: Check only one box per application (see definitions). Mark type must coincide with classification number(s) (see item 4).

Item 2 – Name and description of Mark: All marks must be named. The name should be placed in quotes.

Type a brief description. In the case of a design mark, you may choose a name that fits its description (i.e. – an image of a tree with rainbow and clouds can be named “tree rainbow”). In the case of a

phrase, the description should be listed as word mark.

Item 3 – Description of the Goods or Services Involved: Describe briefly and concisely the goods or the services currently sold or provided.

Item 4 – Classification Number(s): Must coincide with the mark type checked in item 1. More than one classification number can be listed; however, an additional $50.00 charge is applicable for each classification listed after the initial classification.

Please note: Only one type (Trademark or Servicemark) can be checked on the form. Multiple Classifications can be used on the same form as long as they fall under the same mark type.

Item 5 – Applicant Information: Must list complete name and address (a and b). Must check one box on line (c). Complete lines (d) and/or (e) if applicable.

Item 6 – Dates: Must list the date mark first used in New Jersey (mm/dd/yyyy). Listing a future date (i.e.-reserve date) is prohibited. Date first used elsewhere is optional.

A trademark is “in use” when it has been placed on the goods, containers of the goods, or point-of-sale displays

of the goods, and the goods have been sold, displayed for sale, or otherwise publicly distributed in New Jersey. A service mark is “in use” when (1) it is displayed in New Jersey in connection with the services, and (2) the

services are performed in New Jersey.

Item 7 – Signature(s) and Statement of Ownership: All signatures on original application (excluding duplicate application) must be penned. Photocopy/faxed applications are not acceptable. Application must be notarized.

Attach to the application: 1 drawing of the mark (see definitions)

3 specimens of the mark as actually used (see definitions)


Revised Jan. 2013

New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services


This form may be used by applicants to register a State trade or service mark pursuant to NJSA 56. Applicants are

responsible for strict adherence to all requirements as set forth in State law.

1. Mark Type: (check one; see instruction page for definitions):


Trade Mark


Service Mark






2.Name and Description of Mark (list the term that constitutes the mark and in the case of a design mark, also provide a brief description of its appearance)

3.Description of the Goods or Services involved:

4.Classification Number(s): (minimum of one)

5.Applicants Information:


b.Business Address:

c.Applicant is (check one) An Individual Corporation Partnership Other Business Entity

d.If applicant is a corporation, partnership or other business entity, list the home state:

e.If the applicant is a partnership, list the names of all general partners:

6.Dates: Date First Used in New Jersey (must be entered) ______________ Date Used Elsewhere: ________________

7.Signature(s) and Statement of Ownership: (verification required)

The applicant attests that he or she is the owner of the mark, and the mark is in use in this State. And that to his or her knowledge, no other person has registered the mark, either with the US Patent and Trade Mark Office or with the NJ Treasurer, or has the right to use the mark or a mark in such near resemblance as to be likely, when used in connection with the goods or services of such other person, to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive.



(Signature of Applicant, or a Member of the Firm,


or an Officer of the Corporation or Business applying)


Subscribed and sworn to before me__________________________________________


A Notary Public, this__________day of __________________________A.D. 20_______.




(Notary Public)


Note -Attach to this application:

A drawing of the mark (on 8.5x11 sheet of paper)

Three (3) specimens showing the mark as actually used

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new jersey 01 application form can be filled out easily. Simply make use of FormsPal PDF tool to get the job done quickly. To keep our editor on the leading edge of convenience, we strive to put into operation user-oriented features and enhancements regularly. We are routinely glad to get suggestions - play a vital role in reshaping how you work with PDF forms. All it requires is a couple of easy steps:

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How to fill out new jersey 01 mark form portion 1

2. Once your current task is complete, take the next step – fill out all of these fields - Definitions A Trade Mark is any, Please note Only one type, A trademark is in use when it has, and Item Signatures and Statement of with their corresponding information. Make sure to double check that everything has been entered correctly before continuing!

Guidelines on how to fill in new jersey 01 mark form step 2

3. Completing Mark Type check one see, a Name, b Business Address, and c Applicant is check one An is essential for the next step, make sure to fill them out in their entirety. Don't miss any details!

new jersey 01 mark form writing process outlined (step 3)

4. This specific paragraph arrives with all of the following fields to enter your information in: If applicant is a corporation, If the applicant is a partnership, Dates Date First Used in New, and A Notary Public thisday of AD.

Completing part 4 in new jersey 01 mark form

Always be extremely careful while filling in Dates Date First Used in New and If applicant is a corporation, as this is where many people make a few mistakes.

Step 3: Before moving forward, you should make sure that form fields are filled in the correct way. The moment you believe it is all fine, click “Done." Make a 7-day free trial plan at FormsPal and obtain direct access to new jersey 01 application form - download or edit from your personal account page. FormsPal is focused on the personal privacy of our users; we ensure that all personal data put into our system continues to be protected.