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Exploring the intricacies of opening an account with Habib Bank Ltd. (HBL) requires navigating through a comprehensive document, the HBL Account Opening Form. This essential piece of paperwork is the first step for prospective account holders to formalize their relationship with the bank. It begins with a formal salutation to the branch manager and proceeds to gather crucial information, including personal details, the type of account desired (ranging from savings and current to foreign currency and fixed deposits), and operational instructions specifying how the account should be managed. Additionally, detailed sections on introducing information, initial deposit requirements, and fixed deposit terms showcase the bank’s effort to gather all necessary data to not only establish the account but also to comply with regulatory and internal risk management protocols. The form also outlines terms and conditions that bind the account holder to the bank’s operational framework, ensuring clarity on matters such as transaction processing, interest calculations, and the handling of cheques and electronic transfers. By requiring signatures from the applicant(s), the document serves as a legally binding agreement between the bank and its clients, highlighting the importance of a thorough and accurate completion of the form to facilitate a smooth banking experience.

Form NameHbl Account Opening Form
Form Length8 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out2 min
Other namesonline hbl account open, hbl account opening online, online bank account open in pakistan, open hbl account online

Form Preview Example





t Y*,r,









=-*:f*rq qfr*aF


Branch Name



The Manager

Customer No.

Habib Bank Ltd.








Dear Sir/Madam

I/we hereby request you to open an account in your bank on the name mentioned hereunder and agree force for the conduct ofthe account and any amendments thereto:

Account Opening Form

lndividual Custcmer


to comply with and abide by the bank's rules in

litle ofAccount

Type oi Account iPlease y')




Currenc,v lRlease y')


Operationai Instructicns


Account rryith Other Bank(s)


Bank Name


introd ucer's Information



Account Nurnber

(Introducer's signature wiih date)

Initiai Deoosit















Any cne can operate

Either or survivor


Branch l''lame

Type of Account (Please y' )


Branch Name


I nfsrrnaticn Regarding Fixed Deposit/ SNTD Acccunt

Amount (BDT)


In words



Rate of Interest


Date of Issue


Date of Maturity

Pay in Mode

Transfer from SB/CD/STD Account



Bank Name





Renewal Instructicn (Pfease put /)

No Auto Renewal

Renew Principal x

Renew Principal and Interest*

x Auto Renewal at prevailing Bank's rate at the time of renew



Pay out Mode (Please y')

Principal By PO/PS Ti-ansferring Account Number

interest By PO/PS Transferring Account Number



',,,,'i,,. ' 'i,i,













In Words


Rate of Interest



Date of Issue


Date of Maturity








Nnrnber of lnstallment {Per year)


Amount {Per installment}

Last Date of Installnent

Pay-;x tr4o0"


Transfer frorn SB/CDISTD Account
















Renewal Instruction

{Please put y'J

No Auto Renewal

Renew Principalx

Renew Principal and lrturest!

xAuto Renewal at prevailing Bank's rate at the time of renew

Payout Mode {Flease put V)Principal By PO/PS Tnnsfening Account Number

Interest By PO/PS Tiansferring Account Numbs

krilr @ atr tA Cl- O*It


e. q4Oo A"tary *rhete the following person(s) to M*drdw the entire mon€y in ttte doe ant -l tb sidlttnfrl * - CrtOf H€apafilw.{' bqn.











Phmgraph of

I'larneof Spouse




d.fy me*d






Present Address


by muntholder



Perrnanent Addre



.t' .



: :








with account holder


Voter ID (if any)


Expiry Date

&In tia erd& ihe t{sdr!t66 *}to b Eo eltlHftd itbov€ rEmafrs B-minor at th6 itule of nllcqt rffi, lqr/ia6.



aottcruea to,tq.9ry./o*"gp

A ke46l6y/srr agqs




UEsr n*,t****


s! rDlnin€€ d d tf th nan rEsittsrt Fr6on te€oru€s 61€ offiEr cf balane€,






t, as.l tegat guardian of the accountholder/s declare and confirrn that the account holder./s is/are minor. Al[ information regarding this are prp ided. I wilt operate the account as the legal guardian unless & untill, the minor/s becomelbeeomes major and I, myself declare.

Name sf nccount,fi older (Minor)

,Name,of .Legal Guardian




with Minor



'...1r'.--r':.j.1,i .




Ariq'cald Hease)



':' . '.,





Bahk''statement Requirement (Please y')



Hatf Yearly


Source of Fund/income

I/we declare that the above information provided by me/us are completely true.

Signature of the ApplicantSignature of the ApplicantSignature of the Applicant

For Bank Use

Anaiysis Code

5BS - 1 Code

SBS - 2 Code

Account Officer/R.M



Custorner No.



Deposit Type Code {,As per SBS - 2)

Risk Weight: (As per KYC profile)

^9" - ^-



Transaction Profilc of the Account

Type of T;'ansaction

No. cf Transactions

Maximiim Size

Totai Value


{Per Transaction)



f-ash Deposit




Cash Witl-rcirawal




inter - City Cash Deposii




Inier - City Cash Withdrau,ia!




CheqLre Deposlt




Cheque Payment




Outward Remittance








Inward Remittance








FCY/Travelier's Cheques




FCY Cheqtie Collections




Loan Facilities




Investment Transactions




Other (Specify)




Totoal Annual Turnover

Review of the Transaction profile


Review Date

Reviewed By




Signature of the Reviewer



T€flns and f;ondtions

























































Please open and/or c6ntinue

a savings/cunenvAccesis/GlyFixed

deposit or any

other account(s) in my/our nanE(s) on the terns and condibons set out



























beb^'' ln consideration of Habib gank Ltd. (the "bank") opening and/or continuing any such

accounb and providing bnkiftg h€fities to me/us, Vwe

agree b be bound by qle terms and











conditions set out below,These terms and conditons sllall apdy to eacfi and ev€ry a€count of whate\€r nature here

after opened or continued in the same narnqs) by the bank or its successors gr assijns.






Tems and Condi6ons



















wh€re the account is opridd by more than one person 'I", "me" or ''my' shall read as






or anv one or rnre or all of them colHjvely and all






"we," 'our,,. The terms ad, fihdjtions shall bind each on€i


agreemenb, obligations and tiabititjes of *" i"'"i **."=1"



- -

1. Bank Accounb

































act on signed instrudions or doclmenb drawn


accepted in accordance with the signing


given untit such

I shall














bme as


the bank wyitten notjce to the @ntrary










i fur making paynEnb of cheques, bills of exclEnge, promissory

not€€, standing orders, direct detib, issue of drafu, mail and telegrdphic


transfers purciuses and sahs cf securities. and foreign



ana iny othei tnstuaion ry aehting. ;l;ir;;;*#;;;



or otiErwise; and







.*'" -'"4':















ii to accept any other

instructjon regarding such account(s) including instruction for the closure of such accoun(s)












any funds

received bv the bank

on nry behalf are

to be credited to the retevant accoun(s) untess the bank receives written









rn$ruqlong rom rne to the contrary













c) I undersbnd that the bank acG onty as my collection agent










bank for

collection Proceeds





and assume on responsibility for the realisation of any items deposited with the


of cheques or other instrumenb deposited are not ava abh b, wir,urawar ,ntr corre[i by ttre bank. The bank






















reserves the right to deblt any account that may have










may refuse to accept for the collectlon




been excepdonally credtud with an item s"o*;;,', trn;;; .olection. The bank


cheques drawn in favour of third parties or if the payee's name is not identkal to my name on the Bank s



ac:pt for:redit-bo the account anv chesue or oraft

in ravour of a thkd party cross€d or denoted 'A/c

payee" (or any

woros or


etfect), Any cancellation of any crossing or denoting as

;bove Shall be null and void.










d)The bank may also in its absolute discretion issue me with a cheque book. If a cheque book is issued, I undertake to be responsible for its safe luMv at all times and I will immediately notify the bank if this or any of the cheques contained there in, is lost or stolen, I understand that the ba,nk may in its absolute discretion, accept from me any stop cheque instructions (either orally or in writing) in cases where I have lost the relevant cheque oq in other circumstances in which it shall be allowed by law and agreed by the bank. should the bank accept any such

'instruction from me or from some other person purporting to be me, I hereby undertake to indemnifiT the Bank against any loss, damage, cost (including any tegal cost) or demand incurred by it as a result o[, or in connection therewith.

e)I will be.liable for any overdraft or other facilities arising in connection ivith any of the above account(s) and i hereby authorise the bank to debit any such account(s) with all or any interest (including compound interest), commission and other banking charges, costs ano u*o"nru, linctuolno. any legal costs) incurred in connection by the bank from time to time in its absotute discretion will also one of the bank any such amounts, in the manner and, at such times, as may be required by the bank in its absolute discretion.

f)Any and all amounts credited to the above account(s) while any overdraft or any other banking facilities in connection therewith is current shall firstly be applied by the bank to reduce any interest (including compound interest) payable until the interest is paid in full. Then and only- ' r then-' '- ' shall any such amount so credited be applied to reduce the principal amount or any such overdraft or any other banking facilities

s)The bank shall always be entitled without notice to me to levy or impose all customary banking and other charges and expenses in respect of any of the above account(s) or in respect of any other banking facilities provided to me by the bank and to debit the relevant account{s) in accordance with the bank's normal banking procedures. such charges are not refundable upon termination of any or all of my,account(s).

h)Iauthorisethebanktoacceptforsafekeeoino.collectionnrfnrrnrrnlhornrrrn^ca ,^\,.^^,,-;r:^^^-^,'^-- ----

lecei\€d fb*l mc bnd to deesb or iiffirei or give up arry of th€se ag*d rnrwd6en F$fafiEnta

i)ftes deposlts and ttreir paynnent are governed W tne hws in etrect from tfiae b tlme,h BarEhd€{t ald are payable oary at fne braDdHf Hablb 8ar ( Umited where the depGts wer€ made

J)I understaM that any deposits or initMrawak in res€ct €t afiy or the auoe accorre may be rnade at any of tlle l-t" u|ar*ro itt Baflgladesh subject to the produdion of evidence of ideatity satlsftctory to tlg baflk an4 bo psyment of any cu*orndry cha€€s that ay be


k) The rdb of any interest payable on arry account may b€ dlsplayed by the bank at b Erious branchs in Bangladesh and turftq I ccept that thb may be subjed to change without notice to me interest on any ac@rnt will accrue in arrears from day to d; in ot as osE wise d*rmined by Sre Bank (in its absolute discidion), aM be crcdited by $e bank b the rele\Ent rccoflqs).

DTh€ bank may, at ib sole discretion, allow prernahrle withdrawal of fred depoGfts. I accept that all such pre.mature wi$dra$,als wi be subj€rt

..':i.-tir'levy.orpenattiesandcfiarges,asthebant mii letritfriirii'aliit fiialthi$d-may be subect to ctrange wiiho* rptiero.rhe,

m) I appreciate that there can be risks associated with any account(s) denomlnated in foreign cunency, convertible accounts and forcjgn cunEnqy investments. Accordingly, I aacept that I am solely responsible for all such risks and any cosb and expenses hovre!€r arislng (including without limitation, thos€ arising from any intemational or domestic legal or regulatory restuictions) in respect of any such accoun(s). WiFdra,vak or dealings on any such accoun(s) are also subjed to the reievdnt cunency beinq avdilable at dre bank'6 rel€vant bGnch. Con\,/e$ion ftom one cureflcy to ancther shall be at th€ rate of orcharu€ as deermined by the bank (in ib abEohrte discretion) from Sme to tifie,

n) I understand that the bank wll send or delircr to me a statement of accoun(s) at least haf yearly (save in resped of,any account tflat has, in

.r . r tie sole opinion ofthe ba k,b€en inactive ftji a period.of one year or more, such 6*gineil.if.Aacoults i4ili b€rrent.of.deltue,ed.hy the baDk annually) or in each case at such other intervals as may be agreed between th€ bank aM me, from time to tim€ and I agrre that I am solely responsible for promptly examining all entries thereon and that I must give $e bank written notice (Not witfuanding the provisions of paragraph 4) within 14 days of the date of the relevartt statement of any disdepancy that I believe exlsb Hvreen arry such sbtement ln nry own records ln the abs€nce of any such notice from me, I shall b€ deemed to have agr€ed and certified conclusively (for all purposes) the correcbess of the rel€\rdnt stateme;t of account.









I authorise the bank to respond, if it shall so choose, to any and all enquiries recdrved ftom any other bankeE concerning the above accounb without reference to me. For the avoidance of doubt any such response may includ€ a baDk rcfercnce

I understand that I may close arry of tie above accounts by givinE prior written notice to the bank. The bank may, however, either, at ib own instaoce or, at the instams of-6rry couft of adminiskative orde4 or otherwise..dq*t ff'€e:6 or suipend.dealings on any of the above accosnts without prior notice to me or, Wthout being liable for aM breach of any duty it may owe to me,

tn r"tutton i i uni d€alings m.rcsp€rt.b anfof the aboveaccounb, ,nu ouo**n, n* *,,uOte ftx any lo$ tesulting frc. ry a*if,, irropaeitvn,

bankru'ptcy {or any o$er.anakjgorig event of Foceedlng) unlei,s and until the bank has rcceilieii.i'Yrlttd\ noree or'anv suci e,,ent ;;; ;,; such documentary e!4ideiiJe aS the .bank may iequire. Futh€f the banli shall not be liable to .ile for. airy t*s, dain6ge or Oehy attributable in

whole or part to the action of any government or governrnent dgenry or any cfther e\€nt oubide the bsnk's control (including without

limitation, strikes, industrial actlon, equipment fdlurd oi interrupti6h of fi:wer suppli*) proviUeO that the bank stialllr eadr iase gnaeivbr io give notice generally to its customers or any anticipat€d delayg dG.!o any. of the aboye events by noti{ce in ib branches or ogrcrwise, r i

In respect of accounts opened in the name of minors (whether or not jointly with an indivkiual who is not a minor)L tlle bank shall be ediu€d to act on the instructions received ftom the guardian named on dle accouflt opening form, inespective of whetler the minor account holder


continues to be aminor or not, unless the banlt r€ceives written notice to $e do{itfary frbm- ao appropdate althority (inctudittg, but not lifnited

to, termination of service) or any other loss, damage, claims or proceedings tlia! niayffise ai:a resuh of thd payment of such tills.by this.

method. In particular (but not by way of limitation of paEgrdph 12 below or otheh ise) thF.ban* sh:att ttave no liabilify arising ftom miss use cf the card, malfunctioninq of the ATM or othervise) what-so-ever and wlrctier slmlhr to th€ foregoing or not.

2.Banking Instructions by Telex/Facsknile



unl€ss lnstructed Oy rne in writing to ttre contrary (not withstanding the imvisions oltaragraph +) $re benk is authoriind, brt no otiliqed, to act on my banfung instructons (including any lnstrucEons required by or, given by me in relation to these tetrms and conditiom unless $iese terms and conditions otherwise expressly state to the contrary) transmitted tlrrough B telex or iacsimile machin6,

I shall release the ban from and indelodry dnd hqld the bank haiml€ss.from and against all actions, suits. prpceedingt !osb, claimt demands charges, expenses, losses and liabillties however arising in consequences of or jn any way related tD:

i' The bank having acted in good faith in accordance with my written telephone, facsimiles or telex instruction(s), notwithstanding that such instruction(s) as above may have been initiated or transmitted in error or fraudulentty altered, misunderstood or distorted in the line of communication of transmission; and

ii. The bank having refrained from acting in accordance with my written telephone, facsimile or telex instructions(s) by reason of failure of actual transmission thereof ta the bank or receipt by the bank for whatever reason, whether connected w1h fault. failure of unread ness

of the senciing or receiving machine; or

iii' My failure to forward all original copies of facsimile instruction(s) to the bank within such period as the Bank may specifl/,

3. JointArcounts



a) Eadr of us (if more thantone) hereby authorise and empowers e.rch other to endorse for deposit and to deposit with the bank any and all


cheques, notes or other ins$uments for the payment of mone, payable to or purporting to belong to adyone or all of us and if any such


instruments be received by the bank without having b€en so endorsed then the bank is hereby authorised to endorse any such instrument on

behaf of us and to credit the same bo the account.


b) Ari overdraft or other obligations incurred on the aclount or otherwise shcll be th€ joint and several liability of each and every joint account holder

c) . In the event of the death or legat disability of any of the indivlduals consdtuting the account holder, the other individual(s) shall immediately (but in any evert not later than ten (10) days after such death or disability) and before effecting any transactions in the account, notitr/ the bank of such death or legaldisability.

d) Each of us authorise the bank to hold, on the death of either of us, any $edit balance on any account in olr joint name and any securities, deeds, boss€s and parcels and their contents and prop€rty of any description held in our joint names, to the order of the survivor (if any). Each of u5 hereby agrce that the instructjons given by us ifl the mandate are to remain in force untjl written revocations thereof by us or either of us,

e) In the event that there is no survivor and nomination is made, the terms and condiuons stated in paragraph 4 on "nominee' shall apply.

f) In the event that there ;s no survi\gr or nominee, that account will then be frozen until the legal sucaesscr to the deceased or disabled individual is appointed/determined by the relevant court or department.

4. Nominee

a) In the event of my/our death, the nominee shall receive / draw the amount of deposjts held by the bank in my/our account.

b) In the event the nominee so authofised remains a minor at the time of my/our death, the legal guardian is authorised to receive / draw the amount ofthe depositsheld by the bank in my/our account.

c) The nominee so authorised, shall be entitled to all my/oor accounts to the exclusion of all other persons i,e, my/our heirs, executors and

administrations and all other

d) persons claimlng through or under me/us and payment made by the bank to the nominee in pursuance of this authority shall be bindinq on all other persons.

5. Banking Facilities

The facility shall be avdilable for utilisation by me from the date of the bank's acceptance of this apptication until such time as the bank shall demand repayment. The bank, howevet rese es the right to review the facility on any date as it any notify me. In the case where th€ facility is a loan (as indicated

in the application form), pending such dernand for repayment by the ban( any such facility shall be repayable by the customer (without setoff or

deduction) in the amount and at the times set out in this apdication form provided that ia the cas€ of any amount due on a day other than a business day, such amount shall be due on the immediately prcceeding busi4ess day. if any deduction or withholding shall be required by law, the relevant payments will be increased by me to ensure that after making the relevant deduclion or withholding, the bank receives the net amount it would have received but for such deduction or with holding.

lnterest on the facjliiy shall accrue on the basis of 360 day year basis on the daily outstanding balance of my account debited by the bank in respect of my utilisation of the facility at the bank's prevailing lending rates, I accept that such lending rates are subjed to fluctuation without prior notice. Irterest (including any interest for late payment) shali be charged to my account on the last business day of every quarter end i,e. March, June, September & December. If fail to pay the bank any amounts due in respect of the facility on the due date, then I shall pay the bank interest for late payment, at the rate of the bank's then prevailing rates applicable for unassigned overdrafts, on all sums due.

All paynenb required to be made in respect of the facility shatl be made by debit anv of my accounts with all amounts o$/ing in respect of the facility

including interest (including any for late payment), charges and expenses (together the "Indebtedness") at such times as the same shall provided that I shall remain liable and agree to make payment in full of all such sums to the bank to the extent that the aggregate amount available in such accounts is insufficient on any day in which such amount is due and payable.The bank is authodsed (in its absolute discretion) to open and maintain for the purposes of tlE,facility in addition to arry loan/overdraft acooutt(s), such further accoun(s) for tfie purpose of adminjst€ting and recording payments by me and to

@mbine and consolidate the bahnce shown on the further account(s) witt ttrat shoWn on any loalloverdraft account. The combined balance so

produced shall truly repres€nt and be a binding statement of rry llability (in respect gf the fdcllity) to the bank from time to time for all purpos€s,

If at any tjme, any Drovision here of becomes ilhgal, invalid or unenfo'rcable in any respect, neither the legality, validity nor fie enforceability of the

remaining provisions shall be effeded or impatred hereby.


6, Set-ofr and consolrdation Rights

The bank may at any time and from tin€ to timb without rciice (ombiiie all or any. of aacouots and liabilitjes with it in Bangladesh or elsewhere, ihe,ttier

s.l.lgly-.qrj4!.!ly with any othe p€rson or set off all or arry monies $anding to the credit of such Eccounts including may d€porit! with the bafik (whetfEr

qritured or notltowarAs satisfaciion of.any of nylialiliti€E to the bank in Bangtadesh Oi etgewhet", wh€tlEr as principal or s@curity, actual or contingent/ primary of collateral, singly or jojntly, any other !6rson ard thb bank may effect any'-n€c€ssirry srrrency conversion, at the bank's own rate to exdtang€

thdn prevailing.


I also agree to tull irdemntfy th€ btrt agrhs dl cE* atd €xperres tnduftg Eol f€aF) E urq io Av wy h conn€@{r with ttE eqqAaEoorrfi ttvese terms and corditons or in enfurdng Blese tetms alld eondorE drd fr lerrs/lBring of any"adDuet dte to tn€ bank or inojn6d by UE basft in my legal

Prcce€dings of whatever nafirre.

8. Waiver

No forbearancg eegliqence er r4aivefr by the b6nk in the enforcement cf ary of S€n tefis afid ct ffijgrE sHl OejdlE€ $le be*! dgm thqt6fter ts shictly enforce *E safti. Flo waiwr by the bdnk sha be effective unhss lt b h $ritirg"

9. Varhtioas


r,,!; ..



':i:;.:.1:j--,ii.;:,,,,.:..,..r:.:::. _.. r_

The bank rnay anend ttreee terms ard cordltbos * arry time not hss thln fdlrte€i (1g days ooflce to me sp€di,tng the ffiective date of am€rdrnent Jf f uie any banldng lacidq afrer tt€ 6{Eedive cate A *e anrendmeni I $all be deeiiled to harie receivec nqEce of ttle amendment afld to h6/e decM€d cDrdinue to use th€ bar*ing fadlltis upon tfu revi6ed terms td cotdfttonE. I fursler acknowledge that in tlrc event of any change! beiqg (amnqrnicated to ryr€, the bank ls nct dliged to obbin my signature foi receipt of sitch c{frnmunication.


sa\€ a9 othelltile.ploviled in tlEs€ tel'I4s and condibqns, aRy demand of communication rnade by fle bank unoer.ttr*d..hmiriao ii*iini.ll#fl*.t"

ryat-q\ia'idmrde'+*6.iddt6$iltteni!a/ Irle (or suctr other addess as I shall notiry the bank from ume to.tipe) ar4trt ffii:ffd b,di,{iiirdl*i;; t€en- s€rved on rne on the 6te d p6tin9.

11. Goveming law

These ierms and condibor6 shall be govern€d ry and coflEtru€d ln accordarce w{th, t}le laws of 8ffgladedt urO t A-6y t **"n, submt b the non- exclusive iurisdidion of the courts of bw of Baflgladesh, such submis€ion 6hdl. however nd pfejudce ttE rhhts of the [ank b bfing proceedings ag€isrt me in any other jurisdictjon or colrls of latiy ehewhere,

12.Acceptance to Terms and Conditions

I have signed the applicntion torm as a tokefl of acceptance of Sle aforesaid tenns and coFdjtbns.

Signature of the ApplicantSignature of the ApplicantSignature of the Applicant



.. r .'r:r-l:,..:'.'- i.I,.];l,].i:*r:i :l.i..:.:til:,:!:n;.,,

,. O"** *

* shoud be peperly filed up by th€ occturt ttoHer(+


2.Account irtrirfng ftlrm shonld be ryoperty siiqrEd W Ure acilount liotrde(+

:.ferms ara onCUorE .mrfa Ue 1ry *A "5n"t r" r"a,*ea * tf" end od the accorxlt openkg FOrm. 4.Initial D@sit & MhimurTt Sdance R€qduEmfltl

.,1ri$1f,1!" 1$i1-,.,,,,,,.,...r::,,r;,.,ii:.:,,,i-iil;,;iii:l....i...,.. ;it-...';'..,tt,.' ,,r..ti:,li$

b. Cunent Accourt - ]k, .to,Ooq= c StD A.coqnt - Tk 10,000/=

Be des the b$owirc docurynts are required

e. ndluiO*t ,q"corm

.1. 2 Owo) copl€s of rffent p&sport size photognphs of th€,a(ourfr hdd€r duly at# by tlE into(llcer.


Photocopy of passpori (lst 5 pages and renelval page incase of renevr8d passportydriving

k€ngtbter IDftafidtal EtlE€ftiffc;frorn waro



*T1" from locai chakman/cErfificaie

ftom emsoy€r (original dbemeffi

nar6t be sll4m

op*ing th" u*o*t1.

photograg of nominee(s).





t (Or€)




4. Lett€{ of inaoduction by gffirdian incse of mino/s a/c,

B. Propd€torship Accourt

l. (opy of trade license with valid date (original cppy must be $rown)

- ralq9?ryif@{$qt'i'aerylhryry6fd'ee'9ry*{fry$ibeitud'le* "

'b,&;dcrd"epmttl*EeedEsd't!0"trdp"q"h."ctriwdi&t ai$ffiffiielw@r W#€o6d lD#certinc* ftorn qied

. orfumtw^tc"amt*"6;kd"eah"-r(o'1dr"l""rtY-"ry.F."ir1stt"ryib "a.Phq!# cf n$rtir 6r'@SS.


6,ridry€f* "

C, ffidip A€rent



-1 Cod{, dff&k llceiise rvwr idld d#{@dd dpy inud bC irffi).

2. Att&tsd c6!V of "M$

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