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Form NameHealth Net Disenrollment Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesca healthnetadvantage com disenrollment form, address to send disenrollment from plan health net medicare, aarp disenrollment form plan f, net disenrollment

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If you request disenrollment, you must continue to get all medical care from Health Net Medicare Programs until the effective date of disenrollment. Contact us to verify your disenrollment before you seek medical services outside of Health Net Medicare Program’s network. We will notify you of your effective date after we get this form from you.

Please fax this form to: Health Net Medicare Programs Enrollment Services (818) 337-7241, or mail to Health Net Medicare Programs Enrollment Services, P.O. Box 10420, Van Nuys, CA 91410.

Last name:

Medicare #

Birth Date:

First Name:

Middle Initial

Mr. Mrs. Miss. Ms.





Home Phone Number:




Please carefully read and complete the following information before signing and dating this disenrollment form:

If I have enrolled in another Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, I understand Medicare will cancel my current membership in Health Net Medicare Programs on the effective date of that new enrollment. I understand that I might not be able to enroll in another plan at this time. I also understand that if I am disenrolling from my Medicare prescription drug coverage and want Medicare prescription drug coverage in the future, I may have to pay a higher premium for this coverage.

Your Signature*: ______________________________________________________ Date: ________________

*Or the signature of the person authorized to act on your behalf under the laws of the State where you live. If signed by an authorized individual (as described above), this signature certifies that: 1) this person is authorized under State law to complete this disenrollment and 2) documentation of this authority is available upon request by Health Net Medicare Programs or by Medicare.

If you are the authorized representative, you must provide the following information:

Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: (______) _______ - __________

Relationship to Enrollee __________________________________________________________________________

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