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Hilton Authorization Form is a common request for travelers. The form allows the traveler to give an emergency contact person as well as authorization to make medical decisions on their behalf in the event that they are unable to do so themselves. Hilton provides a downloadable form on their website that can be filled out and printed prior to travel. Completing this form is important, as it helps ensure that your loved ones are notified and can help make decisions for you if needed. Having this information readily available will also help minimize potential stress during a time of crisis.

This quick guide will allow you to find out how much time it will require you to complete hilton authorization form, the number of pages it has, and a handful of other specific details about the PDF.

Form NameHilton Authorization Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields31
Avg. time to fill out6 min 27 sec
Other nameshilton authorization, hilton credit authorization card, hilton credit card authorization form, hilton inn card authorization

Form Preview Example


Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

Please complete all areas below. Incomplete requests may be rejected. This form must be received at least 5 business days prior to the Check-In, or by specified date in Event Contract, to ensure acceptance of the credit card to be charged. Do not send completed form by email.



ATTN: ________________________________








Date: _____________________________


Guest / Group Name:






















Check-In / Event Date:





















Name of Person/Group Making Reservation:









Authorized Amount:

Approval Code:







CARDHOLDER - Please complete the following section and sign/date below.







Cardholder Name as it Appears on Credit Card:









Cardholder Billing Address:



















Daytime /Business Telephone:




Evening Telephone:




Credit Card Number:




Expiration Date:






Credit Card Type: (Circle one)










American Express



Diners Club




Credit Card Issuing Bank Name:


Bank Phone Number (from back of your credit card):














I agree to cover the following categories of charges: (Please circle)








All Charges

Room & Tax

Food & Beverage




I agree to cover the above categories of charges up to a Maximum Amount of $ __________________















Name on Invoice/Statement



_______ ______

Date on Invoice/Statement













Invoice/Statement Number _________________________



Authorized Amount $_______________________

Note: Charges for room and tax, group deposits or direct bill account payments will be charged to your credit card immediately. Any incidental charges circled above will be charged at the time of check-out.

Amount to be immediately charged to credit card for room and taxes or deposit: $______________

Final Balance Billed to Credit Card (hotel use only): $_______________

By signing below, you authorize the hotel to charge your credit card immediately for the amount indicated above up to the “Maximum Amount” indicated above. You further acknowledge that if “all charges” has been selected, then all guest/group related charges (less Deposit) will be charged to the above card number at the time of check-out or event conclusion.

Cardholder Signature:


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example of fields in hilton authorization

You have to enter the essential information in the Date, on, In, voice, Statement Retail, Food, Beverage Recreation, Room, Tax All, Charges and Date space.

hilton authorization DateonInvoiceStatement, Retail, FoodBeverage, Recreation, RoomTax, AllCharges, and Date blanks to insert

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