Inter Railway Own Request Transfer Form PDF Details

Are you looking for an easier way to transfer between railways? Are you struggling with the manual application process, or require more flexibility in terms of switching railway companies? Look no further! This blog post explains what a Inter Railway Own Request Transfer Form is and how it can be used to make transferring less stressful. Here, we'll explain how filling out this form could help streamline the process and provide greater ease when it comes time to switch from one railway company to another. We'll also cover all the necessary components of this particular form, so that anyone considering a railway transfer will have all the information they need about this convenient option. Keep reading and find out if using a Inter Railway Own Request Transfer Form is right for your needs!

Form NameInter Railway Own Request Transfer Form
Form Length3 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out45 sec
Other namesinter railway own request transfer form pdf, inter railway transfer form, on request transfer application in hindi, railway on request transfer form

Form Preview Example



Note: This form may be filled in duplicate in case of application for Inter Divisional/Departmental Transfer and in triplicate in case of Deputation I Inter-Railway Transfer.

Space for





















































































Substantive designation & Scale























Date of Birth




























Date of appointment

























Grade& scale in which appointed



















Staff/Ticket No
























Unit in which working





















Educational qualification




















Whether having Typing proficiency














(Applicable for Jr. /Sr. Clerks)


















10.Transfer sought to (state post : name/station/Deptt /Railway, etc.)

11.Acceptable basis for transfer (Strike out whichever is not applicable)

a)Own request at bottom : seniority (in recruitment grade)

b)Mutual Transfer against call for volunteers

12.a) If transfer under 11(a), state your

special condition, if any, i.e.

grade, post, station etc.


b)If transfer under 11(b), attach one copy of colleagues application on similar forms


Special remarks, if any

















Residential address




















































Remarks of immediate supervisors



Forwarding File No.



Date forwarded


Forwarded to____________________________________________________________________

Office Stamp

















Note: Forward all the three copies to the controlling authority.

16. Remarks of the Controlling authority





17.Brief particulars of D&A/SPF/Vig. : Proceedings pending, if any

Certified that the service particulars furnished by the employee In this application have been verified and found correct.

Forwarded to____________________________________________________________________

Office Stamp
















Note: For deputation, Inter-Railway/Inter-departmental transfers controlled by Headquarters Controlling Officer, forward only two copies of the form to CPO’s


18. CPO’s file No:

Date put up


HOD’s approval:


Forwarded to: _______________________________________________________________

Date: _________________


19. Accepting authority’s remarks (to be : ____________________________________

communicated to application forwarding office)

20.Put up to GM (P) for approval of the : transfer on Inter-Railway basis to

________________ Railway.

General Manager (P)

Cadre Office



I, Sri /Smt________________________________________designation _______________

Office _______________________________________________ do hereby declare that I

am eager for my transfer to ________________________________________ Division of

____________________ Railway being arranged on the basis of own request/mutual

transfer and express the following:-

1.a) I shall abide by and accept the seniority as admissible under the rules for own request/mutual transfer;

b)I shall accept bottom seniority under the rules as the transfer sought for is at my own request;

2.I shall accept posting at any station/office/unit/Division of the Railway to which I shall be transferred:

3.I am aware that I am neither entitled to transfer passes nor TA/DA at joining time;

4.I shall not claim for allotment of Railway quarters on out of turn basis;

5.I shall deposit security money as and when required for the post to which I am seeking transfer;

6.I shall comply with the rules and regulations connected with the duties of the post to which I am seeking transfer;

7.I shall not seek a re-transfer to my original department;

8.I shall undertake Initial/refresher course and first-aid training etc. as required under rules.

Signature: __________________________

Full Name: _________________________

Designation: _______________________

Station: ____________________________

Date: ______________________________

Declaration given in my presence:


Signature: ________________________

Full Name: ________________________

Designation: ______________________

Station: ___________________________

Date: _____________________________


How to Edit Inter Railway Own Request Transfer Form Online for Free

Handling PDF files online is certainly super easy using our PDF tool. You can fill in on request transfer application here and use a number of other options we provide. In order to make our editor better and easier to use, we consistently design new features, with our users' feedback in mind. Getting underway is easy! All you have to do is stick to these basic steps below:

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So as to finalize this form, make certain you provide the required details in every field:

1. The on request transfer application will require certain details to be typed in. Ensure that the subsequent fields are complete:

railway on request transfer form pdf writing process detailed (step 1)

2. Right after this selection of blanks is done, proceed to type in the relevant information in these - request at bottom seniority in, b Mutual Transfer against call for, volunteers, a If transfer under a state, your special condition if any ie, b If, transfer under b attach one copy, Special remarks if any, Residential address, Date, and Signature.

Filling in part 2 of railway on request transfer form pdf

3. The next section is usually pretty straightforward, FOR OFFICE USE ONLY, Forwarding File No Date forwarded, Remarks of immediate supervisors, Signature Name Designation, Proceedings pending if any, this, that, the service particulars, furnished by the employee, Certified application have been, and Signature Name Designation - each one of these form fields must be filled out here.

Writing part 3 of railway on request transfer form pdf

Those who use this PDF generally make some mistakes while filling out Remarks of immediate supervisors in this area. Be sure to re-examine what you enter right here.

4. Your next subsection will require your involvement in the following areas: Certified application have been, Signature Name Designation, Date put up HODs approval, CPOs file No Accepting, Date, communicated forwarding office, Put up to GM P for approval of, InterRailway basis, and transfer on Railway. Be sure you give all of the required information to go onward.

Signature Name Designation, Certified application have been, and Put up to GM P for approval of inside railway on request transfer form pdf

5. And finally, this last portion is precisely what you'll have to complete before using the form. The blanks at issue are the following: General Manager P, and Cadre Office.

Stage number 5 of submitting railway on request transfer form pdf

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