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The NRI Power of Attorney Format form serves as a crucial legal document for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) who are unable to manage their financial affairs in India due to their absence from the country. This comprehensive document provides a structured method for NRIs to appoint a trustworthy attorney in India, authorizing them to perform a wide range of financial transactions on their behalf. These transactions include, but are not limited to, managing NRE Savings Bank Accounts, NRE Term Deposit Accounts, and Safe Deposit Locker No. It highlights a meticulous attention to detail in ensuring that the appointed attorney can operate bank accounts, handle investments, and carry out various financial and legal acts with the utmost legitimacy and in compliance with Indian banking regulations, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and other regulatory authorities. The form specifies the scope of powers granted to the attorney, including financial transactions, handling of cheques, and liaising with banks for the purchase or sale of shares and securities. Further, it emphasizes the conditions under which these powers can be exercised and the exclusions to prevent misuse. Additionally, it details the formalities for the execution of the Power of Attorney, including signature attestation, documentary evidence of identity, and the necessary witness procedures, ensuring the document's enforceability. Lastly, it underscores the Power of Attorney's revocability, ensuring that the principal retains ultimate control over the arrangement.

Form NameNRI Power of Attorney
Form Length4 pages
Fillable fields31
Avg. time to fill out7 min 12 sec
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Form Preview Example












































(name of the executant i.e. the account


holder of GP Parsik Sahakari Bank Limited – Non Resident Indian/Person of Indian











address) DO






















son / wife / daughter of







called the ‘Attorney’ who has

subscribed his/her signature


in token

of identification)

and at

present residing



















true and lawful Attorney in my name and on my behalf to do any or all of the following acts, deeds and things.

I/WE Shri / Smt / Kum



holding NRE Savings Bank Account No.



and / or NRE Term Deposit Account/s, and/or Safe Deposit Locker No.

in the

name of


in GP Parsik Sahakari Bank Limited







Branch / Branches. I/WE Shri / Smt / Kum



am unable to operate

the above said account/s myself for not residing in India. Therefore, for reasons of convenience, I appoint an Attorney and confer upon the following irrevocable powers herein after stated.

Now these presents witnesses and I/WE



do hereby nominate, constitute and

appoint Shri / Smt / Kum


age residing at



to be my true and lawful

attorney for me and in my name and on my behalf to do all necessary and required things in

respect of operation of NRE Savings Bank Account No.



and / or NRE Term Deposit

Account/s, and/or Safe Deposit Locker No.


held by me as aforesaid that is to




1.To look after and manage our above mentioned NRE Savings Bank Account No.



/ or NRE Term Deposit Account/s, and/or Safe Deposit Locker No.


peacefully and quietly on behalf of me.






To operate NRE Savings Bank Account No.





and / or NRE Term Deposit Account/s,


and/or Safe Deposit Locker No.



with GP Parsik Sahakari Bank Limited


Branch / Branches, as per rules and regulations laid down by the Bank, RBI and other


regulatory authorities.






To handle NRE Savings Bank Account No.





and / or NRE Term Deposit Account/s,


and/or Safe Deposit Locker No.


on my behalf.

4.To deal with all types of cheques i.e. bearer cheques, cross cheques and other electronical transfer methods etc.

5.To deposit cash or withdraw cash on my behalf.


6.To make all local payments in Rupees including payments for eligible investments subject to compliance with relevant regulations made by the Reserve Bank of India.

7.If any problem arises at that time to approach to the Bank’s Branch/Branches and solve the problems.

8.My attorney is also permitted to sign, draw, accept Cheques and other Negotiable Instruments.

9.To sign all the documents, correspondence to be made with the Bank authorities and other required authorities on behalf of me for making operations, complaints, requests, representations and also to make any claim, pay penalties, damages, charges etc. on my behalf.

10.And I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators ratify and confirm and agree to ratify and confirm whatsoever my said attorney acting under here shall so or purport to do by virtue of these presents.

11.To liaise with above bank for the purchase, sale/transfer of shares/securities/debentures/units/etc. and to represent me in all the dealings to the said bank and to give instructions to the said bank for payment for shares/securities/debentures/units etc. and to take on credit receipts in shares/securities/debentures/units/etc.

12.To purchase or acquire securities of any State Government in India or Union Government and Debentures and Shares(Equity and/ or preference) in any limited company and units of Units Trust of India/Mutual Funds/Financial Institutions/deposits/Investments of whatsoever nature in Banks/Company and to sell any such shares/securities/ debentures and /or units/investments etc. now standing in my name and such shares/securities/debenture units/etc hereafter to be purchased and to sign all transfer deeds whether as Transferor or Transferee and other applications and necessary papers for the purpose of purchasing or selling the same.

13.To operate Safe Custody Locker Account or to keep / take out in/from safe custody shares/ securities/ debentures and/or units/etc. purchased pursuant to the above authority.

14.To make applications for shares/debentures and additional shares of any company / banks and receive and hold bonus shares.

15.To collect, receive and give good and effectual receipt (s) sum (s) and discharge (s) for all and any dividends, bonuses or any other sum (s) and/or Income arising from share/securities/debentures etc., subject to rules and regulations made under FEMA,1999 and other applicable rules and regulations from time to time.

16.To negotiate with any person whether body corporate or otherwise and effect the sale of shares/ securities/ debentures etc. on such terms and at such price as the Attorney considers best price under the circumstances and to execute any agreements, etc. for effecting the sale of said shares/ securities/debentures/units etc.

17.To execute all deeds of transfer and other instruments necessary or proper for transferring the said shares and all other securities to the purchaser or purchasers thereof.

18.To deposit the monies realised from sale of the aforesaid shares/ securities/ debentures/units, etc with the above said bank and keep them invested/deposited until repatriation of the same.

19.To operate all or any of my bank account/s and to draw cheques on the said account and to give instruction in writing involving debits to the said account transfers thereon etc, for


local payments only. To make withdrawals for investments in India where either I hold general or specific permission from RBI.

20.To deposit and/or discount cheques and other instruments in the said account and for this purpose to endorse on my behalf cheques, drafts, pay orders and other instruments payable to me and also to execute necessary documents in this regard. To make deposit from balances available in the account in my name and renew such deposit etc. for such periods as may be given in writing.

21.To certify balance confirmation statement and statement of accounts issued by the Bank in respect of the said account/s. To receive and acknowledge on my behalf any notices letters, communication etc. from the above bank and which shall be deemed to have been received/acknowledged by me. To make, draw, endorse, accept or otherwise sign, deposit any cheques, bills of exchange, promissory notes or other negotiable instruments and to discount the same with your bank

22.To invest any amount from the said deposit in shares, debentures, fixed deposits, bonds and units, etc.

23.To issue written instructions with regard to the said account/s for local disbursements only.

24.To enter into, make, sign, execute, deliver, acknowledge and perform any agreement, deed, writing or thing that may in the opinion of the ‘Attorney’ be necessary, proper and expedient for the aforesaid purposes. The acts, deeds and things lawfully done or got done by my Attorney by virtue of these presents for the purpose shall be construed as acts, deeds and things done by me.

25.This Power of Attorney shall continue to be in force until I/we expressly revoke it by a notice in writing delivered to the bank.

26.This POA issued is not for any monetary consideration and is only with intention to enable the said attorney to do all acts specified in these presents solely on my behalf as my lawful attorney. I do hereby confirm and declare that no consideration has been flown to the said attorney for acting as my lawful attorney as stated herein.

27.However, my aforesaid attorney is specifically excluded from powers i) to open any bank Accounts on my behalf, ii) to repatriate funds abroad, iii)to make application for obtaining any financial assistance or loan facility from GP Parsik Sahakari Bank Limited , iv) to close my account, v) to make payment by way of gift to any resident Indian on my behalf and vi) to transfer funds from my account to any other NRE Account.

28.Bank shall be indemnified and held harmless by me for any and all actions taken by my POA holder regarding my accounts at Bank, regardless of whether within the intended scope of this Power of Attorney or not; therefore, Bank shall have no liability for the actions of my POA Holder or for following the directions of my POA Holder in connection with my bank accounts at Bank.

29.The signature of the attorney so appointed by me is attested below. Ratify and confirm all and whatsoever the said Attorney should do or purport to do or cause to be done by virtue of these presents.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I/WE the Executant have put my hands on these presents in the presence of the following witnesses and seal on this day and year herein below mentioned.

I hereby undertake to ratify and confirm all and any acts that the ‘Attorney’ does or causes to do on the basis of this Power of Attorney.


In Witness Whereof, I/WE





have hereunto set

and subscribed my hands at





Passport number of Executant: -

Driving License / PAN / Voter ID Card / NREGA Card / Aadhaar Government ID Card / Defence ID Card of ‘Attorney’ (Please enclose of corresponding document of Attorney):-

Card / Passport No /

self-attested photocopy

(Specimen signature of ‘Attorney’)

Please paste passport size photograph of ‘Attorney’, which has to be attested by the Executant

Signed and delivered by

(Signature of Donor / Executant)

in the presence of

Please paste passport size

photograph of Donor / Executant

Witness :`




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The PDF editor that you can go with was developed by our best programmers. It is possible to submit the axis bank poa form promptly and effortlessly with our app. Just try out this guide to get going.

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part 1 to writing special power of attorney india nri sample

In the part and or NRE Term Deposit Accounts, in the, name of, in GP Parsik Sahakari Bank Limited, Branch Branches IWE Shri Smt Kum, am unable to operate, the above said accounts myself for, convenience I appoint an Attorney, after stated, Now these presents witnesses and, do hereby nominate constitute and, appoint Shri Smt Kum, age residing at, to be my true and lawful, and attorney for me and in my name and type in the information which the program requires you to do.

Filling in special power of attorney india nri sample stage 2

The application will require information to instantly prepare the box To operate NRE Savings Bank, and or NRE Term Deposit Accounts, andor Safe Deposit Locker No, with GP Parsik Sahakari Bank, Branch Branches as per rules and, regulatory authorities, To handle NRE Savings Bank, and or NRE Term Deposit Accounts, andor Safe Deposit Locker No, on my behalf, To deal with all types of cheques, electronical transfer methods etc, and To deposit cash or withdraw cash.

special power of attorney india nri sample To operate NRE Savings Bank, and  or NRE Term Deposit Accounts, andor Safe Deposit Locker No, with GP Parsik Sahakari Bank, Branch  Branches as per rules and, regulatory authorities, To handle NRE Savings Bank, and  or NRE Term Deposit Accounts, andor Safe Deposit Locker No, on my behalf, To deal with all types of cheques, electronical transfer methods etc, and To deposit cash or withdraw cash blanks to insert

Inside of section In Witness Whereof IWE, and subscribed my hands at, have hereunto set, Passport number of Executant, Driving License PAN Voter ID, Government ID Card Defence ID, of corresponding document of, Please paste passport size, Specimen signature of Attorney, and Signed and delivered by, state the rights and responsibilities.

Filling out special power of attorney india nri sample step 4

Fill out the template by analyzing the following sections: Signature of Donor Executant, Please paste passport size, in the presence of, and Witness.

step 5 to completing special power of attorney india nri sample

Step 3: Once you choose the Done button, your prepared document can be simply transferred to any of your devices or to electronic mail specified by you.

Step 4: Prepare no less than two or three copies of the form to keep away from different future difficulties.

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