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Sales taxes can be complex, and trying to understand the exemptions can be daunting. The Ohio Sales Tax Exemption Form is a helpful resource that breaks down the exemptions by category. This form is updated annually and includes the most recent changes to the tax code. Knowing which items are exempt from sales tax can save you money when shopping in Ohio.

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Form NameOhio Sales Tax Exemption
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields9
Avg. time to fill out2 min 22 sec
Other namesohio tax exemption form, how ohio tax exemption form, how ohio tax exempt form, how to ohio sales tax exemption

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Ohio 4-H Youth Development and Chartered Ohio 4-H clubs/affiliates are exempt from paying Ohio sales tax on items they purchase for their group because they are a not for profit organization.

This exemption only applies to the 4-H club/affiliate and does not extend to individual members or volunteers.

Complete the form as follows:

Vendor’s name - the business you are purchasing from

Valid Reason – Revised Code of Ohio, Section 5739.02 (B)(9) To conduct Ohio 4-H Youth Development educational programs under the Ohio State University

Purchaser’s name – The authorized Ohio 4-H Club/Affiliate name making the purchase and the Club EIN#

Address – Of club/affiliate

Signature – Advisor or authorized individual

Vendor License – leave blank. The club/affiliate is not a vendor.

Revised 3/12/2015


CFAES provides research and related educational programs to clientele on a nondiscriminatory basis. For more information: go.osu.edu/cfaesdiversity.


Rev. 3/15

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Sales and Use Tax

Blanket Exemption Certificate

The purchaser hereby claims exception or exemption on all purchases of tangible personal property and selected services made under this certificate from:

(Vendor’s name)

and certifies that the claim is based upon the purchaser’s proposed use of the items or services, the activity of the purchase, or both, as shown hereon:

Purchaser must state a valid reason for claiming exception or exemption.

Purchaser’s name

Purchaser’s type of business

Street address

City, state, ZIP code



Date signed

Vendor’s license number, if any

Vendors of motor vehicles, titled watercraft and titled outboard motors may use this certificate to purchase these items under the “resale” exception. Otherwise, purchaser must comply with either rule 5703-9-10 or 5703-9-25 of the Admin- istrative Code.This certificate cannot be used by construction contractors to purchase material for incorporation into real property under an exempt construction contract. Construction contractors must comply with rule 5703-9-14 of the Administrative Code.

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