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In the state of Oklahoma, residents who have a penchant for preserving the charm of yesteryear have the opportunity to showcase this passion through their vehicles, thanks to the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s Form 750-B. This particular form serves as a gateway for automobile aficionados to apply for a vintage decal, enabling them to display an expired official Oklahoma license plate that is at least 21 years old. With a straightforward application process, individuals are required to submit their details, including their name, address, and vehicle information, along with a modest fee of $21.50, which covers both the application and mailing costs. The form stipulates an 8-week waiting period for the issuance of the decal, emphasizing the need for the applicant's regular license plate to be kept current at all times to avoid penalties. Additionally, it highlights the applicant's privilege to renew their special license plate annually, ensuring their vintage plate's continued enjoyment. The application also underscores the necessity of updating the Motor Vehicle Division Special License Plate Section on any address changes to receive renewal applications timely. This thoughtful provision ensures that enthusiasts can maintain their vehicle's historical aesthetic seamlessly, combining the love for vintage with the convenience of modern-day processes.

Form NameOklahoma Form 750 B
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other names750 B oklahoma vintage decal application form

Form Preview Example

Form 750-B Revised 8-2011


Vintage Decal Application


All Vintage Decals will be issued on a calendar year basis. Applications must be submitted to the Oklahoma Tax Commission at the address shown below.



City, State, Zip Code

Daytime Phone Number

Email Address (optional)

Please Check One:



Fee: $21.50

($20.00 fee plus $1.50 mail fee. Allow 8 weeks.)


Fee: $21.50

Decal Only ($20.00 fee plus $1.50 mail fee. Allow 8 weeks.) Applicants for renewal must indicate current special plate number in the space indicated below:

Remittance made payable to the Oklahoma Tax Commission must accompany the application. Driver License number must appear on check or money order.

i do hereby make application to display an expired oficial oklahoma license plate

which is at least 21 years old and is described as follows:

Vintage Plate Number

Year of Plate

Color of Background

Color of Letters

The boxes below are required to be completed. This information can be found on your current vehicle registration.

I certify that the license plate will be displayed on the following vehicle:

Oklahoma Title Number

Year and Make

Regular License

Decal # on Regular License Plate

Regular Decal

(Not VIN Number)


Plate Number

(Example: 0F00000)



Executed under penalties of perjury

Oklahoma Tax Commission

Motor Vehicle Division

Special Plate Section

2501 North Lincoln Boulevard

Oklahoma City, OK 73194-0013

Telephone: (In State toll free) 1-800-522-8165, extension 1-2468;

(Direct) (405) 521-2468


Read Reverse Side Carefully

Please Read All Instructions Before Completing Application

1.Your regular license plate must be currently registered at all times. Failure to renew the regular license plate registration in a timely manner will result in a penalty.

2.Once a special license plate has been assigned to an applicant, the applicant shall have priority to such license plate for succeeding years, provided a timely paid application for renewal is submitted. To insure that you receive a renewal application each year, please notify the Motor Vehicle Division Special License Plate Section of any address change.

3.A special license plate is to be displayed on the rear of the vehicle for which it is issued. The regular license plate should be kept inside the vehicle and produced upon request by law enforcement.

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