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If you're a Pennsylvania driver, you’re probably aware of the need to properly register your vehicle periodically. To do so, one of the steps is often submitting a Form MV-9 with the Department of Transportation (PennDOT). This form is essential in keeping tabs on your vehicle registration and personal information. In this blog post, we'll discuss everything you need to know about the MV-9 form, including what it's used for, what information needs to be included when filing it out, and tips for ensuring that all required documents are completed correctly. By understanding PennDOT’s requirements and regulations around Form MV-9, drivers can rest assured that their vehicles will remain legally registered and protected from any potential issues down the road!

Form NamePennsylvania Form MV-9
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesmv 9 penn dot mv9 form

Form Preview Example

MV-9 (5-09)




P.O. Box68593


Compliance or Exemption


Clean VehiclesProgram

(Self-Certification Form)

Proof #3 - 6/3/09 1:15 pm


INSTRUCTIONS: This self-certification form is to be used with anApplication for Certificate of Title for every model year 2008 or newer passenger vehicle or light duty truck with a gross vehicle weight rating of 8,500 pounds or less in situations where:

1.The vehicle meets the certification requirements of the Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program; however, a Manufacturer’s CertificateofOriginisnot available. Complete Section C,inadditiontoSectionsA,B,andE. NOTE:Individualsshouldlist theirPADriver’sLicense(PADL)orPhotoID#inthespaceprovided. BusinessesshouldlisttheirBusinessID#(Bus. ID)where indicated(i.e. E.I.N.).

2.ThevehicleisexemptfromthecertificationrequirementsofthePennsylvaniaCleanVehiclesProgram. Complete Section D, inadditiontoSectionsA,BandE.



















Vehicle Identification Number
















Gross Vehicle Weight Rating










___ ___ ___ , ___ ___ ___




























Last Name (or Full Business Name)

First Name


Middle Name








Bus. ID#












Co-owner Last Name

First Name


Middle Name













Current StreetAddress





Zip Code











Icertifythatthisvehicleisamodelyear2008ornewer,withagrossvehicleweightratingof8,500poundsorless,withless than 7,500 miles on the odometer and complies with U.S.E.P.A. and California emission control regulations. There is evidenceofthisbyamanufacturer’sinstalledlabelunderthehoodofthevehicle.


I certify that this vehicle is exempt from Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program certification compliance because:

This is an emergency vehicle.

This vehicle is being transferred for use exclusively off-highway.

This vehicle was granted a national security or testing exemption under Section 203(b)(1) of the CleanAirAct (42 U.S.C.A. Section 7522(b)(1)).

This vehicle was acquired for the purpose of replacing a vehicle which was damaged, or became inoperative, beyond reasonablerepairorwasstolenwhileoutoftheCommonwealthofPennsylvaniaandthereplacement vehiclewasacquired out of this Commonwealth at the time the previously owned vehicle was damaged, became inoperative or was stolen. The vehicle identification number of the vehicle that was replaced was _____________________________.

This vehicle was transferred by inheritance or court decree.

This vehicle was titled and registered while the owner or lessee was aresident of another state and the owner or lessee is moving to Pennsylvania.

This vehicle has more than 7,500 miles at time of completing the application for Pennsylvania Certificate of Title.


The signature below hereby certifies under penalty of law that the information contained herein is true and correct. WARNING: Falsification to authorities is a misdemeanor of the third degree punishable by a fine up to $2,500 and/or imprisonment up to 1 year (18 PAC.S. Section 4904 (b))



Applicant Signature






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Completing this PDF calls for attentiveness. Make certain all required fields are filled in properly.

1. The Pennsylvania Form Mv 9 requires certain details to be inserted. Make sure the following blanks are filled out:

Stage no. 1 for filling out Pennsylvania Form Mv 9

2. After finishing the last section, head on to the subsequent step and complete the essential details in these fields - Coowner Last Name, Current Street Address, C COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATION, First Name, Middle Name, PA DLPhoto ID, Date of Birth, City, State, Zip Code, I certify that this vehicle is a, D EXEMPTION CERTIFICATION, I certify that this vehicle is, This is an emergency vehicle, and This vehicle is being transferred.

Part number 2 in completing Pennsylvania Form Mv 9

Those who work with this form often make mistakes while completing I certify that this vehicle is in this section. Be certain to revise everything you type in here.

3. Your next stage is generally hassle-free - fill out all of the blanks in moving to Pennsylvania, This vehicle has more than miles, E SIGNATURE, The signature below hereby, law that, Applicant Signature, Date, CoOwner Signature, Date, and Visit us at wwwdmvstatepaus to complete this process.

Pennsylvania Form Mv 9 writing process shown (portion 3)

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