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Do you work in the property management business? If so, chances are you have come across the PGC 686 form, a document used to provide information about specific properties. Whether your company requires them for insurance purposes or just to have an organized record of its holdings, this form is important for any housing operation. But what exactly does it entail? In this blog post we will discuss what's included on a PGC 686 form and why it can be helpful for property managers to submit before renting or leasing out their homes. Let's get started now!

Form NamePgc 686 Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namespa game commission trapper id form, Nonresidents, nonresident, Designee

Form Preview Example

PGC-686 (REV. 07/2014)



Note to Applicant: Any currently licensed (present license year) Pennsylvania resident or nonresident may opt for an official Trapper ID number to comply with section 2361(a)(12) of the Game and Wildlife Code. Applicants entitled by law to trap without a license are also eligible. This confidential ID number issued by the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) shall be used on all trap tags in accord with the aforementioned section of the Code rather than the trapper’s name and legal home address. This confidential number shall be registered, assigned and used only by the approved applicant and only be disclosed in accordance with section 325(c)(6) of the code relating to limitation on disclosure of certain records. Your assigned ID number (only one per person) shall remain valid until cancelled in writing by either party. It is not necessary to renew it on an annual or other basis, nor is there a fee associated with it.

Resident trappers shall apply to the PGC Regional Office having jurisdiction over their county of residence. Nonresidents shall apply to the PGC Regional Office in which the majority of their trapping will be done. Applicants may apply in person to the proper Regional Office being certain to bring their current Furtaker or Junior/Senior Combo License and other positive identification. Applicants may also apply by mail or fax, using this application and including copies of their Furtaker or Junior/Senior Combo license (front and back) and positive identification.

Applicant Identification (Completed and Signed by Applicant)

Name: ________________________________

____________________________________ _________





Address: ________________________________________________



Street, or Post Office Box





________________ ___________________________




Zip Code




Phone Number with Area Code (For official PGC use only: (_______ ) ___________________________

Current CID Number: ____________-____________-____________

Date License Was Issued to You: ______________ If Entitled to Trap Without a License, Check Here

Age: _______ Date of Birth: ____________ Male Female Height: ________ Eye Color: ________

Signature of Applicant*: _______________________________________ Date:______________________

*My signature certifies the correctness of the information given and that my hunting/trapping privileges are not under revocation.

Distribution: Applicant submit one completed copy to the appropriate Regional Office with support information attached. Regional Office will respond to applicant.

_____________________________DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE_____________________

* * * OFFICIAL USE ONLY * * * *

Trapper ID # ____________________ is hereby assigned to: ____________________________________




This Trapper ID # may be used on all trap tags from this day forth in accordance with the Game and Wildlife Code.


Regional Director’s Signature or Designee

Pennsylvania Game Commission

Note to Trapper: It is recommended that you carry this ID registration on your person at all times while trapping for inspection by officers or landowners empowered by the Code to do so. All address changes must be reported to the issuing PGC Regional Office no later than ten (10) days from the move.

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