Portland Form 216 PDF Details

Are you a business owner in Portland? Are you interested in filing Form 216 with the City of Portland's Revenue Division? If so, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll dive into all that goes into filing Form 216 and provide some helpful tips for getting it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, if you're ready to learn more about what Portland's Form 216 is, how it works and how to file it correctly—keep reading! You won't want to miss the essential information contained here.

Form NamePortland Form 216
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesPDX_Scrty_Bdg_P rkngCard_Aplctn port of portland non domicile parking form

Form Preview Example

Ap p lica t ion f or PD X Pa r k in g Acce ss Ca r d ( PAC)

Card Number ______________

PIN Number _______________

Badge Staff Initials __________

Name: ________________________________________________





Home Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________





Contact Numbers:






Home Phone



Work Phone


Date of Birth: __________________________________________


Grey Boxes to be Completed by Authorized Signatory (AS)




Check all that Apply

(Non-Domicile does not require an AS signature)







Parking Area

_____________________________ AS Initials

AS Printed Name:



Port Offices

_____________________________ AS Initials

AS Signature:







Exit Plaza

_____________________________ AS Initials





Exit Plaza Mgr.

_____________________________ AS Initials

AS Phone Number:




Flight Crew

_____________________________ AS Initials










By signing below, I agree that I have read and accept the terms set forth in the Portland International Airport (PDX) Employee Lot Guidelines as provided at the time of this application or available in the PDX Rules and Regulations.




Print Full Name



Form 216


How to Edit Portland Form 216 Online for Free

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This PDF form will require specific info to be typed in, thus you should take your time to provide exactly what is asked:

1. Begin filling out your Portland Form 216 with a number of major blank fields. Note all of the required information and make sure nothing is missed!

Filling in part 1 of Portland Form 216

2. Just after completing the last section, go on to the next stage and complete the necessary details in all these fields - NonDomicile Parking Area Port, AS Initials, AS Phone Number, By signing below I agree that I, Print Full Name, Signature, Date, and Form.

Print Full Name, By signing below I agree that I, and AS Initials inside Portland Form 216

Concerning Print Full Name and By signing below I agree that I, make sure that you double-check them in this current part. These two are the most important ones in this file.

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