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Rts 3 Form is a legal document in the United States that is used to provide notification to the appropriate state and federal authorities of a change in the management or ownership of a business. The form must be filed within 10 days of the change in ownership. Failing to file can result in fines or other penalties. The rts 3 form is also known as the Report of Transfer of Business Ownership Form.

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Form NameRts 3 Form
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields51
Avg. time to fill out10 min 27 sec
Other namesrt 3 florida, rts 3 florida department of revenue, fidelity form mrd, investments distribution 401k

Form Preview Example

Employer Account Change Form



R. 10/17



If you need to report a change in legal entity or a change in ownership, you must submit a new


Florida Business Tax Application (DR-1).

Rule 73B-10.037

Florida Administrative Code

Effective Date 10/17

Section 1: Identify your tax account. To ensure changes are made to the correct account, please complete the following information.

Account Name





(name of business or individual):


RT Account Number:






Mailing Address:



Business Partner Number:








Tax Certiicate Number:





Email Address:



Federal Identiication Number:






Telephone Number: (



Fax Number: (


Section 2: Tax Type. This change applies to reemployment tax “RT” (formerly unemployment tax). However, if you wish to apply this change to your other tax accounts, please check the applicable boxes below.

q Corporate Income Tax

q Gross Receipts Tax

q Communications Services Tax

q Sales and Use Tax

q Motor Fuels Tax

q Documentary Stamp Tax

q Solid Waste Fees and Surcharge

q E-911 Tax

Section 3: Change your address. Select the address type and provide the new address information.

Address Type:

q Business Location Address

q RT Beneit/Claims Notice

q RT Tax Rate Notice

(choose one or more)

q Mailing Address

q Employer’s Quarterly Report












New Address Information






(name of business or individual):












Mailing Address:














Fax Number: (










Email Address:


Telephone Number: (




Section 4: Change your account status. Request to inactivate, reactivate or cancel your account. Check the box next to the appropriate action and provide the date this action becomes effective.

Action Requested (choose only one):

qInactivate – I have temporarily suspended business operations; I have no employees

qReactivate – My business is now active; I am again paying wages

qCancel – I have no plans for future business activity; cancellations can not be reversed

Effective date of action:

Section 5 : Corporate name change. I have changed my corporate name.

Corporate name changed to:


Effective date:

Section 6: Leasing Employees. I am leasing all or part of my employees.




q Leasing all of my employees

Leasing Company’s

RT Account Number:





q Leasing part of my employees

Leasing Company’s

Federal Identiication Number:


Date I began leasing employees:

Leasing Company’s DBPR license number:

Section 7: Sign and date

I certify that I am legally authorized to make these changes with respect to the account number shown above.











Telephone Number: (


Sign, date, and mail this Employer Account Change Form to:



Call 850-488-6800 for assistance.

Florida Department of Revenue





Information and forms are available on our website at:

P.O. Box 6510

or fax to:


Tallahassee FL 32314-6510




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