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Form NameSex Slave Form
Form Length7 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out1 min 45 sec
Other namesbdsm slave form, sex slave sign up, mistress slave contract, gay slave contract

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Consensual Real Slavery

The slave’s application form

This is the application form to be filled in by the candidate slave in order to get evaluated and hopefully get engaged as a real slave.

This is a very important step in your life, so before submitting this form, make sure you have received a document explaining what is meant by Consensual Real Slavery.

A real slave expects its Master(s) to take responsibility over it and make all the decisions for it. For the Master(s) to be able to do that, They need some basic information about it.

The slave will fill in this form in all its honesty. If some information cannot be given for whatever reason, that reason must be clearly explained in the document and discussed with the Master(s).

Once again, only fill this out if you are SERIOUS about committing to being a real slave (this is not a part time job ! ). Once you submit to the Master(s) you no longer have freedom ... quitters will be extremely punished or even completely banned. If you submit and are not happy with your decisions then it is up to you to voice your concerns and ask to be sold.



date of birth:

(use format day/month/year)

The Slave Register number:

(if not already done so, register at to get one)

The Consensual Real Slavery Application form

Page 1 of 7




telephone number:

email addresses:

(state all, add an additional page if not enough space here)

skype address:

facebook id:

Other online systems:

(include id's)

languages spoken:




OOther Which:

(indicate how well you speak them)




The Consensual Real Slavery Application form

Page 2 of 7

educational level:



main means of transportation:

drivers license:





financial situation:

gender: (male/female/transexual/...)

height: (in cm)

weight: (in kg)

collar size: (in cm)

wrist size: (in cm)

ankle size: (in cm)

breast size:

The Consensual Real Slavery Application form

Page 3 of 7

physical health:

(describe any medical condition)

sexual orientation: (straight, gay, lesbian, bi, ... )

is this slave still a virgin:



since when: number of partners:

currently in a fixed relationship: (like married, living with bf/gf, ... )

0Yes describe:


Have children:

(number and ages)

want children ?




has this slave been owned before:

0Yes describe:

reason for quiting:


The Consensual Real Slavery Application form

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is this slave being owned today ?



A slave cannot expect nor demand anything about its treatment. It is only its Master(s) who decide what will happen to it and how it will be treated. Nevertheless it can like and dislike things, it can hope for a certain treatment or it can fear certain things. Here the slave can describe its feelings, likes, dislikes, hopes and fears. It is the Master(s)’s decision whether and how They will take these into account.


(enumerate at least 3)


(enumerate at least 3)


(enumerate at least 3)


(enumerate at least 3)

Does this slave hope to be able to express hard limits ?

0Yes which:


The Consensual Real Slavery Application form

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(use a word without meaning, like for example: 'cucudicu' ) Safegesture:

Is this slave willing to relocate to its Master(s)'s place:



Does the slave hope to get/keep a professional occupation?



How would the slave feel about not being the only slave in a household ?

What kind of sexual activities does this slave hope to have during its enslavement ?

What kind of sexual activities does this slave fear to have during its enslavement ?

What is the difference between a submissive and a slave ?

Name a few things you like or interest you about being a slave:

( enumerate at least 3 )

Do you fully understand that all slaves are owned by the Master(s) and are Their property and you will serve all Their wishes ?

List anything else that may help to approve you. Things that the Master(s) will find interesting/fascinating about you:

(use a separate page)

The Consensual Real Slavery Application form

Page 6 of 7

other remarks/questions this slave wants to communicate:

To complement this form, the slave shall add serveral photos of itself presenting it in different circumstances. At least one photo will be a picture head to toe in decent outfit another photo will have to enable the Master(s) to fully assess the slaves physics.

Suggestions to improve this document:

This application and following agreement is clearly about what is commonly called Consensual Real Slavery. By this a relationship of total and all domain servitude is meant. This is not about the more sexually oriented Domination/submissive role playing.

By submitting this form the slave explicitly confirms it is willing to be fully owned by the Master(s) and will comply to each and every of its Master(s)'s wishes. The slave agrees to obey its Master(s) in all respects. its mind, body, heart, soul, time, talents, knowledge and skills belong completely to Them to be done with what seems fit to Them.

By submitting this application form the slave acknowledges that all answers are given voluntarily and in all honesty. The slave also confirms it is lucid and in a legal state allowing it to commit agreements which are applied for.


the slave signs by typing “I agree voluntarily” completed by the place and date of signature. This will be completed by adding the slaves oath as mentioned in the description document. Later on a paper copy will physically be annotated in the same manner and signed with a pen

Application documents without proper signature are not considered applications but are merely used as source of information.

The Consensual Real Slavery Application form

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How to Edit Sex Slave Form Online for Free

We have used the efforts of our best computer programmers to build the PDF editor you can use. Our app will assist you to create the mistress slave contract document with ease and don’t waste valuable time. All you have to undertake is follow these particular quick actions.

Step 1: To start out, click the orange button "Get Form Now".

Step 2: The form editing page is presently open. Include text or modify current content.

It is important to enter the following data in order to complete the template:

entering details in bdsm slave form part 1

Type in the demanded information in the if not already done so register at, The Consensual Real Slavery, and Page of area.

bdsm slave form if not already done so register at, The Consensual Real Slavery, and Page  of blanks to insert

Indicate the essential particulars in address, city, country, telephone number, email addresses, state all add an additional page, and skype address area.

bdsm slave form address, city, country, telephone number, email addresses, state all add an additional page, and skype address fields to insert

The facebook id, Other online systems, include ids, languages spoken, O Dutch, O English, O French, O Other, Which, and indicate how well you speak them field is the place to indicate the rights and responsibilities of each side.

Filling in bdsm slave form step 4

Finish by checking all of these fields and writing the relevant details: nationality, ethnicity, religion, The Consensual Real Slavery, and Page of.

step 5 to entering details in bdsm slave form

Step 3: As you click on the Done button, your finished file is simply transferable to every of your devices. Or, you may deliver it via mail.

Step 4: Come up with a duplicate of each file. It will save you time and help you prevent challenges as time goes on. By the way, your information will not be used or monitored by us.

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