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The Tn Ifta form 56 is a document used to request an income tax extension from the Tennessee Department of Revenue. This form can be used by individuals or businesses, and must be submitted before the original tax deadline in order to receive an extension. The Tn Ifta form 56 is not to be confused with the federal Form 4868, which is also used for income tax extensions. The deadline for submitting the Tn Ifta form 56 varies depending on your individual or business tax filing status, so it's important to verify the correct date before submitting your request.

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Form NameTn Ifta Form 56
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other namesifta tennessee form, tn ifta tennessee, 56 return form, tn return form

Form Preview Example



Round Amounts In Columns B Through F To Nearest Whole Gallon And Mile

The tax rates can be located at or contact our office at 615-399-4267.

Name as shown on Form 55


IFTA License Number



Tax Period























Total Miles

Total Taxable Miles

Taxable Gallons

Tax Paid Gallons

Net Taxable


Tax Due/Credit


Total Due/Credit

and Fuel Type

In Each Jurisdiction

In Each Jurisdiction

(Col. C ÷ MPG)

In Each Jurisdiction



(Col. F x Col. G)

at .00417/Month

(Col. H + Col. I)


for Each Fuel Type

for Each Fuel Type


for Each Fuel Type

(Col. D - Col. E)















RV-F1309901 (Rev. 12-14)

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Completing the tn ifta tennessee form is simple with this PDF editor. Stick to the following actions to obtain the document instantly.

Step 1: Click on the "Get Form Here" button.

Step 2: So, you're on the file editing page. You can add information, edit present information, highlight certain words or phrases, put crosses or checks, add images, sign the form, erase unrequired fields, etc.

Create the tn ifta tennessee PDF by entering the text meant for every part.

step 1 to filling out 56 return form

Please note the necessary details in the SUBTOTALS This Page, and RVF Rev field.

Filling in 56 return form step 2

Step 3: If you are done, hit the "Done" button to upload your PDF file.

Step 4: Make sure to avoid possible future issues by preparing as much as a couple of duplicates of your file.

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