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Are you an employer or employee looking for a better way to manage payroll taxes and wages? If so, Tsp Form 65 is the perfect solution! As one of the most comprehensive forms available, it enables employers and employees alike to keep accurate records of withholding taxes, deductions, and wages. Moreover, with its easy-to-understand format and convenient online option that can be completed in just minutes - streamlining your payroll process has never been easier! Read on as we dive into the ins and outs of this invaluable form.

Form NameTsp Form 65
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other namestsp 65 fillable, form tsp uniformed, account tsp section, form tsp civilian

Form Preview Example







Last Name

First Name

Middle Name



TSP Account Number

Foreign address? Check here.

























Daytime Phone (Area Code and Number)


Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)





Street Address or Box Number (For a foreign address, see instructions.)

Street Address Line 2






Zip Code

II.ReqUeST TO COMBINe ACCOUNTS—Indicate how you want to combine your TSP accounts. (Restrictions apply; see instructions.)


Transfer my uniformed services TSP account into my civilian TSP account. (Complete Section III if married CSRS.)









Transfer my civilian TSP account into my uniformed services TSP account. (Go to Section IV.)




III. SPOUSe’S CONSeNT TO TRANSFeR UNIFORMeD SeRVICeS ACCOUNT INTO CSRS ACCOUNT—Spouse must read the instructions and complete Items 11–13.

Consent: By signing below, I consent to my spouse’s request to transfer the money in his or her uniformed services TSP account to a CSRS civilian TSP account. I understand that I am giving up the right to consent to a loan or withdrawal from the funds that are transferred.


Spouse’s Name (Last, First, Middle)


Spouse's Signature

13. / /

Date Signed (mm/dd/yyyy)

Notary: Please complete the following. No other acknowledgement is acceptable (see instructions).

The person who signed Item 12 is known to or was identified by me and, before me, signed or acknowledged to have signed this

form. In witness thereof, I have signed below on this




day of














My commission expires:










Date (mm/dd/yyyy)



Notary’s Signature









Notary’s Printed Name


Notary’s Phone Number


14.Participant: If you cannot obtain your spouse’s signature, provide your spouse’s name (in Item 11) and Social Security number here and submit Form TSP-16, Exception to Spousal Requirements, along with this request.















Spouse’s Social Security Number

IV. CeRTIFICATION—By signing below, you are authorizing the TSP to combine your civilian and uniformed services TSP accounts. You are certifying that you understand that tax-exempt amounts from the traditional balance of your uniformed services account, if any, cannot be transferred to a civilian TSP account. You are also certifying that, if you are transferring a uniformed services account into a CSRS account and you did not complete Section III, you are an unmarried participant. Warning: Any intentional false statement in this application or willful misrepresentation concerning it is a violation of law that is punishable by a fine or imprisonment for as long as 5 years, or both (18 U.S.C. § 1001).


























Date Signed (mm/dd/yyyy)


Participant's Signature












Do Not Write Below This Line

FORM TSP-65 (4/2012)

* P I I S 0 0 2 2 9 4 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 P I I S




Use this form only if:

You have both a civilian and a uniformed services TSP account; and

You are separated from Federal civilian service or the uniformed services, or both.

The TSP account that you want to transfer must have a total vested account balance that is greater than $200 to be eligible. Money that you transfer will be deposited as employee contributions into the tra- ditional or Roth balance of the combined account based on the way it was identified in the original account. These funds will be allocated according to the most recent contribution allocation on file for your remaining account. They will also be subject to the rules and regula- tions applicable to all employee contributions for that account. How- ever, they are not subject to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) elective deferral limit, which limits the amount of contributions that you can make to a retirement plan in a year.

Special Note Regarding Tax-exempt Contributions: Any tax-exempt contributions from combat zone pay that you may have in the tradi- tional (non-Roth) balance of your uniformed services account cannot be transferred into your civilian account. They must remain in your uniformed services account, where they will continue receiving tax- deferred earnings.

SeCTION I. Provide all the information requested in this section.

A new address that you provide on this form will only be used to up- date your address on an account related to employment from which you have already separated.

If you have a foreign address, check the box in Item 5 and enter the foreign address as follows in Items 6–9:

First address line: Enter the street address or post office box number, and any apartment number.

Second address line: Enter the city or town name, other principal subdivision (e.g., province, state, county), and postal code, if known. (The postal code may precede the city or town.)

City/State/Zip Code fields: Enter the entire country name in the City field; leave the State and Zip Code fields blank.

If you use an Air/Army Post Ofice (APO) or Fleet Post Ofice (FPO) address, enter that address in the two available address lines (in- clude the unit designation). Enter APO or FPO, as appropriate, in the City field. In the State field, enter AE as the state abbreviation for Zip Codes beginning with 090-098, AA for Zip Codes beginning with 340, and AP for Zip Codes beginning with 962-966. Then enter the appro- priate Zip Code.

SeCTION II. You can only transfer an account related to employment from which you have separated. Here are your three account-com- bining options:

You are separated from your Federal civilian job, but you are still a member of the uniformed services—your only option is to trans- fer your civilian account into your uniformed services account.

You are separated from the uniformed services, but still a Fed- eral civilian employee—your only option is to transfer your uni- formed services account into your civilian account.

You are separated from both Federal civilian employment and the uniformed services—you can combine your accounts in any way you choose.

SeCTION III. Information and warning for Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) participants. Your spouse must provide his or her name and signature and date the form in Items 11–13 only if you are transferring your uniformed services account into your civilian CSRS account. This is because your spouse’s rights are diminished when you make this transfer. Here is a summary of your spouse’s rights:

Under Uniformed Services—Your spouse must consent to a loan or an in-service withdrawal from your account regardless of your ac- count balance. When you separate from service and withdraw your balance, your spouse is entitled to a joint life annuity with you, with a 50% survivor benefit, level payments, and no additional features if your account balance is more than $3,500.

Under CSRS—Your spouse is entitled only to receive notification of any loans or withdrawals from your account.

Therefore, if you transfer your uniformed services account into your CSRS civilian account, your spouse will no longer have the right to consent (or refuse to consent) to any future loans or withdrawals from the money that was formerly in your uniformed services account.

Note: If you are covered by FERS or if you are combining your CSRS account into your uniformed services account, your spouse should not complete this section.

About the notary: If your spouse signs the form, make sure that the notary provides the requested information on this form. No other acknowledgement is acceptable. This is because your form will be filed with a Federal agency in Washington, D.C.

Item 14. If you are unable to obtain your spouse’s signature, you must provide your spouse’s Social Security number and submit Form TSP-U-16, Exception to Spousal Requirements, along with this form.

SeCTION IV. Read the certification and sign and date Items 15 and 16, in order to authorize the TSP to combine your accounts as requested.

After completing this form, make a copy for your records.

Either mail the original to: Thrift Savings Plan, P.O. Box 385021,

Birmingham, AL 35238. Or fax to: 1-866-817-5023.

Note: Do not mail and fax your request. The TSP will automatically cancel your second request. If you need to make a change or correction on your form, call the TSP immediately to cancel your first request.

If you have questions, call the toll-free ThriftLine at 1-TSP-YOU-FRST (1-877-968-3778) or the TDD at 1-TSP-THRIFT5 (1-877-847-4385). Outside the U.S. and Canada, please call 404-233-4400 (not toll free).

PRIVACY ACT NOTICe. We are authorized to request the information you provide on this form under 5 U.S.C. chapter 84, Federal Employees’ Retirement System. We will use this information to identify your TSP account and to process your transac- tion. In addition, this information may be shared with other Federal agencies for statistical, auditing, or archiving purposes. We may share the information with law enforcement agencies investigating a violation of civil or criminal law, or agencies

implementing a statute, rule, or order. It may be shared with congressional offices, private sector audit firms, spouses, former spouses, and beneficiaries, and their at- torneys. We may disclose relevant portions of the information to appropriate parties engaged in litigation and for other routine uses as specified in the Federal Register. You are not required by law to provide this information, but if you do not provide it, we will not be able to process your request.

FORM TSP-65 (4/2012)


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2. Your next step is to fill out the next few fields: Consent By signing below I consent, Spouses Name Last First Middle, Spouses Signature, Date Signed mmddyyyy, Notary Please complete the, day of, Month, Year, Date mmddyyyy, Notarys Signature, seal, Notarys Printed Name, Jurisdiction, Notarys Phone Number, and Participant If you cannot obtain.

seal, Spouses Signature, and Month in 65 fillable form

3. This third section should be relatively easy, IV CeRTIFICATION By signing below, Participants Signature, Do Not Write Below This Line, P I I S P I I S, Date Signed mmddyyyy, and FORM TSP PREVIOUS EDITIONS - each one of these blanks needs to be filled out here.

P I I S                  P I I S, Date Signed mmddyyyy, and Do Not Write Below This Line of 65 fillable form

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