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Are you looking for a way to keep track of your team's performance as well as any individual player stats? The USA Scorebook form is the perfect solution! Designed with teams and players in mind, this easy-to-use system With data entry points such as home runs hit, stolen bases, wins/losses etc., it allows coaches and managers to better assess their team’s progress. It has been praised for its usability and convenience by numerous organizations across different levels of sports. In today's blog post, we'll take a closer look at exactly what makes the USA Scorebook form so successful.

Form NameUsa Scorebook Form
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Other namesusa scorebook printable, usa softball official team scorebook 2018, usa inc football score book, printable scorebook for baseball

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How to Order Your USA Scorebook

Official scorebooks are required for entry into all USA Sanctioned Schutzhund Trials. Foreign and non USA issued scorebooks are acceptable only after they have been registered and stamped by the USA Breed Book Office. One scorebook is required for each dog and the scorebook must accompany the dog if the dog obtains a new owner. To receive a scorebook one must submit a scorebook application to the USA Office, please include the following:

1.A photocopy of your current USA Membership Card.

2.Photocopy of the dog’s FCI recognized registration papers must contain the dog’s name, sex, D.O.B., breed and current owner. Individual Registration through the USA Breed Book Office is not required to obtain a scorebook.

3.If the dog has already achieved a Schutzhund rating (including FH, AD, IP, B, etc.) earned at a USA event, send proof of attainment for the last title earned with your application. The scorebook being issued by the USA Office will then record the last titled earned and stamp your scorebook to read “Title on file with the USA Office”. If the dog achieved a Schutzhund rating under a VDH recognized judge, proof of that attainment supplied by the owner will be attached into the back of the USA scorebook being issued.

4.Indicate the dog’s tattoo or micro-chip number.

5.Applicants should send all the above listed information to the USA Office, via US Postal mail, email or fax, please include payment of $10.00 in the form of Visa, MasterCard, money order, cashiers check or personal check. Upon receipt of the application and fee(s) you will then be issued a numbered scorebook for your dog. If this scorebook is lost or destroyed, it may be replaced upon notification made in writing to the USA Office and a $12.50 replacement fee.


Scorebooks issued by other clubs, SV, DVG, ADRK, etc. (with the exception of scorebooks issued by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, WDA) can be USA-certified by sending the original scorebook, a copy of the dog’s registration papers and a copy of your current membership card to the USA Office. The appropriate fee(s) are as follows: if you are a current USA member, the cost would be $10.00. If you are a non-member, the fee would be $40.00.

*NOTE*UKC is not a recognized registration. (GENERAL BOARD, 1999)


Name _____________________________________________________________________ Member Number ________________


City ______________________________________________State _______________________ Zip __________________________

Home Phone Number ______________________Daytime Phone Number ______________________________

Email Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Dog’s Name ______________________________________________________________ Registration # (if any) _______________

Breed _________________________________ Sex _________ Date of Birth ______________Tattoo or MC # _____________________


Photocopy of USA Membership card enclosed






Photocopy of dog’s registration papers enclosed (if any)






Proof of attainment of titles previously earned enclosed (if any)






Proof of tattoo or Micro-chip enclosed





5. Payment enclosed






There are currently ( 2) different types of scorebooks being offered through the USA Breed Book Office, they are as follows:

1.) AWDF/USA Scorebook-issued if you have a

GSD. Any other breed will be marked as Mixed.

2.) USA ONLY Scorebook-issued if you have

any other purebred or mixed breed dog wishing to compete USA trials only.

Mail to: United Schutzhund Clubs of America - 3810 Paule Ave. - St. Louis, MO 63125 Fax: 314-638-0609


Visa / MasterCard (circle one) Credit Card #

Expiration Date ____/____ (month and year) Signature

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