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The Warren and Velda Wilson Scholarship Form is now available for students who want to further their education. This scholarship offers a $1,000 award toward tuition expenses. Students must submit an application form and essay to be eligible for this scholarship. The deadline to apply is May 15, 2018. For more information, visit the website below.

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Form NameWarren And Velda Wilson Scholarship
Form Length9 pages
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Other nameswarren velda wilson foundation scholarship, wilson e speir scholarship, velda wilson scholarship, wilson scholarship

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The Warren & Velda Wilson Foundation


Leaving a Legacy of Learning Opportunities

For more than 60 years, Warren & Velda Wilson worked the soil in south central Nebraska. The land was good to them and they enjoyed a productive, prosperous lifetime together.

They had no children of their own, but the Wilson's had a keen interest in the boys and girls growing up in the rural areas and communities around their home in Clay County. They also understood that the education of these young people was the key to a brighter future for each of them as individuals and for the area in which they would build their lives.

Warren & Velda Wilson

Prior to their deaths, (Warren in 1997 and Velda in 2002) the Wilson's decided to share the successes they had enjoyed in their lifetimes with those who would follow them.

The Warren & Velda Wilson Foundation was established in 1990. Its sole purpose is to provide scholarships for young men and women from central and south central Nebraska to attend college in Nebraska.

Through their Foundation, Warren and Velda Wilson have left behind a legacy of educational opportunities that will live on for generations to come

Highlights of the Warren & Velda Wilson Foundation Scholarship Program

$1,250 Scholarships

For High School Graduates in 9 Central and South Central Nebraska Counties

To Attend Any Accredited Higher Education Institute in Nebraska

Based on Citizenship, Involvement and Potential

No ACT/SAT or Class Ranking Criteria

"Providing Students with Educational Opportunities"

The Warren & Velda Wilson Foundation


The Warren and Velda Wilson Foundation was founded to provide scholarships for students in central and south central Nebraska.

To be eligible for one of the scholarships, a student must reside and be a graduating senior from a high school in one of the following Nebraska counties: Adams, Clay, Fillmore, Hall, Hamilton, Nuckolls, Thayer, Webster & York.

The scholarships must be used to attend an accredited institution of post-secondary education in the State of Nebraska. Any four-year college or university, public or private, or any community college or trade school is acceptable. Scholarship is disbursed in two payments to the college for first year of higher education. Scholarship is not renewable.

Several factors will be considered in awarding the scholarships. In a 1992 letter, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson were emphatic in their ideas of how scholarship recipients should be chosen. They saiD,

"It is our desire that these scholarships not be limited to graduating seniors with only the highest level of academic achievement. Other factors are also important to us, including good citizenship, involvement in school and community activities, and potential for future academic success. Students with lower levels of academic achievement in high school should not be excluded from consideration if they are able to demonstrate strength in one or more of these other areas."

How to Apply

To apply for a Wilson Scholarship, a student must return a completed application form, including two recommendation forms, to their high school counselor. The counselor must submit the applications to the Wilson Foundation office.

A selection panel will review the applications and scholarship recipients will be notified by April 1 of that year.

Wilson Foundation scholarships will be awarded annually with the number and dollar amount of scholarships available to be announced each school term.

Proof of full-time enrollment will need to be sent to the scholarship coordinator prior to the first half of funds being disbursed to the college. Prior to second half being disbursed, recipient must provide scholarship coordinator proof of successful completion of first semester/quarter and proof of full-time enrollment for second semester.

Scholarships are not renewable.


Board of Directors

John Farrell, President

Jennifer Fleischer, Vice President

Janet Hajny, Secretary/Treasurer

LulaBelle Loehr

Kent Miller

Chip Essex

Randy Gilson

Scholarship Coordinator Contact Information

Patricia (Pat) Stange

2727 W. 2nd Street Suite 211

Hastings, NE 68901

Telephone: 402-460-2152

Fax: 402-463-5535 Email: pstange@cccneb.edu

Warren & Velda Wilson Foundation Scholarship

Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Disbursement

Guidelines for Preparing Scholarship Application:

1.Application may be completed on the computer. If filling out with Adobe Reader, you will not be able to save an electronic copy of this form with your data in it. You must completely fill out form in one-setting. Once application is completed, click the "Print Form" button at the bottom of this page. After printing, be sure to SIGN the application and submit it to your counselor by the date requested.

2.Application may be printed and completed in long hand (please be sure writing/printing is legible and completed in BLACK ink). Print one-sided copies.

3.Please follow instructions listed below under "Scholarship Application Procedures".

4.PAPER CLIP all items together. DO NOT STAPLE! ONE-SIDED COPIES ONLY. Include ALL SHEETS of Application even if blank.

5.Recommendations should NOT be opened by student. Counselor may open recommendations prior to submitting the completed application packet to the foundation.


Scholarship Application Procedures

Completing this application and fulfilling all the requirements will allow you to be considered for a Warren & Velda Wilson Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship is offered to high school seniors residing in and attending high schools in the following counties: Adams, Clay, Fillmore, Hall, Hamilton, Nuckolls, Thayer, Webster and York.

1. Complete the following Scholarship Application Form and return to your guidance counselor by:


2.On the School Activity Statement page, Community Activity page and Church Activity page, list up to 7 of your top school, community and church activities which you have been involved in during the past 4 years. Include any honors, awards, leadership positions or special recognitions associated with these activities.

3.On the Personal Statement page, 250 words or less, discuss the following:

"Why is college important to me? How do I plan to pay for my college education?"


"Why is college important to me? Why I'm choosing my particular area of study?"

4.Have 2 recommendation pages completed and returned to your high school counselor in a sealed envelope by date above. Select faculty members, school administrators or other staff, employers, co-workers or other persons who can attest to your qualifications. DO NOT use your guidance counselor as a recommendation as they comment on another form on your behalf.

5.All the items listed below must be submitted by your high school guidance counselor to the Warren & Velda Wilson Foundation Scholarship Coordinator in hard copy by February 17, 2012.

Checklist of items to be included in the Warren & Velda Wilson Foundation Scholarship Application Packet prior to submitting to your guidance counselor. Return all sheets in application packet even if they are blank.

Pages 1 and 2 of Application, make sure signatures are complete.

School, Community and Church Activities Statements (even if blank).

Personal Statement

2 Recommendation Pages

Verify signatures are complete.

Warren & Velda Wilson Foundation Scholarship Application

Fall 2012/Spring 2013 Disbursement

Page 1

Personal Information

First Name

Mailing Address


E-Mail Address


Middle Name




Last Name

















Zip Code





























High School
























College Preference

Please indicate which college, university or accredited institute IN NEBRASKA you are planning to attend in the boxes below. If listing more than one, list in order of preference. This DOES NOT have to be your final college decision.

1st Choice

2nd Choice

Career Goal

Write a one line statement below as to what your career goal(s) are once you have completed your education.

Paid Employment History
















Hours Per Week












































































Additional Employment Comments. Please include unpaid jobs here i.e. babysitting for parents, working for parents on farm or business or any other unpaid employment.

Page 2

Financial Statement

In order to determine "Level of Need", one of the criteria for the scholarship, please fill out the following information to the best of your ability.

If you have qualified for any other scholarships or grants, please list them below.

Will you be contributing financially to your education?

Will your parent(s) be contributing financially to your education?

What is your source of contribution, i.e. job, savings, etc.?

If yes, approximately how much per year?

Income amounts should be "Gross Income" as per page 1 of the IRS 1040, 1040A & 1040EZ forms. Individual Income amounts can be found on parent's W-2 forms.

Biological Parent's Marriage Status

Mother's Occupation

Father's Occupation

Do you have siblings?



If yes, how many?

Siblings in college?



If yes, how many?









Parent's Gross Income

Mother's Gross Income

Father's Gross Income

Sibling's ages

Are parents helping them financially?

Additional comments which may help evaluators determine "Level of Need".

Student Certification

I verify that the information contained in this application packet is correct to the best of my knowledge. I realize that receipt of a scholarship is dependent upon my registration as a full-time student at a college or university located in NEBRASKA for the 2011 - 2012 academic year.

Student's Signature


School Activity Statement

Page 3

List UP to 7 of your top School Activities with which you have been involved during the past 4 years. If none, please state that also.

School Activity

Honors, Leadership Positions &/or Special Recognitions

Dates Participated &/or Number of Years Involved

Additional Comments

Community Activity Statement

Page 4

List UP to 7 of your top Community Activities with which you have been involved during the past 4 years. If none, please state that also.

Community Activity

Honors, Leadership Positions &/or Special Recognitions

Total Hours & Dates Participated

Additional Comments

Church Activity Statement


List UP to 7 of your top Church Activities with which you have been involved during the past 4 years.

Are you a member of a church or have a religious affiliation?

If you answered YES above, do you attend regularly?

Church Activity

Hours participated per activity/Number of times per year

Additional Comments

Personal Statement

Page 6

In 250 words or less, discuss one of the two sets of questions (use only the space below):

Why is college important to me? How do I plan to pay for my college education?


Why is college important to me? Why I'm choosing my particular area of study?

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part 1 to filling out warren velda wilson

Jot down the details in the Employer, Employment Dates, Responsibilities, Hours Per Week, Supervisor, and Additional Employment Comments field.

warren velda wilson Employer, Employment Dates, Responsibilities, Hours Per Week, Supervisor, and Additional Employment Comments fields to complete

The system will request for further information with the intention to quickly prepare the segment If you have qualified for any, Will you be contributing, What is your source of, Will your parents be contributing, If yes approximately how much per, Income amounts should be Gross, Biological Parents Marriage Status, Parents Gross Income, Mothers Occupation, Fathers Occupation, Mothers Gross Income, Fathers Gross Income, Do you have siblings, If yes how many, and Siblings ages.

Filling out warren velda wilson step 3

The field Additional comments which may help, and Student Certification I verify should be where you include both sides' rights and responsibilities.

Entering details in warren velda wilson step 4

Finalize by analyzing the next areas and filling them in as required: Students Signature, and Date.

warren velda wilson Students Signature, and Date blanks to fill out

Step 3: At the time you pick the Done button, the completed file is conveniently transferable to any of your gadgets. Or alternatively, you might deliver it by using email.

Step 4: In order to prevent possible future complications, take the time to have minimally a couple of duplicates of each and every form.

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