Affidavit of Birth

An affidavit of birth is a document that includes a sworn statement about the birth of a person taking place and essential details about the birth such as date, time, place, and information about the parents. It might be completed by a parent, relative, or medical professional who was a witness to the birth if a birth certificate cannot be found.

The main goal of the fillable affidavit form is to help prove an individual’s citizenship or file an application for a new birth certificate. Once filled out, the affidavit should be notarized to get legal force.

affidavit of birth

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Create a Personalized Affidavit of Birth online in under 5 minutes!

When Is an Affidavit of Birth Used?

The situations where an affidavit of birth might be used differ:

  • when a person has an incomplete birth record
  • when a person has lost their birth certificate
  • when a person is applying for a Green Card and need additional evidence of their birth
  • when a person needs an additional proof of their birth for a job or other official reason
  • when a person is applying for a new US passport and needs secondary citizenship evidence

What Should Be Included In an Affidavit of Birth?

When an affidavit of birth is used for official purposes, for instance for USCIS or Department of State, there are certain requirements that should be followed strictly when crafting the document. Please note that immigration officers are evaluating the document in terms of its probative value and credibility, which is why the following information is necessary in the affidavit.

  • Complete name, place and date of birth of an applicant (specifying full dates, months, and years in the format “December 11, 1950” instead of “12/11/50”)
  • Complete names of both parents of an applicant (when mentioning the mother’s name, her current name should be used with the maiden name included in parenthesis)
  • Statement of how that affiant swearing under oath the details of the person’s birth knows them (for instance, the father might state that he was present at the moment of giving birth or if the affidavit is filled in by a person’s aunt, she might say that she was present for the birth at the hospital)
  • Complete names of all the people who are mentioned in the affidavit (name of the applicant, an individual signing the affidavit and both of the applicant’s parents’ names)
  • The state and county where the affidavit was completed

Some Aspects of Filing in the Affidavit of Birth Form

One of the requirements for an affidavit is that details of a person’s birth contained in it need to be truthful as otherwise, a person might face a penalty for perjury.

Another requirement is that it should be created by a person who is a first-hand witness to an individual’s birth, for instance a medical worker who helped with the delivery or one of the parents. Close relatives such as aunt, uncle, siblings who were adults at the time of birth can be affiants, too. In the cases where relatives are not available, a friend or a neighbour can file an affidavit as well. These people should have direct knowledge of the birth and its circumstances and they should mention the reason why it is them who are submitting the affidavit instead of a person’s parents. The affiant does not necessarily have to be a US citizen.

Please note that the petitioner or their beneficiaries cannot be affiants in an affidavit of birth.

The form should also be signed, dated, and notarized before it gets legal force.

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Create a Personalized Affidavit of Birth online in under 5 minutes!

How to Fill Out an Affidavit of Birth?

Step 1 – Name of the parent or relative

In the first paragraph of the document, include your name, birth date, place of birth, and place of current residence. Then, there should be a statement: “…on oath state and declare as follows.”
Step 1 to filling out an affidavit of birth form parent name

Step 2 – Sworn statements

The first statement in the affidavit of birth should be your relation to the person witnessing the birth of whom you are swearing about. It should state that you are the mother of the father of the person, their place of residence, and that you have personal knowledge of your child’s birth.

The next statement should be that on a certain date, you or your wife gave life to your child at the specified place.

Further, you need to state the name of your child.

As the last statement, tell the name of the child’s other parent.
Step 2 to filling out an affidavit of birth sample sworn statements

Step 3 – Signature and date

The affidavit should end with stating that it was made and signed on solemn oath at a certain place and on a specified date. Then, include your signature, date and printed name.
Step 3 to filling out an affidavit of birth template signature and date

Step 4 – Notary acknowledgement

The last section in the affidavit of birth should be notary acknowledgement. A notary public should put the date when the affidavit was sworn and signed in front of them and their signature.

There is no standard form of the affidavit of birth which is why to save your time and efforts, use our document builder. It will let you create an affidavit of birth in minutes. Just answer several questions regarding the birth of a person, and get a ready-made document in no time.
Step 4 to filling out an affidavit of birth example notarization

Published: Apr 25, 2022