Financial Affidavit Letter (Form CJA-23)

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Financial Affidavit Letter (Form CJA-23)

There are various cases when one might need to provide some financial information to the court. For example, parents are obliged to provide their financial information in the following cases: custody, separation, and divorce. This data is obligatory for the court as it is used for alimony agreements, child benefits, and legal fees.

There are many cases like this to use this printable affidavit form. In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information on the document compilation procedure, legal regulations and requirements applied, and step-by-step filing guidelines.

How Do I Submit My Financial Information to the Court?

The first thing to do is to find and fill out the appropriate form. In this case, it is CJA–23 Financial Affidavit form. Please note that if your income rate is below average, you should use the short version of the form. Conversely, if you have an income rate higher than average, you will need to fill out the extended version of the form respectively.

Below, we will provide you with some more information on how to deal with the short version of the financial affidavit form.

Where Do I Get the Form Template?

It is much more convenient to fill out a form digitally instead of writing. We highly recommend you use our latest software developments to find and customize the legal form you need. You may also edit and fill it out online. As a result, you will get a fillable PDF form that itself does all of the necessary calculations.

You can also print it out and fill it in by hand if you want. Should you do so, prepare a few printed copies just in case. It is always a good idea to practice before filling out the final document to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

What Information Should I Fill in the CJA-23 Financial Affidavit?

Like any other legal document, the CJA-23 form has particular requirements regarding its contents. Here is the list of primary items that should go on your affidavit form:

  • Your checkbook outtakes;
  • All of your recent bills (paid and unpaid);
  • The personal account statement,
  • Pay stub information.

Other than that, you shall answer the questions and provide the necessary numbers in your form template. If some questions do not apply to your particular situation, simply fill in “0” or “None” in the respective blank spaces.

The detailed information on filling out the CJA-23 Financial Affidavit is given below.

How to Fill out the CJA-23 Financial Affidavit Form

The completion algorithm is the same as with the short form: you either fill it out by hand or electronically by typing in the information on your computer. In the case of the latter, the form will make all of the necessary calculations for you.

Get Acquainted with the Instructions

It is better to start with the Instructions section at the top of the Financial Affidavit. You may find detailed instructions on the official United States Courts governmental website. Once you have gotten acquainted with the information enlisted online, you can proceed to fill out the form template.

Insert Identification Info

The first section of the form is represented by several fields designed for the case and the filer identification. Mark the court that is to consider your case at the top of the document. Check the corresponding box to do so.

step 2.1 insert identification info filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

First off, fill in the case title in the “Who v. Who” format. Insert only the family names of parties participating in the lawsuit.

step 2.2 insert identification info filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

Then, you shall proceed to fill out the full legal name of the person represented (the financial affidavit filer).

step 2.3 insert identification info filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

Identify the type of charges the defendant is facing. You can either check one of the suggested boxes or provide a complete description in the given blank space.

step 2.4 insert identification info filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

Enter the Court Details

There is a box in the top right corner of the form template designed to specify the court specifications. If you have exhaustive information about the hearing, you may fill it out yourself. If not, you should ask your legal representative to do it for you.

step 3 enter the court details filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

Fill in the Employment and Income Data

The next section is devoted to the financial information of the defedant. If you are currently employed, mark the “Yes” box and indicate how much you earn per month. If you are unemployed, you shall check the “No” box and leave it there. Also, specify if you will still have your job after the potential arrest (if you have such information).

step 4 fill in the employment and income data filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

Define the Property Assets Owned

Next up, you need to assess the value of all your property owned in assets and insert their value and amounts owed in the corresponding boxes. Indicate if you own a home, a motor vehicle, a boat, stock, shares, or other property.

step 5.1 define the property assets owned filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

Also, ensure to indicate if you have any cash or money savings.

step 5.2 define the property assets owned filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

Indicate Financial Support (If Any)

You must also indicate if you currently provide financial aid to anyone. It might be the child and minor support, spousal support, or even helping your parents or grandparents of age.

step 6 indicate financial support (if any) filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

Fill in Your Financial Obligations

The Financial Affidavit is based on one’s expenses and income. Therefore, the last part comprises your monthly expenses and financial obligations, and existing indebtedness, in other words, liabilities.

Enter both the obligation/expense and debt amount in the corresponding columns. Ensure to state every item you owe money for. In addition, include overdue items that you have not paid, such as utility and tax bills, credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, and student loans.

step 7 fill in your financial obligations filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

Certify Your Financial Statement

Please bear in mind that you should not sign the completed form. You can take it to the court clerk, a notary, or a lawyer. It is worth mentioning that you will have to sign the form in their presence, and that person will sign as your witness. Once your statement is reviewed and witnessed by a legal representative, you shall put your signature and current calendar date.

step 8 certify your financial statement filling out a financial affidavit letter (form cja 23)

You will only need to give your financial information to the court once the case is finished. However, in certain cases, you might need it for making temporary orders. It would also be a good idea to have three extra copies of the completed and signed form in total:

  • One copy to the other party;
  • One copy for the court hearing;
  • One copy for yourself.

Can I Receive Help in Paying My Court Fees?

If you do not have a financial opportunity to cover your court fees and related bills, you will have to fill out another form called the Application for Waiver of Fees. You may look it up online for more filing recommendations or use our website and do your research.