Indiana Affidavit Forms

Indiana affidavit forms are legal tools designed to prove that a written statement made under oath is true and correct. The affidavits can be used as evidence in various judicial actions, including proving the identity, residential address, and inheritance rights.

An affidavit of ownership, an affidavit of non-military service, and an affidavit of descent are a few examples of frequent affidavit forms used in Indiana. You can also use some official Indiana templates provided below.

Indiana Official Affidavit Forms

Indiana affidavit templates vary according to the statement of facts the affiant desires to confirm or verify. One of the popular official forms used in Indiana is Form 44780, or Indiana Paternity Affidavit. As the name implies, this document serves as a tool to confirm the father of a child. Filling out the template thoroughly is crucial to get the form valid in the state.

Indiana Paternity Affidavit (Form 44780) legally establishes the father of a child. This affidavit is typically used by unmarried couples who want to establish paternity voluntarily. It requires the signature of both the mother and the child’s father and any other required information, such as the social security numbers of both parents. Once this form has been completed and signed, the father is legally recognized as the child’s father and has the rights and responsibilities that come with that designation.

Published: Apr 7, 2023