Alabama Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Selling and buying a firearm in Alabama is regulated by the relevant federal and state laws. Find out whether you need to have an Alabama firearm bill of sale and how you can possess a gun legally in this state. Learn here about the specifics of a bill of sale and how you can benefit from using the document.

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Alabama belongs to “open carry” states. It means that most adults are allowed to openly carry a firearm without having any permit. The Alabama State Constitution protects the right of all citizens to bear arms. Firearms can be used only for self-defense and defense of the state.

However, it does not mean that everyone in the state can have a firearm. There are federal laws determining who is prohibited from that, and this piece of legislation is valid in all US states, including Alabama. Possessing, using, and doing some other operations with firearms are regulated by Alabama’s Firearms and Weapons Law.

Are You Required to Register a Firearm in Alabama?

There are no requirements to register a firearm in Alabama using a firearm bill of sale form or a different document. However, you will need to get a permit for concealed carry. It is applied to handguns that you carry with you or keep in your vehicle. At the same time, if the gun pistol in your vehicle is out of reach, for instance, if it is locked in a container, you do not need any permit.

These requirements are not applied to the following:

  • Law enforcement officers on duty
  • Military personnel
  • Some other authorized individuals

Alabama State recognizes valid permits issued in a different state. A permit for concealed carry is issued by the Sheriff of the county.

Why Should You Have a Bill of Sale to Buy a Gun in Alabama?

You do not need a bill of sale or permit to purchase a firearm in this state if you buy it from a licensed dealer. In this case, a background check will be run.

However, you should properly fill out this form if it is a private transaction because it will be a legal document proving your ownership or its transfer to another person. In this case, no background check is run. However, it is forbidden for any of the parties to be the person prohibited from possessing a firearm. On our site, you can find a free template of a bill of sale that you can download to your device. You can find files in different printable formats, such as PDF.

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Published: Dec 3, 2020