Free Dirt Bike Bill of Sale Form

Dirt bikes are unique motorcycles that are built for rough terrain, mud roads, and rocks. The lightweight motorcycles are suitable for riders in the cross-country scene since the tires are suspended and rugged to withstand the tough roads.

A dirt bike bill of sale is a written agreement proving the sale and purchase of the bike between a buyer and seller. It is a critical document verifying the transfer of ownership. The agreement is binding and contains all of the information about the motorcycle such as model number, purchase cost, names, and signatures of both parties, plus the date.

It acts as proof of ownership since it is a legal document recording the contract details. Hence, before you make a sale or purchase, it is advisable to contact professionals to draft a bill of sale form that will protect your interests as a buyer or seller.

Why Do You Need a Dirt Bike Bill of Sale?

It is imperative to note that these motorcycles are more expensive than the typical bikes, so you need a legally binding document to prove the purchase or sale. A dirt bike bill of sale documents the deal in detail and confirms the new owner. Sale forms ensure that the contract is legal since it provides evidence that the transaction occurred on a specific date.

The bill of sale guarantees that you do not purchase stolen property since it displays the history. It also protects both the buyer and seller in case of any illegalities relating to the dirt bike. Whether you want to purchase or sell a dirt bike, ensure that you use a bill of sale agreement if you want a quick sale without any complications.

Can I Create a Dirt Bike Bill of Sale Online?

It can be quite challenging to write a dirt bike bill of sale without help from experts. To ease your burden, we offer a free printable bill of sale template on our website. Take note that all of the forms are free, downloadable, and editable. You can also craft your dirt bike bill of sale and add any other information in the terms and conditions. The dirt bike bill is available in several formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF, and ODT. Access our site, customize your bill of sale template to suit your needs, and print it.

Template Preview
Download your fillable Dirt Bike Bill of Sale template in PDF, .doc, or .odt formats

How Do I Sell A Dirt Bike?

If you want to put your motorcycle up for a quick sale and you don’t know where to begin or how to come up with a sale form, follow our simple guideline below:

Step 1. Describe the Dirt Bike

There are numerous models, so you have to describe the details of the bike. For instance, you need to include the year, manufacturer, model type, color, and purpose. You may also include the registration details of the bike.

Ensure that you write down all of the essential details that the prospective buyer needs to know.

Step 2. Determine the Price

Dirt bikes are specially designed motorcycles, unlike the typical bikes, so they are typically very expensive. Its price may be compared to that of a vehicle. With different manufacturers and models, you need to factor in numerous aspects before settling on the selling cost. Search for price comparisons of similar dirt bikes in online stores or locally in the community. Consider factors such as the year of manufacture, purpose, and condition.

Step 3. Put Your Dirt Bike Up for Sale

In this step, you need to consider where and how you will sell your dirt bike. But first, ensure that your dirt bike is in perfect condition. Clean it thoroughly and check if all of the parts are working, for example the wheels, chains, and breaks.

You also need to be reasonable in your pricing by having flexible negotiation skills. Reach out to your family and friends who may be interested in purchasing your dirt bike. Place advertisements online, in local newspapers, or visit motorcycle shops.

Step 4. Complete a Dirt Bike Bill Of Sale

Here are details when it comes to filling the bill of sale form:

  • Purchase cost
  • Date of the deal
  • Buyer’s full name, physical, and email addresses
  • Seller’s full name, physical, and email addresses
  • Motorcycle details – manufacturer, year, model, serial number, color, and registration number
  • Date and signatures of buyer and seller
  • Date and signature of the witness
  • Notary confirmation (if relevant)

When you find a potential buyer, set up a meeting, fill in the sales agreement, finalize the deal, and transfer the title to the new owner. Confirm the method of payment, whether it’s cash, check, bank transfer, etc.

Identity confirmation of both the buyer and seller should be verified by government identity cards or drivers licenses to ensure a smooth and transparent business deal.

Step 5. Registration and State Notification

Most states require proof of ownership during registration. Thus, the buyer must clear and transfer the motorcycle to the customer if it is operational. You can present the bill of sale, title of ownership, and registration details to the local government licensing office. At this point, the two parties involved do not owe each other anything else and the sales transaction is complete.

Published: Sep 15, 2020