Golf Cart Bill of Sale Form

When you want to sell anything, you need to provide the potential buyer with a legal document known as a bill of sale form. A golf cart is no exception since the seller has to draft a bill of sale and fill in all the relevant details before finalizing the sale.

A golf cart bill of sale is a document that binds the buyer and seller and ensures that the transaction is legal and successful. It contains all of the necessary details of both parties such as the names, addresses, signatures, price, payment details, and witnesses. Most states have different rules about ownership of golf carts, so you need to carry out due diligence before selling or purchasing one.


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Why Use a Golf Cart Bill of Sale?

You may be wondering why you need a bill of sale for purchasing a golf cart. It is crucial in sealing the deal between the buyer and seller since it acts as proof of ownership. Once you transfer the vehicle to the new owner, he or she will be liable in case of any faulty parts or repairs. It prevents unscrupulous deals since the cart bill of sale is a legal document.

Can I Create a Golf Cart Bill of Sale Online?

You can get bills of sale on our site and customize them according to your needs. Whether you want to print a form as it is or add extra details, you can generate a top-notch bill sale within a few minutes.

Although you can also seek the services of a legal representative, you will save more cash if you use the sale template since it is free.

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How Do I Sell My Golf Cart?

If you are looking for a quick sale for your golf carts, search no more. Make use of a cart bill of sale and finalize the deal with ease and convenience. Here is a simple guideline to help you find a buyer using a sales bill.

Step 1. Repair the Golf Cart

step 1 repair the golf cart - how do i sell my golf cart

Ensure that the golf cart is in good condition. If there are any faulty parts, take it for repairs before advertising it. No buyer wants to purchase a worn-out golf cart. So, clean it and bring its shine back to give yourself a good bargain during the negotiation process.

Step 2. Market Your Golf Cart

step 2 market your golf cart - how do i sell my golf cart

Put up your golf cart advertisement on various platforms. Take advantage of social media networks to market your upcoming sale. You can also request your close friends and family to help you scout for a potential buyer.

You can visit several websites with insightful information about the sale of golf carts. Some helpful resources include:

Step 3. Meet With Potential Buyers

step 3 meet with potential buyers - how do i sell my golf cart

When you find a potential buyer, ensure that you have set up a reasonable price. Do not inflate the cost since you might discourage serious customers. Be willing to negotiate and adjust your price to suit both of you. Then, set up an inspection date for the customer to view the golf cart.

Step 4. Complete the Golf Cart Bill of Sale

step 4 complete the golf cart bill of sale - how do i sell my golf cart

The final step is to fill in the bill of sale form for the golf cart. Provide all of the relevant documents on the date of sale for a successful transaction. Once the customer pays the full amount, then you can transfer the title plus all of the papers. Below are the details that should be available on a bill of sale form:

  • The date of the sale deal.
  • The name of the seller and address.
  • The name of the customer and address.
  • The purchase price.
  • Full information of the golf cart: registration, model, manufacture year, current condition, color, etc.
  • Payment details – if there is deposit security.
  • Inspection date.
  • The date and signatures of the seller, buyer, and witnesses.
  • Notary acknowledgment (optional).
Published: Oct 1, 2020