Illinois Firearm Bill of Sale Form

The use, possession, carry, etc. of firearms are regulated differently across the US. An Illinois firearm bill of sale may be a document that you will need to use to register your gun after buying it in the state. Find out how to sell and use firearms in Illinois safely and legally. You can also find more information about bills of sale here.

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Create a free high quality Illinois Firearm Bill of Sale online now!

Can You Have a Firearm in Illinois?

Under State Law in Illinois, residents of the state are allowed to have a firearm if they have a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) Card. It is issued by the Illinois Department of State Police  (DSP) to qualified persons. Such a process is designed to identify those who are not eligible to buy or possess firearms. This requirement does not apply to non-residents who may legally have firearms in their state.

You will not be able to qualify for the license if you have been convicted of any felony, adjudicated as mentally defective, and in a range of other situations. Please check your eligibility before applying for the card.

How to Purchase and Sell a Firearm in Illinois Legally?

You can purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer. The dealer will make a photocopy of your valid photo ID. It will be attached to the documentation for the record of the sale. You do not need to fill out any free firearm bill of sale template in this case. An additional background check process is required at licensed gun stores.

If you are not a licensed dealer, then, before selling a firearm, you are required to contact DSP to confirm the validity of the buyer’s FOID card. While you are not required to have a bill of sale to buy or sell a firearm in Illinois, it is recommended to prepare this document.

Why Should You Prepare a Bill of Sale to Buy or Sell a Gun in Illinois?

A bill of sale is a legal document that provides certain guarantees for both the seller and the buyer. It protects them from charges due to unlawful use of the firearm by its previous or future owner. This document proves the transfer of ownership.

On our site, it is possible to find a free template in different formats, including PDF. Use a printable form. Fill it out with essential information on the following:

  • The sale (date, price)
  • Parties (names, addresses)
  • Gun (description)

The form must be signed by the seller and the buyer.

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Published: Dec 3, 2020