Jet Ski Bill of Sale Form

A jet ski bill of sale is an essential document used in the sale or purchase of a jet ski. It discloses details including the names of both parties, terms, signatures, and transaction date.

After putting your jest ski up for sale, a customer will request an inspection before making a purchase. While selling a watercraft may seem easy, you need a bill of sale just like a vehicle. The agreement is a binding contract that acts as evidence of the transaction. It prevents fraudulent activities since you have to fill in your personal details and signature to accept liability.


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Why Use Jet Ski Bill of Sale?

While you can sell your watercraft without the legal documents, it is much safer to include the bill of sale. You need to keep a record of the sale in case the customer comes back later to sue you for an illegal deal. It is an insurance that protects both parties involved in the purchase agreement.

Since it acts as evidence of transfer of ownership, the seller cannot revoke the agreement when the jet ski fails to perform later after finalizing the deal.

Can I Create Jet Ski Bill of Sale Online?

If you want to sell your personal watercraft, you need a PWC bill of sale ready. It is a vital document that proves the act of sale. While you can buy it from lawyers, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets for the legal document. Why pay extra when you can download a bill of sale template from our site free of charge? Enter your details on the form – the names of seller, model, purchase, and other relevant information, and generate a highly customized document.

You can also download the form and print it to fill it out manually. It is simple and convenient, saving you hours of meetings with legal officers. Get a template and finalize your sale with no pressure.

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How Do I Sell My Jet Ski?

You do not need special skills to sell your jet ski. You just need a good strategy and buyers will be gathering to buy it. If you want to sell your jet ski, you can follow the guideline below:

Step 1. Prepare the Jet Ski

Make sure that your jet ski is in the best state. If it has any faults, create time to repair and bring it back to its brand new condition. No one wants to buy an old product that looks like it will break down in the next minute. Potential buyers would rather go for a new jet ski rather than buying and taking it for repairs. Also, ensure that all of the legal documents for the jet ski are available.

Step 2. Market Your Jet Ski

After revamping your jet ski, embark on serious marketing. Use social media platforms and put up your advertisements all over. You can talk to your friends and family to help you spread the ad by word of mouth. Don’t forget about your local newspaper, either.

Step 3. Negotiate With Potential Buyers

When you have customers lining up to buy your jet ski, ensure that you have a reasonable bargain price. Do not exaggerate your prices because you might chase away serious buyers. Have a low and a high limit cost and start negotiating from there. Settle with someone who is willing to offer you the best price. If you do not meet your target, adjust your price and go back to the marketing drawing board.

If you land a good deal, proceed to the next step of completing a jet ski bill of sale.

Step 4. Fill out the Jet Ski Bill of Sale

After reaching a consensus, start filling out the bill of sale for the jet ski. Ensure that all of the documents are available before the agreement. You need to fill out the following details in the sale form:

  • Name of seller and address
  • Buyer’s name and address
  • Purchase date
  • Description of the jet ski
  • Model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Identification number
  • Color
  • Condition
  • Registration
  • Selling price
  • Payment date
  • Date of inspection
  • Cash deposit, if any
  • Date and signatures of the buyer, seller, and witnesses

Step 5. Complete the Advance Payment (Optional)

To book the jet ski, the buyer can produce an advanced payment in line with the price stipulated in the bill of sale agreement. The buyer can inspect the jet ski on an agreed date and at an agreed place with a qualified technician. If everything is clear, then both parties can finalize the deal.

Step 6. Seal the Deal

The transaction will be rendered complete if the customer makes the final payment as per the sale form. The new owner then receives all of the documents – title, registration number, and the original copy of the jet ski bill of sale.

It is important to note that you must keep the form as proof of transfer of ownership in case of any disputes in the future.

Published: Sep 15, 2020