Free Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form

A mobile home bill of sale represents a juridical document, the main purpose of which is to secure the fundamental rights of both the seller and buyer in a private sale of a manufactured home. The seller uses such a sales contract to legally give the buyer his or her deed and interest to the mobile home that is put on the market. The bill of sale for a mobile home includes the rules and conditions of the acquisition of a manufactured home. This legal paper is vital to both parties as it also averts any issues that can occur in the future. Such a bill of sale form is handy as well when it comes to taxing and accounting matters.

Why Use a Mobile Home Bill of Sale?

The motor home sales agreement is used to protect the primary rights of both sides–buyer and seller–and to confirm a legal sale and acquisition of a house on wheels.

From the seller’s side of the deal, such a legal instrument is crucial since it may provide them with a guarantee deposit made by the buyer while the latter is conducting a meticulous inspection of the house on wheels that they wish to purchase. In this situation, a promissory note wouldn’t hurt, used to signify that the soon-to-become former owner of the mobile home has received a certain amount of money from the buyer. Once the vehicle’s examination is completed and a positive result is found, the deal can progress. After the transaction is cleared, it is highly advised to have a notary public put their signature on the document.

Looking at the purchaser’s side of the sale, a bill of sale for a motorhome is also crucial when you are buying a motor home. In this case, the mobile home bill of sale provides evidence that the seller of this house on wheels lawfully transferred the title to the customer and that, as of right now, the buyer is a rightful owner of this means of transportation, as he/she has accepted the liability for this means of conveyance. Such a document may also help the purchaser to prove that the house on wheels was promised to be in a satisfactory condition.

Can I Create a Mobile Home Bill of Sale Online?

Just like all legal documents, a sales contract of a manufactured home might be too intricate and complicated to create by yourself. That is why we ensure you with the specially-manufactured bill of sale templates that you can easily download at our site to compose your own mobile home purchase agreement.

All variations of such a form are available for free download in the formats supported by Microsoft Word and PDF readers. By using a template of such a legal paper, you can specify your own rules and conditions without being confused by the elaborate language of juridical documents. Once you added all of the information you want into the form, fill out the required spaces and print it out for further use.

Besides that, you may use our step-by-step builder to make an exceptionally customized form of the house on wheels purchase agreement.

There is also an option of resorting to a lawyer specializing in the provision and consultation on the creation of a motor home sales contract. However, it obviously wouldn’t be free. The competent representatives of a legal profession can prepare a top-quality house on wheels bill of sale form instead of you, and you will have to purchase it. Anyway, if you’re contacting a lawyer for the provision of such a document, you need to have already decided on the purchase price and other critical information related to the sale of your mobile home.

Template Preview
Download your fillable Mobile Home Bill of Sale template in PDF, .doc, or .odt formats

How Do I Sell a Mobile Home?

In case you are planning to sell your manufactured home but you don’t know where to start or what resources to use for its advertisement, use our comprehensive instruction below.

Step 1. Discuss the Terms and Conditions

How Do I Sell a Mobile Home Step 1

The parties will have to reach an agreement, mainly agreeing on a price for the motor home. The seller will typically come up with a purchase price based on the type of home being sold (e.g., single wide, double wide, etc.), coupled with any land that might be a part of the deal. However, if there is land involved in the deal, it is recommended to use the residential premise bill of sale form.

If you have no idea how to calculate an approximate price of your mobile home, use the comparative method by searching online for the houses on wheels featuring similar characteristics as yours including its manufacturer, model, dimensions, location, and other relevant information.

Step 2. Let the Buyer Inspect Your Vehicle

How Do I Sell a Mobile Home Step 2

In the prevailing majority of cases, the buyer will insist that the sale of the manufactured home hinges upon its passing a thorough examination by a certified inspector. Most reports have to take no longer than two days from the time the inspection was conducted. They should cover the facilities available in the motor home and their condition (plumbing, heating system, roof, etc.), as well as any design features of the mobile home.

Step 3. Settle on a Closing Date

How Do I Sell a Mobile Home Step 3

As soon as both buyer and seller negotiate the final payment amount, the closing date of the transaction should take place. At the closing of the deal, the trader will transfer the title of the mobile home by removing their personal belongings and vacating the premises. It is vital to keep in mind the obligations of the parties:

  • Responsibilities of the seller. The owner of the means of transportation is required to bring all necessary documents (registration, proprietary right, past inspection reports and repair invoices, etc.) that would be useful or necessary for a buyer to register a motor home in their State.
  • Obligations of the customer. The purchaser of the house on wheels must have funds for finalizing the deal on them in either cash, payment order, or standard check.

Step 4. Attend the Conclusion of the Deal

How Do I Sell a Mobile Home Step 4

The buyer and seller will be required to authorize the mobile home sales agreement along with the seller of the mobile home passing on the title to the buyer. In the meantime, the purchaser will have to endow the dealer with negotiated payment for their manufactured home. The buyer can then take over the motor home and move the residence to the desired location.

Step 5. Fill Out a Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form

How Do I Sell a Mobile Home Step 5

When completing such a sales contract form, make sure to include the following information in this legal document:

  • Paper transaction record stating the total amount of cash (or other money equivalents) paid for the house on wheels. It allows the buyer to confirm that the amount was paid for valuable consideration.
  • Names and addresses of the parties. Such information will help to locate the buyer and the trader if any problems happen.
  • The essential details about the manufactured home. This includes the manufacturer, model, size, year of production, serial number, and mileage.
  • Location of a mobile home put on the market.
  • Warranty statement. This section describes any warranty that the former owner of the motor home guarantees in connection with the sale of their motor home.
  • Signatures of the customer and the dealer. Both sides of the trade must also sign a purchase agreement.
  • Notary public acknowledgment. Such a block placed at the end of the sales agreement form is highly important as it comes in handy when the validity of the mobile home falls under question.

Step 6. Notify the Government of Your Acquisition and Register It

How Do I Sell a Mobile Home Step 6

Once every document is signed, the customer will need to visit the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and register the acquired means of conveyance in their name. In case the mobile home didn’t come with any land, it will be regarded as any other transferable or removable property.

In the overwhelming number of cases, the buyer will have to provide the title, registration, proof of insurance, motor home bill of sale form, and state-issued identity card.

Depending on the State, registration fees will also be charged based on the price of a mobile home in addition to the tax from sales.

Published: Sep 15, 2020