Moped Bill of Sale Form

When you want to sell your moped or scooter, it is essential to incorporate a moped bill of sale. It is a document that proves the transaction between the buyer and seller. The contract prevents illegal deals since both parties transact without any complications of ownership or malice. They must sign an agreement that shows the details of the vehicle such as the inspection date, purchase price, date of sale, and payment terms.

The moped bill of sale is a legal contract that binds the buyer and customer by preventing fraudulent intentions in the sale.


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Why Use a Moped Bill of Sale?

Most people may prefer to sell their scooters without using legal contracts for a quick sale, especially between close friends or family. While it may seem convenient, you should still use a moped bill of sale for security reasons and record-keeping purposes. In case the seller comes back with false claims, the bill of sale is tangible evidence that displays the details of the deal. The document cushions both parties from illegal dealings.

After a successful transfer of ownership, the new owner is liable for the moped and cannot withdraw the agreement in case of any malfunction.

Can I Create Moped Bill of Sale Online?

There is no need to visit a law firm to get a scooter bill of sale since you can download it online. Our site has ready-to-print bill of sale templates that you can customize to fit your transaction. Do not pay the lawyer for a costly agreement form while you can get it for free on our website. It is a free document that you can use to sell moped with ease and convenience. Fill in all the details as per your agreement – names, model, purchase price, condition, etc. Generate the document and make copies when preparing for the sale after filling the form. Save the endless trips to your lawyer and get a top-notch customized template free of charge.

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How Do I Sell My Moped?

If you want to put your moped up for sale, it is essential to use a bill of sale form as a handy document stipulating all of the details of the deal. Below are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Repair the Moped


Ensure that your moped is in good condition before you put it up for sale. No potential buyer will be willing to purchase a faulty moped. Hence, find time to take it to the garage for repairs and later clean it up to make it attractive. It will give you an upper hand during negotiations on the amount.

Step 2. Advertise


Take professional photographs of the moped from all angles and start placing advertisements for the sale. You can opt for online ads on various social network sites, local newspapers, or word of mouth to your friends and family members. Let people around your community know that you are selling your moped for a good price. It will bring you closer to your prospective customer.

Step 3. Gather Registration Documents


Just like a car, a scooter has a registration number and title ownership. Ensure that you have all of the relevant documents for presentation to the potential buyer. Although you do not require a driving license to use a scooter, it needs to be registered with the state. Thus, prepare all the ownership documents for transfer before meeting up with the buyer to ensure a smooth transaction.

Step 4. Negotiate With Potential Buyers


Prospective purchasers will request to inspect the scooter before signing the agreement. So, set a date for the buyer to view the moped and see whether it is in good condition. It will create a good rapport with the seller and boost the chances for a successful sale. Negotiate the purchase price with the customer and prepare to finalize the deal.

Step 5. Finalize the Bill Of Sale


After negotiating, it is now time to fill the purchase agreement. The following details should be on the moped bill of sale form:

  • The date of the deal
  • The name and address of the buyer and customer
  • Information about the moped such as the registration number, model, make (cc), year, color, odometer reading, and current condition
  • Price of the moped
  • Inspection date
  • Payment date
  • The signatures of the buyer, seller, and witnesses plus the date

You can also seek the certificate of acknowledgment from a notary public to seal the deal. As the new owner, ensure that you register the scooter or moped with the state.

Published: Sep 15, 2020