New Jersey Trailer Bill of Sale Form

It will not take you a long time to prepare a New Jersey trailer bill of sale, which you can later use as proof or ownership transfer regardless of who you are in this case — the seller or the buyer. Find out whether a free bill of sale is an essential document to have for transactions of trailers in this state. And make sure you know the specifics of bills of sale (our guide – – has all the formation you need )

New Jersey bill of sale templates – this category can help you learn more about other bills of sale useful in New Jersey.

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Create a free high quality New Jersey Trailer Bill of Sale online now!

Do You Need to Register Your Trailer in New Jersey?

For registration purposes, trailers used for personal needs are added to the category “other non-commercial motor vehicles” (Code 22). Both homemade and manufactured trailers weighing 2,500 lbs. or less are required to be registered. They are not required to be titled. Trailers with a weight exceeding 2,500 lbs. are required to be titled. Trailer registrations must be renewed in March.

How to Transfer Ownership of a Trailer in the State?

When transferring ownership of a trailer, both the buyer and the seller are required to take certain steps.

If you are the seller, then you must do the following:

  • Remove the plates and provide them to a motor vehicle agency or full-service agency. It is not required if you transfer a plate to another vehicle. It is allowed to transfer plates to another vehicle, but it is prohibited to transfer them to another owner.
  • Sign in the relevant seller’s section of the title and give it to the purchases.
  • Provide the buyer with a New Jersey trailer bill of sale.

The buyer is required to do the following:

  • Sign in the relevant buyer’s section of the title.
  • Visit a motor vehicle agency to transfer the title if required.
  • Complete the Vehicle Registration Application (Form BA-49) if applicable.
  • Receive the license plates.

The following information must be included in a bill of sale.

  • Buyer’s name and address
  • Seller’s name and address
  • Date of sale
  • Sale price
  • Signatures of both parties of the deal.

The buyer and the seller should make photocopies of the bill of sale for their records. If you want to read more about the contents of a trailer bill of sale, our guide will be of help.

Where Can You Get a Bill of Sale?

You can find a free template of this document available in a printable PDF format on our site. Do this before selling your trailer. You can fill out this form using your PC and then print a bill of sale document. Remember to add your signature to the document. Check the ID of the buyer to ensure that added information is authentic.

Published: Dec 3, 2020