RV Bill of Sale Form

An RV bill of sale is a legal sale agreement form used as a receipt confirming that a legitimate transaction has been carried out in regards to the exchange or trade of a recreational vehicle between a seller and buyer.

Detailed information on a recreational vehicle, personal details of the parties, as well as their signatures are the primary requirements that must be ensured under the agreement. Upon signing the sales contract, make sure that from one to a couple of witnesses are present to sign the document for its further verification.

Such a bill of sale form should also represent a record of the negotiated purchase price, any inspections conducted before the finalization of the agreement, and guarantee deposit provided by the buyer. After a bill of sale form for a recreational vehicle is filled out, it is highly advised to get it certified in the presence of a state notary and witnesses.


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Keep in mind that the following types of recreational vehicles can be sold or acquired with the use of the RV bill of sale form:

  • Travel trailer
  • Tow truck
  • Truck camper
  • Park model

Why Use an RV Bill of Sale?

The RV bill of sale is perhaps the only document available whenever a house on wheels is passed or sold between the seller and buyer. It works as a part of crucial legal documentation that proves that the transaction has occurred. It is worth noting that the prevailing majority of states may request such a bill of sale form to perform the lawful transfer of the proprietary right of the mobile home and prove the ownership.

Can I Create an RV Bill of Sale Online?

Along with any other official document, a bill of sale for a recreational vehicle may prove to be too complicated and confusing for you to write it on your own. Therefore, we decided to provide every interested seller of a motorhome with a high-quality and convenient-to-use free RV purchase agreement form. You can quickly download it on our platform and create your own sales contract. Every template available at our site is entirely free of charge. All of them are presented in the most in-demand formats of electronic documents – namely, those supported by PDF readers and Microsoft Word. By resorting to our high-end sale template, you give yourself the excellent opportunity to indicate additional terms and conditions without puzzling over the confusing terminology of juridical documentation. After you include all of the related information that you want, complete the necessary fields and print the document to use it during the completion of your deal.

You may use our stage-by-stage builder to make yourself an incredibly customized sample of the recreational vehicle sales agreement.

There is always an option to contact a professional jurist who possesses the experience and knowledge in the creation of an RV bill of sale. Naturally, you can get proper consultation on this matter, but it will not be without a nominal fee. Certified lawyers are competent enough to compose a topnotch mobile home sales contract for you. However, you must prepare in advance before you address any law company for assistance. Thus, you need to gain all of the critical information on the recreational vehicle you wish to sell, come up with a plausible selling price, decide on the date of the transaction, etc. But if you are not well-versed in the motorhome sales dealings, resorting to the qualified guidance of jurists specializing in the writing of sales agreements may turn out to be too laborious for you.

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How Do I Sell an RV?

If you are determined to put your recreational vehicle on the market but you don’t know where to start, feel free to adhere to our comprehensive instructions below.

Step 1. Prepare Your House on Wheels


Do everything to be sure that your motor home is clean and fixed and looks as presentable as the day you purchased it. The best decision would be to hire a professional cleaner or get cleaning supplies to make your mobile home look as good as possible. Then, take top-quality photos and maybe even a video to capture your conveyance’s interior and exterior.

Step 2. Determine the Value of Your RV


The next thing you need to do is to appraise your recreational vehicle. The web is abundant with reliable cost-assessing resources that may help you come up with an appropriate selling price before listing your house on wheels. In this regard, the most popular sites are:

  • RVtrader.com
  • NADAguides.com
  • PPLMotorHomes.com

The latter resource represents a leading platform for providing accurate means of transportation pricing and information. Its various tools will assist you in correctly evaluating your motor home. Besides that, you can visit numerous classified ad platforms looking for similar houses on wheels to get a clear idea of what the market is offering.

Step 3. Advertise Your Recreational Vehicle


As a seller, you must advertise your mobile home everywhere using all related offline and online advertising websites. Today, the most efficient way is to post an advertisement on famous ad portals. Some resources that are specially designed for the sale of houses on wheels are as follows:

  • RVT.com
  • RVusa.com

Step 4. Show Your Mobile Home to the Prospective Buyer


Once a few potential customers have shown interest in your mobile home, be sure to schedule the date for displaying your motorhome. During the meeting, ask each prospective buyer a few questions, for instance, why he or she wants to acquire this type of conveyance. If you happen to reach an agreement, discuss when you are going to finalize the transaction.

Step 5. Close the Deal


After the parties have agreed on a deal, it’s time to cut it. As the current owner and seller of the house on wheels, do not forget to take all essential paperwork with you, including the title, technical inspection reports, and warranty.

The purchaser will need to present you with a sufficient amount of money to acquire your mobile home.

Step 6. Sign the RV Bill of Sale


Once the parties have brought their particular items to finalize the dealing, they have to proceed to fill out the bill of sale. Each side of the deal has to be sure to bring along a copy of their ID or driver’s license to confirm their identity. The following info should be mentioned in such a sales contract:

  • The date of signatures
  • The recreational vehicle description
  • Year
  • Model
  • Condition
  • Make
  • VIN
  • The negotiated purchase price in US dollars
  • The printed name, email address, and signature of the seller
  • The printed name, mailing address, and signature of the customer
  • The printed name and signature of the witnesses
  • The date of the bill of sale completion

Step 7. Obtain Notary Acknowledgement


The final and probably the most crucial stage is when a state notary certifies all signatures and completes the last part of the motorhome sales agreement, finishing it with affixing their notarial seal. Thus, the contract is notarized by a notary public, and the new owner of the house on wheels can enjoy its acquisition.

Published: Sep 15, 2020