Snowmobile Bill of Sale Form

Do you want to sell your snowmobile but don’t know how to draft a bill of sale? It is imperative to understand what a bill of sale is and what it entails. The document acts as supporting evidence of the vehicle transfer. A snowmobile bill of sale protects both the buyer and seller from engaging in illegal transactions. However, you need to find out the laws in your state regarding the purchase or sale of a snowmobile.

Bill of sale forms act as insurance to protect both parties from fraudulent activities. They comprise private details of the buyer and seller, their signatures, purchase cost, condition, and relevant information regarding the vehicle’s transfer of ownership.


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Create and print a free snowmobile bill of sale online now!

Why Use a Snowmobile Bill of Sale?

It is crucial to use a bill of sale form to carry out the snowmobile sale agreements. Like other vehicles, snowmobiles are quite expensive, so you need evidence of the transaction for record-keeping purposes. It shows who is liable in case of an accident or any claims after the sale.

Most states may require you to register the snowmobile with the motor vehicle department. If you want a successful transaction without any complications, use a bill of sale. You can use it for registration and vehicle identification. It protects you from fraud and illegal deals.

Can I Create a Snowmobile Bill of Sale Online?

It might be quite challenging to compose a bill of sale alone. To simplify your work, we provide a free bill of sale template on our website. You can customize the form for it to suit your details by adding extra information since it is accessible in different formats – DOCX, ODT, and PDF. Generate a high-quality bill of sale form and proceed to scout for potential buyers.

Template Preview
Download your fillable Snowmobile Bill of Sale template in PDF or DOC format

How Do I Sell My Snowmobile?

If you want to sell your snowmobile and have no idea where to start, follow the steps below to finalize the legal transaction.

Step 1. Repair and Clean the Vehicle

step 1 repair and clean the vehicle - how do i sell my snowmobile

The first step is to take your snowmobile for repairs to ensure that all the vehicle parts are working. Then, take it for proper washing to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Customers are more likely to purchase a vehicle that is in perfect condition rather than a faulty one.

Step 2. Determine the Price

step 2 determine the price - how do i sell my snowmobile

Carry our due diligence on the current market price of both new and secondhand vehicles. It will help you find the right purchase price that will not be too high or low. Ensure that you set a reasonable purchase price that is in line with the market price.

Step 3. Advertise

step 3 advertise - how do i sell my snowmobile

How and where do you want to sell your snowmobile? Take good photos of your vehicle with the identification number visible and make advertisements to attract potential customers. Put your ad in the local newspapers or on social media networks to reach more people.

Step 4. Meet With Potential Buyers

step 4 meet with potential buyers - how do i sell my snowmobile

After buyers respond to the ad, identify serious customers, and set up a meeting to negotiate the terms. Agree on the price and date of inspection to view the snowmobile. If the buyer is satisfied with the current state of the vehicle, you can proceed to the next step of finalizing the snowmobile bill of sale.

Step 5. Finalize the Snowmobile Bill of Sale

step 5 finalize the snowmobile bill of sale - how do i sell my snowmobile

After reaching a consensus, you can now go to the last step, filling out a snowmobile bill of sale. The following are the details used in the bill of sale:

  • The name of the customer and physical address
  • The particulars of the seller – name, address, telephone number, etc.
  • Cost of the snowmobile
  • The date of finalizing the deal
  • Snowmobile information – vehicle identification number, year, color, model, make (cc), condition, odometer reading, etc.
  • The date and signature of both the buyer, seller, and witnesses
  • Notary acknowledgment (optional)

Both parties in the transaction should retain copies of the form with original signatures for record-keeping. It acts as insurance in case of damages or evidence of ownership after finalizing the sale.

Selling Advice

Before putting up your snowmobile for sale, you need to know a few pointers that might help you in conducting a successful transaction.

Below are some selling tips to avoid scammers:

  • Insist on conducting a one-on-one meeting with the buyer.
  • Do not engage with buyers or sellers who are abroad.
  • Accept payments in cash only or a verified check from a trusted bank.
  • Do not deliver the snowmobile until payment is successful.
  • Verify the identity of the buyer or seller, if possible.

Scammers are careless and do not care about significant details such as spelling mistakes and poor communication. You can also easily detect scammers who use free email services, for instance, or They often insist on using the shipping company of their choice and using a check as a payment method.

Published: Oct 1, 2020