Tractor Bill of Sale Form

The tractor bill of sale represents a notarized document that serves as the record of the legal transaction and purchase of a farming vehicle between the two parties – that is, the seller and buyer. The purchaser should know that, unless otherwise specified, the equipment will be sold in the “as-is” condition without any other costs or obligations to the previous owner. If the buyer wants the vehicle to get inspected for technical serviceability, they have to make the request for the examination by the appropriate authority before the completion of the sales agreement.


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Why Use a Tractor Bill of Sale?

Such a legal paper allows passing ownership of a tractor for a negotiated amount of money or as an exchange. The tractor bill of sale works as a legally binding instrument that obliges the customer to pay the agreed purchase price in exchange for a farming vehicle’s title and possession. In the prevailing number of cases, such a sales agreement is signed once the purchaser has made the payment. Right after this, the tractor will change ownership along with the proprietary right.

By analogy with other sales contracts, tractor bill of sale forms are used to protect the fundamental rights of the buyer and seller in case of any disagreements.

Can I Create a Tractor Bill of Sale Online?

Like any other legal documentation, a bill of sale for a farm tractor might be too confusing and intricate for you to create by yourself. For this reason, we wanted to offer a topnotch and easy-to-use farming vehicle bill of sale template, which you can effortlessly download at our website and compose your agricultural tractor sales contract. Remember that all downloads are free of charge, so you do not need to pay anything for them and may freely treat yourself to a template of upscale quality. Our well-created sales form is available in all popular formats of digital documents – that is, .docx (Microsoft Word), .odt (OpenOffice), and .pdf (all PDF readers). By deciding to use our high-quality farm tractor bill of sale form, you can insert your own extra rules and conditions without the necessity to learn the peculiarities of such a document and elaborate terminology. When you have finished adding any related information that you wish to include, fill in the required spaces and print out the final version of the document.

You are also allowed to use the assistance of our reliable step-by-step builder to make yourself a highly customized farming vehicle bill of sale form.

You can always resort to the help of a licensed lawyer who has a decent knowledge and vast experience in the composition of tractor bills of sale. Of course, you may order a detailed consultation on this issue, but you will certainly need to pay for that information. Diploma-holding jurists are competent enough to create a high-class farm tractor bill of sale form instead of you. Nevertheless, you should prepare before going to the lawyer’s office to acquire the sales agreement. Thus, you will need to collect all essential information on the farm tractor you are planning to put on the market (including its year of release, make, model, and serial number), determine an appropriate selling price, and come up with the date of the deal closing. And if you feel too inexperienced in the matter of writing sales contracts, contacting a law company could appear to be too exhausting for you.

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How Do I Sell a Tractor?

It is crucial to bear in mind that, when selling any farm equipment, you will face the problem that this is a niche industry, so it would be harder for you to sell agricultural equipment than a car or a motorboat. For example, in the pursuit of meeting the asking price, the seller may have to wait 3 to 7 months before finding a buyer. Nonetheless, to realize your equipment as soon as possible, follow our short guide below.

Step 1. Clean and Repair the Tractor


Every responsible seller needs to ensure that their item is eye-catching and will look presentable both in life and in photos. And if the farming machinery works perfectly, it will save the buyer from having to fix the equipment in the future – that is, it will help you sell it at a higher price.

Step 2. Gather Every Document and Accessory


To continue with preparation, the current owner will need to collect all available information on their agricultural machinery, including the ownership certificate, maintenance records, and registration number. You will be required to have all of the aforementioned paperwork on you on the day of transaction completion. In case you have any accessories or other parts of the equipment, selling them separately won’t bring you a higher income. All of the parts need to be in the best condition.

Moreover, according to the model of the tractor, selling the attachments along with the machinery might prove more beneficial. The thing is, sometimes, used accessories for an older model are pretty rare and thus more valuable.

Step 3. Create an Advertisement and Post It Everywhere


As the current owner of the farming equipment, you should advertise your property everywhere you can, using all specialized online and offline advertising resources available. In your ad, do not forget to indicate all vital information on your item (make, model, serial number) and specify the asking price. It is highly advised to create a virtual advertisement on the following websites:


Step 4. Agree On the Final Price and Close the Deal

Tractor Bill of Sale Closing the Deal

When meeting with each prospective buyer, let them not only have a good view of your farming equipment but also find out about its make and model and get detailed information on your agricultural machinery. Once the examination is over, negotiate the purchase price. After everything is cleared up, it is time to complete the bill of sale form. This document is the number one priority for both the buyer and seller.

Step 5. Fill Out a Tractor Bill of Sale


To make the transaction official, the buyer and purchaser are obliged to resort to the help of the tractor bill of sale. It is worth noting that each side of the trade has to have a copy of this bill of sale form. For both parties get what they want, they should insert the following details in such a document:

  • Date of the deal
  • Printed name and mailing address of the seller
  • Printed name and post address of the purchaser
  • Final cost
  • Tractor description
  • Year of manufacture
  • Make
  • Model
  • Tractor serial and registration numbers
  • Condition details
  • Printed name, date, and signature of the witness
  • Dates and signatures from the trader and customer
  • Notary acknowledgment
Published: Sep 15, 2020