Georgia Trailer Bill of Sale Form

The Georgia trailer bill of sale (form T-7) is a vital supplementary document allowing the legalization of a private trailer sale between two Georgia residents (or one resident and one non-resident). This form contains all critical information about the sale including the model of the vehicle, its year of manufacture, the actual condition, sale price, and personal details of the buyer and seller. There can be boat trailers, vessel trailers, and trailers for the transportation and storage of some equipment. No matter what type of trailer you possess, it needs to be registered with the Georgia Department of Revenue.

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Registering a Trailer in Georgia

Registration of a trailer is required for Georgia residents purchasing a new one (within seven days after the purchase) and for new residents coming to live in Georgia with their trailers previously registered outside the state (they need to file documents for the registration within 30 days after moving to Georgia). A failure to register a trailer on time is punished with a $100 fine.

Official registration of a vehicle in Georgia means obtaining new plates and a new certificate of title. Exemptions for titles include vehicles older than 1962, boat trailers, cranes, golf carts, etc. In line with Georgia laws, the registration of a new vehicle should be done together with title application, but as trailers do not require titles, only registration is done by submitting the bill of sale form, the personal identification data of the owner, and paying the sales and use tax (SUT) (applicable to the vehicles exempt from the title tax). In Georgia, the SUT tax amount is calculated based on the vehicle’s purchase price and fair market value.

Homemade trailers should also be registered in the local County Tag Office to get serial plates permitting the use of the vehicle on Georgia roads. To get the title and plates for your trailer, you need to submit the following documents:

  • A completed and signed Form T-23, which is Homemade Trailer Affidavit
  • Signed Form T-22C permitting the issue of county-assigned serial plate

You will also need to pay a $12 license plate fee and an Ad Valorem tax/ SUT relevant to your trailer type. After the plate is affixed to your trailer, the local agent of the transportation department certifies this by completing Form T-22C.

Once you get the license plate affixed, you can use it as a VIN for your trailer. Homemade trailers are not assigned titles in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Trailer Bill of Sale Form Details

Document Name Georgia Trailer Bill of Sale Form
Other Name Georgia Utility Trailer Bill of Sale
Relevant Link Georgia Department of Revenue
Registration Fee $12
Avg. Time to Fill Out 8 minutes
# of Fillable Fields 57
Available Formats Adobe PDF; Microsoft Word
Template Preview
Create and Print a Free, Valid Trailer Bill of Sale Online Now!

How to write Georgia Trailer Bill of Sale

The filling advice is intended around the trailer bill of sale form for free created by our team. Nevertheless, you should opt for the official form should it be provided by your local authorities.

Step 1: Specify the document’s creation date.
step 1 to filling out a georgia trailer bill of sale date

Step 2: Enter the purchaser’s and seller’s details:

  • Name
  • Street address
  • City
  • State of residence
  • Postal code
  • Mobile phone number
  • Valid email address
    step 2 to filling out a georgia trailer bill of sale example parties particulars

Step 3: Type in the details of the trailer:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Year
  • Сolor
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    step 3 to filling out a georgia trailer bill of sale details

Step 4: Enter the payment method and amount.

Type in the transaction date and specify the entire sum that must be paid for the trailer. You will have to also indicate the sale method the purchaser will use:

  1. The whole sum at once. One of the simple choices: within the same day, the purchaser has the trailer transported to them and pays off the full amount.
  2. In installments. Using this method, you have to enter the dates when the purchaser has to provide the initial and the final payments, as well as their amounts.

The next step is deciding on the form of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cashier’s cheque
  • Money order

The last thing to do in this section is to select whether or not all applicable taxes are included in the final cost.
step 4 to filling out a georgia trailer bill of sale form way of payment

Step 5: Go through standard terms and make sure that both parties understand them.

These usually state that the purchaser obtains the object sold in “as-is” condition and is liable for it once the transaction is finished.
step 5 to filling out a georgia trailer bill of sale template standard provisions

Step 6: Place your signature(s) in the corresponding areas.

The buyer is typically not required to sign the bill of sale. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to have the form signed by all parties. To be sure, the parties can choose somebody who’ll witness the transaction and sign the document as well.
step 6 to filling out a georgia trailer blank bill of sale signatures

Step 7: Use the help of a notary public

Although notarization is almost never required, it may serve as yet another way to guard against legal issues.

The buyer needs to get the original bill of sale since it is often needed for the title transfer. There are two approaches here: you should either prepare and sign two identical forms or get a copy for the seller to have.
step 7 to filling out a georgia trailer bill of sale sample notary acknowledgement

Published: Jun 25, 2022