Golf Cart Bill of Sale Form

When you want to sell anything, you need to provide the potential buyer with a legal document known as a bill of sale form. A golf cart is no exception since the seller has to draft a bill of sale and fill in all the relevant details before finalizing the sale.

A golf cart bill of sale is a legally binding document that ensures a smooth and legitimate transaction between the buyer and seller. This document contains vital information about both parties, including their names, addresses, signatures, purchase price, payment details, and witness information. Since each state has its own regulations regarding golf cart ownership, it is crucial to conduct thorough due diligence before buying or selling one.


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The Importance of a Golf Cart Bill of Sale

You might question the necessity of a bill of sale when purchasing a golf cart. However, this document plays a crucial role in finalizing the transaction between the buyer and seller, as it serves as evidence of ownership transfer. Once the golf cart changes hands, the new owner assumes responsibility for any potential issues or repairs that may arise. Utilizing a bill of sale helps to prevent dishonest transactions, as it is a legally binding document that attests to the legitimacy of the sale.

Before selling or purchasing a golf cart, it is essential to determine if golf cats are classified as low-speed vehicles (LSV) or motor vehicles in your state. Most states have specific regulations and requirements for these classifications, such as obtaining a driver’s license, registration, and insurance coverage. Other factors, such as the age of the golf cart or modifications made to it, may affect the requirements for registration and whether a title is issued. Research your state’s regulations to ensure a smooth transaction when selling or buying a golf cart.

Golf Cart Bill of Sale Form Details

Document Name  Golf Cart Bill of Sale Form
Other Name  Bill of Sale for Golf Cart
Avg. Time to Fill Out  14 minutes
# of Fillable Fields  70
Available Formats  Adobe PDF; Microsoft Word

Creating a Golf Cart Bill of Sale Online

Yes, creating a golf cart bill of sale online is possible. Our website offers customizable bill of sale templates that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you prefer to use a form as-is or add additional information, you can quickly generate a high-quality bill of sale within minutes.

While seeking the assistance of a legal representative is an option, using our free sale template can save you money and still provide you with a reliable and legally binding document.

Template Preview
Create and Print a Free, Valid Golf Cart Bill of Sale Now!

Selling Your Golf Cart: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to sell your golf cart quickly and efficiently, using a cart bill of sale can help you finalize the transaction with ease and convenience. Follow these simple steps to find a buyer and complete the sale:

Step 1: Prepare Your Golf Cart for Sale

step 1 repair the golf cart how do i sell my golf cart

Ensure your golf cart is in good condition. If any faulty parts need attention, have them repaired before advertising the cart. Buyers will be more attracted to a well-maintained golf cart. Clean it thoroughly and make it look presentable to improve your chances of negotiating a favorable deal.

Step 2: Advertise Your Golf Cart

step 2 market your golf cart how do i sell my golf cart

Promote your golf cart on various platforms. Utilize social media networks and ask friends and family to help you find a potential buyer. Consider listing your golf cart on specialized websites, such as:

Step 3: Engage with Potential Buyers

step 3 meet with potential buyers how do i sell my golf cart

When you find a potential buyer, set a reasonable asking price. Avoid overpricing, as it may deter serious buyers. Be open to negotiation and find a price that is agreeable to both parties. Arrange an inspection date for the buyer to view the golf cart.

Step 4: Complete the Golf Cart Bill of Sale

step 4 complete the golf cart bill of sale how do i sell my golf cart

The final step involves completing the bill of sale form for your golf cart. Have all relevant documents ready on the date of sale to ensure a successful transaction. After the buyer pays the full amount, transfer the title and all necessary paperwork. The bill of sale form should include:

  • Date of the sale
  • Seller’s name and address
  • Buyer’s name and address
  • Purchase price
  • Detailed information about the golf cart (e.g., registration, model, manufacture year, current condition, color, serial number, etc.)
  • Payment details, including any deposit or security required
  • Inspection date
  • Date and signatures of the seller, buyer, and witnesses
  • Notary acknowledgment (optional)

How to Fill Out a Golf Cart Bill of Sale

Follow these guidelines to complete the golf cart bill of sale template created by our experts:

Step 1: Indicate the document creation date.
Step 1 to filling out a golf cart bill of sale name

Step 2: Provide seller’s and buyer’s details:

  • Names
  • Address: Street, City, State, Postal code
  • Contact information: Telephone number, Email

Step 2 to filling out a golf cart bill of sale sample particulars

Step 3: Describe the golf cart sold:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Gas or Electric
  • Battery Voltage
  • Year of manufacture
  • Color
  • Decal Number

Step 3 to filling out a golf cart bill of sale form description

Step 4: Specify the purchase method and amount:

Record the transaction date and state the total price for the golf cart. Then, choose the payment method:

  • One-time payment: The buyer pays the entire amount in a single payment and receives the golf cart the same day.
  • Trade-in: The seller trades their golf cart for the buyer’s golf cart. If the buyer’s cart is worth less, they’ll need to make an additional payment. Include the buyer’s golf cart details in the bill of sale.
  • Installment payments: Enter the initial deposit amount, its due date, and the final payment due date.
  • Gift with no consideration: The seller gifts the golf cart to the buyer without expecting any compensation in return.

Select the form of payment:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cashier’s cheque
  • Money order

Lastly, indicate whether all applicable taxes are included in the golf cart’s price.
Step 4 to filling out a golf cart bill of sale template way of payment

Step 5: Review standard provisions and ensure both parties understand them.

The seller confirms they are the golf cart owner described in the document and have the right to sell it. They also confirm there are no liens on the golf cart, and the information provided in the bill of sale is true, accurate, and complete.

The “as-is” clause states that the seller provides no warranties and will not be responsible for maintenance after the transaction.

Step 5 to filling out a golf cart bill of sale form standard terms

Step 6: Sign the golf cart bill of sale form.

While the buyer’s signature isn’t usually required, it’s recommended to have all parties sign the document. Optionally, include one or more witnesses to verify the transaction.
Step 6 to filling out a golf cart bill of sale example signature

Step 7:Notarize the completed golf cart template (optional).

Notarization isn’t typically required, but it adds an extra layer of legal protection to your agreement.
Step 7 to filling out a golf cart blank bill of sale notarization

Published: Apr 10, 2022
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