Oregon Boat Bill of Sale Form

Oregon boat bill of sale is a document that can be used when selling or buying a vessel in this state. Its main purpose is to prove the transfer of ownership. This document can be held by both the buyer and the seller. The first one can use the bill of sale template to prove that the vessel belongs to him or her, and the seller can use the document to prove that he or she is not liable for the boat any longer. Find out whether it is required to have such a document for the registration of watercraft in Oregon. This guide will also help you make sure you know the basics of a bill of sale.

Oregon bill of sale forms – discover other bill of sale documents for Oregon together with instructions.


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How to Register Your Boat in Oregon?

A vessel purchase has some specifics that you should know before entering into the registration process. Read this article to make sure you know everything about transactions involving watercraft.

You must register a boat if you buy it and are going to use it in Oregon. In all cases, you will need to provide several documents, but in most instances, you will not need to have any bill of sale.

For example, if it is a new vessel, you will only need to provide the following documents:

  • An application for boat title or registration
  • The original MSO
  • A receipt proving that all the required fees have been paid

You can register your boat in three ways:

  • Online
  • At a Boat Registration Agent
  • Mailing through US Mail

Full information on the registration procedure of a vessel in this state is provided by the Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB).

Oregon Boat Bill of Sale Registration Details

Boat Length Registration Fees Boat Length Registration Fees
4 feet to 5 feet $34.75 32’1″ to 33 feet $201.35
5’1 feet to 6 feet $40.70 33’1″ to 34 feet $207.30
6’1 feet to 7 feet $46.65 34’1″ to 35 feet $213.25
7’1 feet to 8 feet $52.60 35’1″ to 36 feet $219.20
8’1 feet to 9 feet $58.55 36’1″ to 37 feet $225.15
9’1 feet to 10 feet $64.50 37’1″ to 38 feet $231.10
10’1 feet to 11 feet $70.45 38’1″ to 39 feet $237.05
11’1 feet to 12 feet $76.40 39’1″ to 40 feet $243
12’1 feet to 13 feet $82.35 40’1″ to 41 feet $248.95
13’1 feet to 14 feet $88.30 41’1″ to 42 feet $254.90
14’1 feet to 15 feet $94.25 42’1″ to 43 feet $260.85
15’1 feet to 16 feet $100.20 43’1″ to 44 feet $266.80
16’1 feet to 17 feet $106.15 44’1″ to 45 feet $272.75
17’1 feet to 18 feet $112.10 45’1″ to 46 feet $278.70
18’1 feet to 19 feet $118.05 46’1″ to 47 feet $284.65
19’1 feet to 20 feet $124 47’1″ to 48 feet $290.60
20’1 feet to 21 feet $129.95 48’1″ to 49 feet $296.55
21’1 feet to 22 feet $135.90 49’1″ to 50 feet $302.50
22’1 feet to 23 feet $141.85 50’1″ to 51 feet $308.45
23’1 feet to 24 feet $147.80 51’1″ to 52 feet $314.40
24’1 feet to 25 feet $153.75 52’1″ to 53 feet $320.35
25’1 feet to 26 feet $159.70 53’1″ to 54 feet $326.30
26’1 feet to 27 feet $165.65 54’1″ to 55 feet $332.25
27’1 feet to 28 feet $171.60 55’1″ to 56 feet $338.20
28’1 feet to 29 feet $177.55 56’1″ to 57 feet $344.15
29’1 feet to 30 feet $183.50 57’1″ to 58 feet $350.10
30’1 feet to 31 feet $189.45 58’1″ to 59 feet $356.05
31’1 feet to 32 feet $195.40 59’1″ to 60 feet $362
Source: Oregon State Marine Board

Do You Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register Your Boat in Oregon?

You will need to provide an Oregon boat bill of sale if you purchase an out-of-state boat from non-title states. Other documents that you will need to provide include:

  • A registration card from the previous owner
  • An application for boat title or registration
  • A receipt proving that all the required fees have been paid

Remember that you have to title a boat within 30 days from the date of purchase. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fee of $25.

Can You Get a Template of the Document on the Internet?

Yes, there are various websites from which you can download this form for free. However, you can simply get a template provided by the OSMB. On oregon.gov you will find a bill of sale template available in a printable PDF format. You need to print it first to fill out.

Download a Free Oregon Boat Bill of Sale Form

Template Preview
Create a free high quality Oregon Boat Bill of Sale online now!

How to write an Oregon Boat Bill of Sale?

The guidelines below are centered around our custom-made Oregon boat bill of sale template. But, it is advisable to consider the standard document should it be available from your local authorities.

Step 1: Specify the document’s creation date.
Step 1 to filling out an oregon boat bill of sale date

Step 2: Enter the specifics of all parties (seller and buyer):

  • Full legal name
  • Street
  • City
  • State of residence
  • Zipcode
  • Phone
  • Valid email address
    Step 2 to filling out an oregon boat bill of sale template particulars

Step 3: Identify the watercraft being sold:

  • Make (manufacturer)
  • Title number
  • Year
  • Color
  • HIN (Hull Identification Number)
  • Odometer (in miles)
  • Value (in dollars)

This information will suffice if you sell your boat without a motor or trailer. However, if the deal involves one or several of those, make sure to include in your boat bill of sale:

  • Make (for trailers and motors)
  • License Plate Number (for trailers)
  • Year (for trailers)
  • Color (for trailers)
  • VIN (for trailers)
  • Value (for trailers and motors)
  • Horsepower (for motors)
  • Serial number (for motors)
    Step 3 to filling out an oregon boat bill of sale form description

Step 4: Specify the transaction method and selling price.

Type in the sale date and write the full amount that must be paid for the watercraft. You must also indicate the selling method the buyer will go for:

  1. The overall amount at once. One of the straightforward options: the boat owner acquires the entire sum from the purchaser in one payment and presents the watercraft to the buyer on the same day.
  2. Giving as a gift. In this case, the purchaser gets the watercraft without making any payment.
  3. In installment payments. Indicate the downpayment amount plus the date when it must be paid, including the date by which the total sum must be handed to the boat owner.

Following that, select one transaction method:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cashier’s check
  • Money order

Lastly, indicate if the purchase amount contains all applicable taxes.
Step 4 to filling out an oregon boat bill of sale sample way of payment

Step 5: Look at standard terms and confirm that both sides have an understanding of them.

This section typically includes the “as-is” passage that means the watercraft is purchased with no warranties.
Step 5 to filling out an oregon boat blank bill of sale standard terms

Step 6: Place your signature(s) in the corresponding fields.

The purchaser is normally not requested to sign the document. Yet, you will end up more protected against legal problems if both sides sign the document. You may also have one or several witnesses verify the deal.
Step 6 to filling out an oregon boat bill of sale example signature

Step 7: Have a notary public witness the bill of sale

Although notarization is rarely required, it can serve as an additional way to safeguard against legal problems.

The original document copy has to be presented to the purchaser because they will likely require it to get a title to their newly bought boat. There are two ways here: you should either complete and sign a pair of identical bills of sale or get a duplicate for the seller to store.
Step 7 to filling out an oregon boat bill of sale form notarization

Published: Jul 25, 2022