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Beauty procedures can influence the health and appearance of the customers directly. That is why it is important to understand the needs and limitations of the treatment that can be applied to a particular customer. Eyelash extension consent form can help the owners of beauty salons and the professionals working there to avoid problems that the procedures can cause.

The consent form is especially important nowadays when the close contacts between people are risky. Using the eyelash extension form in COVID times can help you to attract more clients if you ensure them of the safety of the procedure.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of the usage of this form and the way you should apply it in your beauty business.

There are many reasons to introduce the signing of the eyelash extension consent form before every procedure for both specialists and customers.

The consent form can prevent such problems as:

  • Disputes because of the hygienic conditions;
  • Claims about the quality of the procedure result;
  • Claims about the influence on the health of customers;
  • Complaints about the content of applied cosmetic products.

Furthermore, the most important purpose of the usage of eyelash extension consent form is to learn more about the client. Every qualified specialist should know the preferences of the customer for the better quality of the work. A personalized approach to customers can help specialists and owners of beauty salons to increase the value of their services and attract more clients.

By the way, in addition to the consent form, the specialist should obtain a license for eyelash extension in some states. For example, in Texas, the professionals in the beauty industry have to be educated in this sphere and certified with a license. That is why the specialist should check the requirements of the state for this business before starting it.

The agreement between customers and professionals about the procedure is crucial for reaching the top quality of the result. It is an important step in every business to make the connection with clients and adapt the services to their needs.

As a specialist working in the beauty industry, you have to ask the clients about their health conditions and preferences before any treatment. You should make the process of eyelash extension clear for customers.

Thus, you have to explain the steps of your work before the start of treatment and provide more details about the content of the product you will apply. Then, you should ask the client about any health limitations that can be related to the procedure. For instance, if the client has an allergy or sensitive skin, you should change the way of the procedure according to the provided information.

Do not forget to mention the restrictions that the procedure can cause. For example, it is important to avoid the application of some cosmetic products for a certain period after the procedure. Also, you should notify the client about the way he or she should take care of the eyelashes after this treatment. Moreover, you have to inform the customer about the side effects of the eyelash extension and how to cope with them.

Remember that you can achieve the best result only in cooperation with the client. When the client is fully informed about the procedure, you should ask him or her to sign the consent form. It will allow both of you to set the terms for the procedure that will satisfy the client.

The eyelash extension consent form is easy to complete, even for those who have never seen it before. It will take no more than 5 minutes, but it will provide security to both client and the specialist. Follow the guide presented below to learn how to fill out this consent document correctly.

Step 1. Enter client’s name

In the first line of the form, the client must write in his or her full name and then read the content of the consent.
Step 1 to filling out an eyelash extension consent form client's name

Step 2. Provide agreement for the procedure

In the next three paragraphs, the client should mark the fields of the consent he or she agrees with. It requires the careful reading of the text in the consent and a full understanding of their meaning.
Step 2 to filling out an eyelash extension consent sample agreement

Step 3. Provide information about previous experiences

In the next lines, the customer should put checkmarks in the boxes with the information related to him or her. This section contains info about possible medical limitations and other things that can be affected by eyelash extension. Also, if the client has additional contradictions related to the procedure, they should be written in this section.
Step 3 to filling out an eyelash extension consent example previous experience

Step 4. Confirm agreement with instructions

The customer has to confirm that he or she understands the instructions about the further maintenance of the eyelashes and agrees to follow them.
Step 4 to filling out an eyelash extension consent form instructions

Step 5. Sign the consent and include your contacts

When the form is completed, both customer and the professional must sign the form. Also, they should fill in their contacts such as e-mail and phone number. It is needed for situations when some issues appear after the eyelash extension procedure. Do not forget to include the date of the form signing.
Step 5 to filling out an eyelash extension consent template signature

After the completion of the form, you can start the procedure of eyelash extension. The form will help the professional to treat the customer according to personal preferences and protect both parties from negative consequences after the treatment.