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If you are a parent of a child (or children) in the United States, and your kid is attending one of the schools in the country, there are various legal forms that will follow you through your kid’s school life, filled out and signed for different purposes and situations. One of such forms is the PSAL Parent Consent Form, used for certain activities your child plans to participate in.

The acronym PSAL is also referred to as the Public School Athletics League. The above-mentioned document shall be signed by parents whose kids are willing to express themselves in sports and plan to join a certain team at school.

The template allows each parent to express their consent with specific actions regarding their children or not. The document is mandatory, and the school has to gather it from all parents before their kids start to perform in any school sports team.

The form is brief and contains only one page with different statements. Each statement must be carefully read and reviewed by the parent before the document is signed.

When you fill out the template, remember that the form’s content affects your children’s life directly, and you, as a responsible parent, should not make wrong decisions. So, take your time filling out the form and thoroughly check all the statements.

Before we explain to you how to fill out the form, do not forget to get the correct template. If you have not received one at school, do not worry: with our smart form-building software, you are all set. Use it to generate the PSAL Parent Consent form in a blink of an eye.

How to Fill Out the Template

Filling out will not take much of your time; however, remember to read everything carefully and follow our instructions.

If you have more than one child, you shall create a separate document for each kid. Print the needed number of copies or start filling out the form using your laptop.

Step 1. Provide the Details About Your Child

The form begins with empty lines that require you to enter various personal details of your kid. Line by line, insert the following:

  • Your child’s full name
  • The high school’s name
  • The sport that your child has selected
  • The child’s date of birth
  • The official class
  • The OSIS number.

If you are confused by the last point, you can easily get the OSIS number from your kid’s school ID card.
Step 1 to filling out a psal parent consent form child details

Step 2. Read the Statements

Below the information block where you have given your child’s data, you will see a list of 13 statements that you must carefully read, understand, and agree with.

The topics covered in the statements are, for instance, permission to take photos and videos of your kid during sports events and interviews, understanding of risks of injuries and illness, returning the sports equipment given by the school, the general permission to participate in sports events, and many other points that shall be carefully reviewed.

After you have read all statements, you shall initial each of them to prove that you have processed them.
Step 2.1 to filling out a psal parent consent template statementsStep 2.2 to filling out a psal parent consent sample statements

Step 3. Leave Your Emergency Contacts

Unfortunately, sports and physical activities sometimes can be a huge risk for an athlete. So, the form demands that you leave your contact details so the school management can reach out in case of any emergency that occurs to your kid during the sports events or training.

It would be best if you insert a couple of phone numbers so there are more chances to contact you right away if something happens.
Step 3 to filling out a psal parent consent form emergency contacts

Step 4. Sign the Document

After you have reviewed all statements and left your contact info, you must sign the form to make it valid. In the designated lines, enter your full legal name. Leave your signature next to your name and enter the current date on the right-hand side.
Step 4 to filling out a psal parent consent example signature

Step 5. Submit the Completed Form to the School Teacher

When the form is complete and signed, you need to pass it to your kid so they deliver it to their teacher. Also, you can bring the document to school by yourself.

The teacher will check the form and also verify your kid’s medical certificate that you must have prepared and submitted in advance. If you have not been given any certificates yet, consult with your teacher or school management about the preparation.

If everything is fine and your kid’s certificate is valid together with the PSAL Consent form, the teacher will sign the document and date it, too. The form will be stored in the school’s archive.