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  1. How to fill out this form

Across the US, waxing is one of the most popular cosmetological procedures. However, it can sometimes be dangerous. Therefore it is in the interest of both parties to sign a consent form that will protect parties from serious legal consequences if something bad happens during or after the procedure.

This form allows a spa salon to provide all the necessary information about waxing treatment and possible consequences to a client. It is very important because the waxing procedure can be harmful to rather sensitive skin and can trigger some unpleasant side effects.

Before giving this form to a client for signing, a service provider must explain the process, results, and possible side effects of the procedure in detail. Also, the service provider must explain to a client what they have to do after the procedure and how to deal with swelling, redness, and any other common side effects of the waxing procedure. Also, it must be explained to a client which consequences they may expect. The service provider has to give information in an understandable way and be sure that the client understands it.

Also, a service provider should ask a client about any special needs of the skin. If the customer, after hearing the information, still wants to undergo the procedure, they have to sign the form. By signing this form, a client accepts all the responsibility for possible problems connected to the procedure.

If the client is a minor, a parent or a guardian shall have to sign this form.

It is also important to know that in most states, the waxing procedure can be done only by a licensed specialist, and if the procedure was performed by a person without a license, he or she could be sued regardless of the outcome of the procedure.

How to fill out this form

Filling out the waxing form is an easy task that can be accomplished in a few minutes. Follow this guide to do it in the most efficient way possible.

Step 1

During the first step, you must write down all your personal information, such as

  • Name and surname
  • Address
  • City and State
  • Contact detail (phone number and email)

The exact amount of information asked may be different depending on the service provider, yet above, you can see the most frequent demands.

Step 2

You must pay a lot of attention when filling out this section of the document because here, you will be asked questions, the answers to which are crucially important to determine whether you have a risk of developing some adverse reactions after the procedure. To complete this step, you must answer in affirmative or negative to the next question:

  • Have you used AXA or glycolic products within the past 72 hours?
  • Are you using any type of Retin-A?
  • Are you using any skin thinning products or drugs?
  • Are you using a tanning bed?
  • Are you sunburned now?
  • Are you diabetic?
    Step 2.1 to filling out a waxing consent form questions

After those questions, you can see a special blank space where you can specify which medications and skin products you are currently taking if you are doing so.

One more field is dedicated only to women; in this field, they must specify when their cycle is due to begin.
Step 2.2 to filling out a waxing consent template questions for females

Step 3

In the third section of the form, you may be asked whether you have or had such illnesses as HIV, cancer, herpes, or hepatitis.

Step 4

In the final section of the form, you must read the warnings about possible side effects and give consent by signing the document in a dedicated space. If you are a minor, you should pass this form to a parent or guardian.
Step 4 to filling out a waxing consent sample signature