Oklahoma Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) Form

DNR is the acronym that stands for Do-Not-Resuscitate. When you create a DNR order, this means that by this medical document, you exclude certain medical procedures that can bring you back to life if your heart stops beating or you stop breathing.

The procedure that you refuse to accept by signing and activating the DNR order is called CPR—cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

However, this is not a single procedure but rather a set of medical measures, including:

  • Mouth-to-mouth breathing
  • Indirect heart massage
  • Electric shocking to restart the heartbeat
  • Airway opening via breathing tubes
  • Administering medications

If a person does not wish to receive any of the treatment mentioned above, they address a physician to create and activate a Do-Not-Resuscitate order.

A DNR order must follow federal law requirements for the state where the order is created and must not contradict a patient’s will (or that of the person representing the patient).

What Happens When You Activate the DNR Form?

When a patient signs and activates the DNR form, the order becomes a legal document. Suppose a patient gets hospitalized during an emergency or loses a heartbeat due to an ongoing illness. In that case, medical personnel must abide by the restrictions of the DNR form and not perform CPR.

Normally, a person with a DNR form always carries a DNR ID to inform paramedics that a patient does not want to be CPRed. Such identification could be a wallet card, a bracelet, a necklace, or a document.

How to Obtain a DNR Order in the State of Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, each resident of legal age can obtain a DNR order by addressing their physician. The form itself is very simple. It only contains two pages.

The first page is to be filled out by the patient. The second page is to be filled out by the physician. Once both parties provide all the necessary information and sign the document, the DNR form becomes legal.

The document regulating the creation of Oklahoma DNR order forms is § 63-3131.5. It takes four persons to sign the legal document: a patient, a physician, and two witnesses.

Template Preview
Download your fillable Oklahoma DNR form in PDF format.

How to Fill Out the Oklahoma DNR Form?

This is what filling out a printable DNR form for the state of Oklahoma looks like:

1. Enter the Patient’s Information

First, start the document by writing your full name.

step 1.1 to filling out the oklahoma dnr form - enter the patients information

Then, put your signature, write down the date of signing and ask two witnesses to affix their signatures.

step 1.2 to filling out the oklahoma dnr form - enter the patients information

Or you can let your representative sign the document on your behalf.

step 1.3 to filling out the oklahoma dnr form - enter the patients information

2. Enter the Physician’s Information

First, the physician must write down the patient’s name, stating that they approve the patient’s wish to activate the DNR order.

step 2.1 to filling out the oklahoma dnr form - enter the physicians information

Then, the physician must provide their personal information, including:

  • full name (printed)
  • address and telephone number
  • signature
  • date of signing

step 2.2 to filling out the oklahoma dnr form - enter the physicians information

After that, the DNR form becomes a legal document, protecting the patient’s right to reject CPR as a medical procedure and accept natural death due to an accident, illness, or old age.

Published: Oct 18, 2021