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In the hundreds of thousands of companies, there are various changes daily. In some, the employees are getting a raise in salary; in others, the employers are getting demotions to managers. All of these changes are needed to be recorded for the needs of both supervisors and workers.

To make documentation of in-company employment and payments changes, there exists an employee status change form. In some states, federal law obliges employers to make records in these forms and report them to state organizations.

What is an Employee Status Change Form?

Employee Status Change form is a document that registers the changes in the employee’s status in the working place. It includes such kinds of replacements:

  • promotions (upward mobility movements upon the career ladder);
  • salary increase (note: any reason but legislative or across-the-board increases);
  • job transfer (the level of responsibility equals or less than the previous);
  • title change (the responsibility and payments are the same, but the name of the position is changed);
  • manager change (implies changing the manager to whom the employee reports the results);
  • change of status (from part-time to full-time status, or other changes in the number of working hours);
  • secondary job appointment, etc.

Therefore, any changes in the entity should be included in the form. Moreover, the employer or HR manager can find the specific form for each type of change.

Why Fill an Employee Status Change Form?

There are some advantages of having this form listed for both employers and workers.

For example, it helps the directors to keep payment records for further tax reports. It also may be evidence for the tax service in the order they would like to check the annual expenses of the entity. Secondly, for big companies, it is a great help to track the staff flow and make analysis, if necessary.

As for employees, there may occur a situation when the unfair employer changes one’s job position. Since it is illegal, the form can act as evidence from the employee’s side in the court. Next, it is again a confirmation for the tax service or for the credit fund to guarantee the income amount or the income source.

The form can also become proof for the following working place of the employee instead of the employment verification or the reference check.

How to Ask for a Promotion?

It is not a rare situation for the employees when they know they do more than they are obliged to due to their abilities (or inabilities of their coworkers) or because of the lack of employees in the company. In these cases, it is normal to ask for a salary raise. However, many of the workers are afraid to ask for a promotion. Here are some useful tips for requiring the promotion in a gentle way.

First of all, you must be sure you are worth the promotion. For a week after the idea about the salary raise came to your mind, try to record the progress of colleagues. If you see that someone is more successful than you, try to ask them about their salary. All in all, compare yourself to your coworkers in order to not get in an awkward situation in front of the whole collective.

If you see that your achievements are much better than those of others, think of the proof of your profit. If the company had rapid growth in earnings in the quarter when you came back from the vacation, provide the corresponding report to your director or manager. Also, write a letter of recommendation or even provide diplomas from qualification programs you have graduated from.

How to Ask for a Salary Advance?

A salary advance is provided for the workers who got in an emergency situation (due to health problems, loss of a breadwinner, or other expenses that are not covered by one’s insurance). Note that requesting the salary advance is the final source you should seek, especially after asking your relatives or friends for financial help. Thus, if you once asked for the salary advance, you would better not ask your director to share it with you (until there is again a dead-end situation).

So, you should prepare some papers for making such a request. But first of all, research the policy of your company. If you know the employer allowed salary advances before, most likely, the organization has this point mentioned in the policies (or even in your employment contract). Also, consider your relationships with the director. Probably, it is better to not ask them directly but firstly contact the HR manager of the company. Moreover, the lead is more likely to be unable to review the request as fast as you need money.

To begin your request, write a formal letter providing the purpose, amount, and method of repayment of the salary advance. Remember that it is better to give evidence where it is possible, so you will have greater chances to be approved. After that, you and your employer should come to an agreement on the terms of the loan. As a final step, there will be a contract with all the salary advance terms and your signature.

How to Fill an Employee Status Change Form?

Step 1

In the first part of the form, the employer has to enter the contact information of the employee whose status is being changed. It includes the name, home address, position, SSN, email, and date of birth.
Step 1 to filling out an employee status change form contact info

Step 2

Fill in the first box to record the employment change. It implies the type of status, type of change, and the number of working hours per week.
Step 2 to filling out an employee status change template employment change

Step 3

In order to record the changes in salary, use the second box. Insert the type of change, the new payment amount, and the date of the change.
Step 3 to filling out an employee status change sample salary change

Step 4

For mentioning the type and duration of the status change, use the next box, where you need to fill in the dates of changes and tick the corresponding boxes.
Step 4 to filling out an employee status change form dates

Step 5

The last box envisages the terms of the form termination. Here the employer writes the date of the last working day of the worker and ticks the only reason for separation.
Step 5 to filling out an employee status change example terms

Step 6

Finally, write any remarks, leave the signature and the date of drawing up the form.
Step 6 to filling out an employee status change form signature and date