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If you are an employee who wishes to quit your current job position, you may have a lot of thoughts and comments for your management. If you are an employer who often faces employees’ quitting, you may want to understand what reasons people have to leave your company. For both cases, the Exit Interview Template is a useful document that might help to deal with the job quitting situation.

The form takes place at the moment when a worker decides to leave and tells their manager or supervisor about the fact of leaving. Below, you will find a couple of thoughts regarding the form’s usage and a guide that will help employees to fill out the template properly.

How to Use the Form

The answer to this question depends on your own position.

If you are a worker who wishes to quit, the form is a perfect way to show why you are discontent with the job. The template allows you to describe what, in your opinion, is wrong, and provide all your comments regarding the situation at work.

If you are an employer and do not use such templates yet, we recommend you consider giving these forms to all workers who are willing to quit. The templates which are honestly filled out by the leaving employees may help you in several ways: to improve things in the company, to prevent other workers from quitting, and to finally understand what is wrong in your team and company.

How to Fill Out the Template

Filling out the Exit Interview Template is easier than one could imagine. Basically, you, as an employee, have to honestly describe the reasons why you have decided to quit and suggest things that can be done to improve the situation for your ex-employer.

If you want to leave on good terms, we recommend you to leave your suggestions smoothly, without showing how exhausted you are at this position. However, remember that your critique might be important for the employer, and the managers may really listen to your opinion and change some points for the better.

Before starting our step-by-step guide that explains how to fill out the template, ensure that you have the correct template at hand. You can get the proper form here, at our site, using our advanced form-building software that generates various forms in seconds. Try it to ensure the best result. Open the file and begin filling the form out using your laptop or print to write on the paper sheet.

Step 1. Date the Document

The first thing you will see below the headline is the line for the current date. Enter the date and proceed to the following step.
Step 1 to filling out an exit interview form date

Step 2. Add Personal Details

The form requires you to add basic personal details about yourself: your full name and social security number (or SSN).
Step 2 to filling out an exit interview template personal details

Step 3. Insert Info about Your Career in the Company

Below your name and SSN, you will see some lines where you shall enter details about your work in the company you are quitting.

You shall insert the following items:

  • Location or department where you used to work
  • Your supervisor’s name (if any)
  • Hire and termination dates
  • Starting and ending positions
  • Starting and ending salary.
    Step 3 to filling out an exit interview sample career

Step 4. Outline the Reasons for Quitting

The form’s next part is dedicated to the reasons why you have decided to leave your position in the company. The part is divided into several blocks with lists of options: Resignation, Laid Off, and Retirement. Choose the relevant reason and list.

If your reason is resignation, you can select from over 10 different explanations. They include relocation to another city, family needs, dissatisfaction with coworkers or work itself, and others. Mark the boxes that suit your case.

If you are quitting because you were fired, you may pick one of three options. However, they all describe the cases when people are fired for reasons beyond their control: lack of work, abolition of position, or lack of funds.

Lastly, if your choice is retirement, there are also three points to choose from: voluntary retirement, regular retirement, or disability retirement.
Step 4 to filling out an exit interview form quitting reasons

Step 5. Tell about Your Plans after Leaving

After choosing the reason for quitting that fits your situation, you are free to share the info about your future plans when you quit the job. Describe them briefly in four lines provided in the form.
Step 5 to filling out an exit interview example plans

Step 6. Leave Your Suggestions for Improvement

The form’s next part invites you to provide your suggestions and comments that might help your employer to improve the current situation. This block contains questions and charts that will also help you to formulate your thoughts and ideas.

It begins with two standard questions: what did you like the most and the least about your job. Answer these questions separately and remember everything, from the smallest details to the biggest issues.
Step 6.1 to filling out an exit interview form improvement suggestions

Then, you will have to estimate how you felt about the salary and benefits. You will see a chart where you will need to choose from “excellent”, “good”, “fair”, and “poor”. The things to estimate are paid holidays and vacations, retirement plan medical coverage, sick leave, life insurance, and other points.
Step 6.2 to filling out an exit interview template improvement suggestions

After estimating these vital elements, you shall move to the chart below, where you will rate other features of your past job. You will express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding the following:

  • Training you received
  • Promotion policies and practices
  • Discipline policies and practices
  • Opportunities to use your abilities at work
  • Your supervisor’s management skills
  • Physical working conditions
  • Overtime policies and practices, etc.

Rate everything honestly, and do not be afraid to provide your critique. Keep in mind that your employer may not even notice something that has been bothering you for weeks or months. You may open your management’s eyes to something they did not expect.
Step 6.3 to filling out an exit interview sample improvement suggestions


On the next page, you will see empty lines placed specially for your comments. Add some comments if needed. We recommend leaving them because it will make your feedback more detailed for the employer.
Step 6.4 to filling out an exit interview form improvement suggestions

Step 7. Answer Additional Questions

Below the comments section, you will see three more questions regarding your future plans. These questions are about your new position, new workplace, and possible improvements that could make you stay in the current position.

Give honest answers to those questions. Below, you will also be able to leave some remarks.
Step 7 to filling out an exit interview form additional questions

Step 8. Sign the Form

After you have filled out all the sections, do not forget to sign the document to prove your identity. Write the current date next to your signature.
Step 8 to filling out an exit interview sample signature

Step 9. Pass the Document to Your Company’s Representative

Under the signature, you will see a small block that you do not have to fill out. This block is only for your interviewer (or company’s representative) to complete.

After the form is complete, you will have an interview with the company representative, who will discuss everything that you have written, where you will be able to provide additional thoughts and comments on the document’s content.