Job Transfer Letter of Intent

A job transfer letter of intent is a formal notice from an employee sent to the management of their company with the request to move to another department or office of their organization.

It is common in situations when a worker wishes to change the department they work at to develop as a professional within the company. Another case is when a worker wants to change the place of their residency due to personal reasons and would like to continue working for the same company at a different location.

A free fillable letter of intent for a job should be clear and persuasive. It has to show that an employee has spent significant time working for the company and has shown good results. The letter should also demonstrate how the company could benefit from the employee’s transfer.

The letter is usually a one-page document that should be written in a formal and respectful manner yet leaving some room for a positive tone.

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Some Aspects of Writing a Job Transfer Letter of Intent

There are some tips on how to write a successful letter of intent for a job transfer.

  • Evaluate the situation

First of all, it would be wise to analyze the situation from the point of view of your employer. Will they get any benefit from transferring you to a new role or location? Is your reason for this justified? Is there a new role listed that you would like to take? Take some time to think over these questions and it will help you make a persuasive letter of intent.

  • Analyze what you have to offer the company

It would be great if your knowledge and skills could be balanced with the needs and missions of your company. At the same time, try to avoid coming off as haughty even if you have worked at the company for a long time and have an excellent work record. The goal here is to show your value to your organization

  • Make your letter short but informative and persuasive

Tell in the letter why you are writing it, show your background at your organization, provide specific reasons to request the transfer, and tell why this transfer would make sense for the company.

How to Fill Out a Letter of Intent for Job Transfer

Step 1 – Information about the sender and the recipient and the effective date

In the top left corner of your letter of intent for job transfer, write your name, the name of the company you work for, and its address. Then, include the effective date of the letter. Beneath, write who will get the letter – their name, title in the company, and address of the company (should be the same as under your name).

Step 2 – The essence of the request

The letter should start with the purpose of writing. You should clearly tell what the essence of your request is – being transferred to another department or another location of the company. If you have a set timeframe for when you want or need to make a job transfer, do not fail to mention this in your letter.

Write the reason for such a request. For instance, for transfer between departments, you can write that your knowledge has increased enough to take a new position and you are ready to take on new responsibilities. Or, if you plan to change location, explain that your family is moving to a new house and it will be hard or impossible to commute between your new home and your current work location.

Then, provide your work record and state how you were able to benefit your company throughout the working period.

Step 3 – Benefits for the company

In the next paragraph, you should convince your management that your transfer will be beneficial to the company. As an example, you might say that the new position is well-suited for your knowledge and set of skills. If you plan to relocate, say that you look forward to applying your skills and being of service at a new workplace.

Step 4 – Closing

In the last paragraph, you should thank your management for considering your request and state once again that you would want to continue your growth with the company. Tell that in case of any questions, you can be contacted at any time.

Finish the letter of intent with the closing statement and put your signature.

Sample Job Transfer Letter of Intent

To: Bridgit Long
Head of Human Resource Department
The Major Investment Company
New Mexico

From: Bob Russell
1613 S 2nd St
Gallup, NM, 87301

RE: Letter of intent for job transfer

Dear Mrs. Long,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention that I have been one of the best employees in The Major Investment Company for three years. I have been a committed and dedicated worker, and my monthly performance ratings can prove this. Recently, my kids got admitted to a school in Texas. Being admitted to Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School is a one-time chance that is not worth wasting.

This is the reason I am humbly requesting you to transfer me to our company branch in Texas. I would like to transfer starting from September 1, 2021, when the school season starts.

If you transfer me to the Texas branch, I anticipate showing the same excellent performance rates because I will be close to my children. All my attention will be shifted to completing the tasks assigned to me in the right way.

I very much hope for your understanding. I am looking forward to you considering my request and giving a positive response. Thank you for your time.

Bob Russell

Published: Apr 23, 2022