Purchase Letter of Intent (LOI)

A purchase letter of intent (LOI) is an intention to purchase a seller’s products or services in a written form. The goal of the letter is to show that the buyer has serious intentions regarding purchasing a seller’s merchandise in the future. To make sure the seller will not be considering an offer for a long time, the buyer might include the deadline for accepting or declining an offer.

The parties might decide to make a letter non-binding with the intention to create a more comprehensive agreement in the future. But if agreed upon by the buyer and seller, the form might be legally binding which will bring it legal force and consequently provide legal protection for the parties.

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Create a free high quality Purchase Letter of Intent (LOI) online now!

What Are the Types of a Purchase Letter of Intent?

LOIs to purchase differ by the object that is about to be bought. It is common to meet such types of letter of intent template:

  1. Business Purchase LOI – such a letter of intent is created to record the basic terms of transferring the ownership to a business between a buyer and seller
  2. Property purchase LOI – the letter of intent is meant to indicate the main terms of the purchase of residential or commercial property; most commonly is non-binding and states that more conditions of the deal will be described in a business purchase agreement
  3. Land purchase LOI – the letter of intent is a document that outlines the proposed terms of a land purchase between a buyer and a seller. The letter may include details such as the purchase price, financing terms, and any contingencies or conditions of the sale. Typically, the letter of intent is non-binding and serves as a starting point for negotiations, with the more detailed terms of the purchase to be described in a formal purchase agreement.
  4. Stock purchase LOI – a letter of intent created for the purpose of acquiring a part or full stock of a company

How a LOI to Purchase Differs from a Purchase Order?

A purchase order is a form sent from the buyer to the selling business with the goal of authorization of the product or service purchase. The form is aimed at describing the type and number of the products requested by the buyer. It should also provide the account details of the buyer for delivery of the requested items and the terms of payment. When a seller gets a purchase order, they should give approval of the transaction before it becomes a legally binding contract.

How to Fill out a Purchase Letter of Intent?

A purchase letter of intent should be a succinct document that describes only the main terms of the sale.

Step 1 – Effective date and subject

The buyer should start the purchase letter of intent with the effective date and subject that should describe the product (products) that is the object of the discussion.

Step 2 – Purpose

In the first paragraph, write down the purpose of the letter of intent. For instance, the buyer can write that the letter is meant to represent the basic terms of the purchase between the buyer and seller, and that the formal agreement may be created after the completion of this letter of intent.

Step 3 – Parties and Product

The name the buyer and the name of the seller should be put further and the name of the product/service the buyer intends to purchase should be provided in the letter of intent. Mention the quantity of the product (products) and the price per item if it s a countable product.

Step 4 – Purchase price and payment method

Specify the purchase price of the products/service and the purchase price after taxation. Then, indicate what payment method will be used by the buyer to pay the purchase price (check, money order, cash, etc.).

Step 5 – Dependence on financing

The buyer should state whether they need to obtain financing to make the purchase. If it is needed, the buyer should specify what conditions they should meet to get the financing.

Step 6 – Binding effect

The purchase letter of intent should indicate whether it is enforceable or not which should be agreed upon by the parties. If the letter of intent is non-binding, there should be a wording that it is constructed solely for the purpose of agreeing on the main terms of the future legally binding contract. If the letter of intent is binding, there is no need for the buyer and seller to create a purchase agreement.

Step 7 – Currency and governing law

The currency in which the payment will be made and the laws considered governing by the parties should be mentioned.

Step 8 – Acceptance

The second to the last thing in the letter should be a statement about what constitutes an acceptance of the letter of intent. Usually, it is signing the letter of intent by both the buyer and seller and returning a duplicate copy to the buyer. The section should also provide the date by which the copy should be returned.

Step 9 – Signatures

The last thing to do is to put signatures on the letter. Both the buyer and seller should sign the letter of intent and put their print names along with the date of signing.

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Sample Letter of Intent to Purchase

From: Art for Happiness, LLC
689 Manor Ave.
Big Spring, TX 79720

April 4, 2021

To: Texas Art Supply
323 Harvard Road
Odessa, TX 79761

RE: Letter of intent to purchase goods

Dear Sir/Madam,

We take the opportunity to declare our intention to purchase some goods from your company. Our company is duly organized and exists under the laws of the State of Texas, based on its Articles of Incorporation dated April 1, 2021. The principal business address of our company is 689 Manor Ave. Big Spring, TX 79720. Our principal activities include paint-and-sip services for our customers.
In line with the above-stated, we, Art for Happiness, LLC, hereby confirm with all responsibility that we are willing and able to enter into a contract for the purchase of the following items, as specified below:

  • Products: classic stretched cotton canvases 11 in. x 14 in. and 12 in. x 16 in., Amsterdam standard acrylic paint sets 120 ml
  • Total quantity: 1000 (one thousand) canvases, 100 (one hundred) acrylic paint sets
  • Destination point: Art for Happiness, LLC, 689 Manor Ave. Big Spring, TX 79720
  • Delivery terms: 14 (fourteen) business days from the effective date of this letter
  • Payment method: money order

We understand that this letter of intent is a starting point for further negotiations and operates as a framework under which the transaction can proceed.

We look forward to working with you on the proposal, hopefully beneficial for both entities.

Owen Marriott
Supply Manager of the Art for Happiness, LLC

Published: Jun 17, 2022