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The 9 Line Medevac is a standard procedure for the evacuation of wounded soldiers from the battlefield. This highly specialized process involves coordination between military medical personnel and pilots to ensure that the injured soldier receives the quickest and most efficient care possible. By understanding the 9 Line Medevac procedure, civilians can appreciate the intricate planning and execution that goes into saving lives on the battlefield.

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Form Name9 Line Medevac
Form Length1 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out15 sec
Other names9 line medevac smart card printable, line medevac form, printable 9 line medevac pocket card, 9 medevac form

Form Preview Example

The MEDEVAC 9Line request for information:

LINE 1. Location of the pick-up site.

LINE 2. Radio frequency, call sign, and suffix.

LINE 3. Number of patients by precedence:

OA Urgent

OB Urgent Surgical

OC Priority

OD Routine

OE - Convenience

LINE 4. Special equipment required:

OA None

OB Hoist

OC Extraction equipment

OD Ventilator

LINE 5. Number of patients:

OA Litter

OB Ambulatory

LINE 6. Security at pick-up site:

ON No enemy troops in the area

OP Possible enemy troops in area (approach with caution)

OE Enemy troops in area (approach with caution)

OX Enemy troops in area (armed escort required)

O*In peacetime number and types of wounds, injuries & illnesses

LINE 7. Method of marking pick-up site:

OA Panels

OB Pyrotechnic signal

OC Smoke signal

OD None

OE Other

Line 8. Patient nationality and status:

OA US Military

OB US Civilian

OC Non-US Military

OD Non-US Civilian

OE EPW (Enemy Prisoner of War)

LINE 9. NBC Contamination

ON Nuclear

OB Biological

OC Chemical

O*In peacetime terrain description of pick-up site

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