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Aetna International Claim Form is a document that allows you to submit your claim for reimbursement by Aetna for medical expenses incurred outside of the United States. This blog post will explain what an international claim form is, how it works and why it should be filed. In order to file an international claim form with Aetna, there are several things that must be done before hand such as filing a written request from the patient's doctor or other health care provider which explains in detail why treatment was not available within the United States, submitting any supporting documentation and filling out all necessary information on the application itself.

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Form NameAetna International Claim Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields19
Avg. time to fill out4 min 18 sec
Other namesaetna mileage reimbursement form, aetna medical claim reimbursement form, aetna ppo claim form, aetna reimbursement form for prescriptions

Form Preview Example

Aetna International Claim Form

Please submit this completed Claim form with itemized bills and receipts. A separate Claim Form is needed for each family member. Please tape small receipts on a full size sheet of paper. Failure to complete all sections of this form may result in claim processing delays.






Please refer to your policy documents to verify the cover available through your Plan.

Important Note: Please ensure Your Claim Form is completed in full and returned within 180 days of the Treatment date.

1. Member Information – Must be completed.

Policy Name


Policy Number


Member's Name






Member's Date of Birth


Member Aetna Identification Number



Street Address












Postal/ZIP Code


Member's Telephone Number


Mobile Number



Member's E-Mail Address















2. Patient Information – Must be completed.





Patient's Full Name



Patient's Date of Birth







Patient’s Aetna Identification Number





3. Other Health Insurance Coverage – Must be completed.

Do you hold any other insurance?



Other Carrier Name

Other Insurance Policy Number




Policy Holder Name

Please submit the relevant documents for the details if you get the reimbursement from other insurance for this claim submission.

4.Claim Information (Please include diagnosis or reason for treatment for each service received.)

For services related to an accidental injury, details of the accident must be provided.

For conditions that have required long term treatments, please provide details of when the symptoms and/or treatment began.

Claims for prescribed drugs or medication should include a prescription from your general practitioner (GP) or medical specialist.

Acupuncture, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Osteopath, Homeopath treatment and physiotherapy require a referral from your GP or medical specialist.

If you have insufficient space in any section, please provide full details on separate sheet.



Description of






Provider's (physician, clinic,

Service/ Name of






hospital, pharmacy, dentist)

Medication/ Device






Name and Address (If the

(If hospital, state





Dates of

provider’s name and address is

Inpatient, Day Case






on receipts, write “see receipts”)

or Outpatient)

(Reason for visit)

Country of Claim

of Claim



















































If the claim is for Maternity please indicate the expected due date of the pregnancy.

Please confirm if your pregnancy is a result of assisted conception/infertility treatment.

For dental claims, please indicate the related tooth and ensure itemized breakdown of services is included.

Were your injuries caused by an Accident?





If Yes, is it: Motor Vehicle Related?


Yes, provide Accident Date



Work Related?


Yes, provide Accident Date



Please provide accident details on a separate sheet.



Please Retain a Copy for Your Records

Policies issued in Hong Kong are issued by GAN Assurances IARD and administered by Aetna Global Benefits (Asia Pacific) Limited, an Aetna Company. Aetna Global Benefits (Asia Pacific) Limited registered address: Suite 401-403, DCH Commercial Centre, 25 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. Insurance Registration No. 02905813.

GR-68747-3 HK (9-12)

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Member’s Name (For faxing purpose):

5. Summary of Payment Details – Must be completed.

Recurring Reimbursement Election – Please check one of the following options if you want to:

Receive future payments using the details provided below

Use the payment information provided below for this claim only

Use the payment details that we already have on file for you

Payment Information


Please select your preferred reimbursement method:

Bank Transfer







(If no selection is made, the default method is cheque issued in the member’s name.)






Please indicate your preferred payment currency (If none is indicated, the default currency is US Dollar.)





Payee Name





Specify if:






Claim Settlement Address (if different to Section 1):


































































If you have selected Bank Transfer as your preferred payment method, the following information is required:




Bank Account Holder Name (as per Bank Statement)













Bank Account Number




Sort Code/Branch Code







IBAN Code*




Swift/BIC Code







IFSC/ABA/ US Routing Code













Bank Name













Bank Address (include Country)

Bank Telephone Number (include Country Code)

*The IBAN is mandatory for bank transfer claim payment transactions in certain countries, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This must be supplied if you are using a bank account in one of these countries. Members should check with their bank to confirm any IBAN requirements.

The most efficient method of receiving your benefits reimbursement is via Bank Transfer. Please check with your bank for help with providing the appropriate instructions to Aetna International.

6.Declaration – Must be completed.

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, all the information provided on this claim form is truthful and correct. I understand that Aetna will rely on the information provided as such. I agree and accept that this declaration gives Aetna, and its appointed representatives, the right to request past, present, and future medical information in relation to this claim, or any other claim related to the member/covered individual, from any third party, including providers and medical practitioners. I declare and agree

that personal information may be collected, held, disclosed, or transferred (worldwide) to any organization within the Aetna group, its suppliers, providers and any affiliates.

Patient's Signature



(If patient is under 18 years of age, Parent or Guardian must sign.)


Important Note: Please ensure Your Claim Form is completed in full and returned within six months (180 days) of the Treatment date. Failure to complete your form in full will result in the form being returned to you and will delay the processing of your claim. Please note Aetna International is not responsible for any costs associated with the completion of this form or for any further information/ document requested by Us to assess Your claim. The issuing of this Claim Form is in no way an admission of liability.

Please refer to your Member Handbook under General Claims Information for In-Patient, Day-Patient, Out-Patient Treatment and Pre-authorizations for all MRI and CT scans.

7. Additional Information

How to submit a Claim

Aetna International provides alternative methods of submitting a claim form to make it easier for our members, below are the listed options:

Postal Submission

Online Claim Submission for our members via our

Aetna Global Benefits (Asia Pacific) Limited

secure portal

Suite 401-403

DCH Commercial Centre

Submit your claim via Fax attaching receipts and

25 Westlands Road

referrals from your Medical Practitioner

Quarry Bay


Hong Kong

Email Submission with copies of your receipts and


referrals from your Medical Practitioner


For claim related queries please contact our 24 hour


Member Services helpline



Please Retain a Copy for Your Records

Policies issued in Hong Kong are issued by GAN Assurances IARD and administered by Aetna Global Benefits (Asia Pacific) Limited, an Aetna Company. Aetna Global Benefits (Asia Pacific) Limited registered address: Suite 401-403, DCH Commercial Centre, 25 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. Insurance Registration No. 02905813.

GR-68747-3 HK (9-12)

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How to Edit Aetna International Claim Form Online for Free

The idea driving our PDF editor was to help it become as easy to use as possible. You'll find the overall procedure of managing aetna dental claim form pdf hassle-free should you follow the following steps.

Step 1: Click the "Get Form Here" button.

Step 2: At this point, you can start editing the aetna dental claim form pdf. The multifunctional toolbar is at your disposal - add, eliminate, adjust, highlight, and undertake other sorts of commands with the content material in the document.

Enter the data required by the system to prepare the form.

aetna claim forms for medical fields to complete

Make sure you provide your details in the box Dates of Services, provider, s name and address is on, Inpatient, Diagnosis, or Outpatient), (Reason for visit) Country of Claim, Currency of Claim, Total, Charge, If the claim is for Maternity, Please confirm if your pregnancy, For dental claims, Were your injuries caused by an, If Yes, and Work Related.

Finishing aetna claim forms for medical part 2

In the Member, s Name (For faxing purpose):, Receive future payments using the, Cheque (If no selection is made, Bank Transfer, Please indicate your preferred, Specify if:, Member, Provider, If you have selected Bank Transfer, Employer, Street, City Bank Account Holder Name (as, I, BAN Code* IF, SC, ABA US Routing, State, Province and Country area, point out the important information.

stage 3 to finishing aetna claim forms for medical

Within the section I declare that, Patient's Signature, (If patient is under 18 years of, Date, Important Note: Please ensure Your, Please refer to your Member, How to submit a Claim A, etna cid, 129 Postal Submission, cid, 129 Online Claim Submission for our, A, etna Global Benefits (Asia, secure portal, cid, 129 and Submit your claim via Fax, identify the rights and obligations of the parties.

Filling in aetna claim forms for medical stage 4

Step 3: Once you've hit the Done button, your form is going to be accessible for upload to each electronic device or email address you identify.

Step 4: Ensure that you keep away from potential complications by having a minimum of 2 copies of your document.

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