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What is an application exemption? An application exemption is a document that exempts a specified type of building from the requirements for complying with the accessibility standards. This blog post will discuss what this means, and some common types of exemptions. What are some types of application exemptions? -One example would be a structural alteration to an existing public or commercial building. There may also be demolition permits for buildings which have been structurally altered so as to make them unsuitable for occupation by human beings. In these cases, there may not need to be compliance with certain features such as accessible entrances on every street frontage, ramps at all entry points, wide doorways etc.

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Form NameApplication Exemption
Form Length13 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out3 min 15 sec
Other namesapplication exemption online, responsibility unable, application exemption, exemption shared

Application Exemption
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