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This hunting permission slip is a way to formalize the agreement between the landowner and the sportsperson in Ohio, ensuring that both parties understand the terms and conditions of the access granted, and also to protect the landowner from any potential liability arising from the recreational activities.

In addition to the permission slip, you may need to have a valid hunting or fishing license. Check with your local Department of Natural Resources or similar entity for details.

Also, note that under Ohio law, as mentioned in the permission slip, landowners generally are not responsible for any injury you might sustain while on their property. This means if you were to get hurt while hunting, you typically cannot hold the landowner responsible.

Lastly, depending on the nature of the recreational activities, you might want to consider appropriate insurance coverage. For instance, some hunters have specific hunting insurance that covers potential accidents or other issues that can arise during hunting activities.

Form NameOhio Hunting Permission Slip
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields30
Avg. time to fill out6 min 34 sec
Other namesohio hunting permission form, ohio hunter permission slip, ohio hunting permission slip 2020, hunter permission form

Form Preview Example

Permission to Enter Private Land

for Recreational Activities

Permission is hereby granted to the undersigned sportsperson for entry into private land owned by the undersigned landowner or their agent for the date(s) and activities listed. The permission is according to the conditions stated on the reverse side of this permit.



D Fish

D Harvest Ginseng

Permission Period




D Seasonal - Through February 28, 20 _______

D Daily - Valid From Date(s) ____/_____/____

to ____/_____/____


Landowner or Agent’s PRINTED Name

________________________________________ ______/______/______

Landowner or Agent’s Signature

Today’s Date

In accepting this permit, I agree to assume and release the landowner from any or all liability for personal injuries, property damage, or for the loss of life or property resulting from, or in any way connected with the issuance of this permit.

Customer ID No. ________________________________________________

Sportsperson’s Address: ___________________________________________



(city, state, zip code)

Sportsperson’s Telephone (________) _________________________________

Vehicle License No., Make, and Model: _________________________________



Sportsperson’s PRINTED Name

________________________________________ ______/______/______

Sportsperson’s Signature

Today’s Date

Ohio Revised Code 1533.181: Exemption from liability to recreational users

(A)No owner, or lessee, or occupant of premises:

(1)Owes any duty to a recreational user to keep the premises safe for entry or use;

(2) Extends any assurance to a recreational user, through the act of giving permission, that the premises are safe for entry or use;

(3) Assumes responsibility for or incurs liability for any injury to person or property caused by any act of a recreational user.

1-Landowner or Agent - 2-Sportsperson

DNR 8924 (R0914)


1.To respect the rights of the property owner

2.To be careful in the handling of firearms

3.Not to damage fences, buildings, or other property

4.Not to litter the area or dump any rubbish

5.To obey all hunting laws and regulations of the Division of Wildlife

6.This free permit is only valid on the lands of the issuing landowner and only for the days specified.

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In order to create the odnr hunting permission slips PDF, provide the content for all of the segments:

step 1 to writing ohio hunting permission slip 2020

Make sure you note the details within the box use, Extends any assurance to a, Assumes responsibility for or, Landowner or Agent Sportsperson, and DNR R.

Filling out ohio hunting permission slip 2020 step 2

Step 3: Click "Done". It's now possible to export your PDF document.

Step 4: Generate minimally two or three copies of the document to keep clear of different possible troubles.

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