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Bank of America is one of the most popular banks in the United States. One of their most useful services is transferring funds between accounts. This blog post will explain how to complete a transfer form using, which will save you time and money on your next transfer! This article will help you learn how to get started with Bank of America's Transfer Form! It covers what information needs to be included, as well as who can get access to this service.

Below is the details relating to the form you were looking for to complete. It can show you the time it will take to fill out bank of america transfer form, what parts you need to fill in, and so forth.

Form NameBank Of America Transfer Form
Form Length2 pages
Fillable fields0
Avg. time to fill out30 sec
Other nameswire transfer form bank of america, bank of america domestic wire transfer form, bank of america wire transfer form, transfer form bank

Form Preview Example

Trustee Transfer/Direct Rollover Request

1.Customer Information (Required: Complete all sections in blue or black ink. For a Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA) use the Contributor’s information.)







Social Security Number


Mailing Address
























Zip Code


Physical Address
























Zip Code


Country of Residency








Country of Citizenship




Citizenship Status:


Resident Alien

Non-Resident Alien

Dual Citizenship

Date of Birth ___________________________________________
















Source of Income:








Social Security

Daytime Telephone Number







Evening Telephone Number




Have you or any of your immediate family ever been elected, appointed or assumed any political position in a National, State or Provincial government? (Y/N) If yes, describe the position:

2.Existing Institution Information (Use a separate Form for each request.) Name of Institution/Employer

Mailing Address










Zip Code



















For Beneficiary IRAs, complete the following required information

Account Number




Traditional Beneficiary

Roth Beneficiary




Decedent Name






















Decedent Date of Birth




Year of Death







Beneficiary Relationship






Coverdell Education Savings Account - &RPSOHWHVHFWLRQVDQG




Account Number


Student’s Name










Student’s SSN


Student’s Date of Birth







Qualified Retirement Plan - &RPSOHWHVHFWLRQVDQG

Indicate Plan Type (e.g. pension, profit sharing, 401k, Roth 401k)

Account Number

3. Transfer Instructions to Bank of America, as Successor Custodian (Check all that apply)

Bank IRA or CESA:

For a transfer from a Bank IRA or CESA, I request you to liquidate the above referenced IRA or CESA and transfer the cash as follows:

Check one:

all assets or

partial assets in the amount of $

Check one:

immediately or

upon maturity

Brokerage IRA: Brokerage account assets cannot be transferred in kind. Assets must be liquidated at c urrent firm prior to submitting this form. Medallion Signature Guarante e stamp is also required for transfer under section 6.

For a transfer from a Brokerage IRA, I request you to transfer the following:

Check one:

all available cash or

partial cash amount of $

4. Direct Rollover Instructions to Bank of America, as Successor Custodian

Ask your current Plan Administrator whether any additional documentation will be required to complete the transfer. You will be responsible for any early withdrawal fees or transfer fees charged by your current Plan.

Direct Rollover from a Qualified Plan:

I request you to liquidate all assets in my above referenced Qualified Retirement Plan, and process a direct rollover. Please follow these special instructions, if any:

For questions on processing direct rollovers contact the Retirement Help Desk at 1.888.827.1812.

00-14-9031M 07-2015

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5.Bank of America Plan/Account (If you do not make a selection, funds received will be credited to the Money Market IRA/CESA.) I hereby direct Bank of America, N.A., as Successor Custodian, to deposit the funds referenced on this form to my

Type of Plan:






Traditional Beneficiary

Roth Beneficiary

IRA/CESA Plan Number

Deposit in Existing Account Number

Deposit in a New Account under the following product type:

Money Market IRA/CESA (no term)

Month-Variable Rate Account (18-23 months)






Month-Fixed Term Account (6-120 months)

Interest Rate


Annual Percentage Yield





Risk Free

























6. Customer's Acceptance (read and complete)







I have received, read and agree to the terms and conditions of the disclosure contained in the deposit agreement, fee schedule and plan document.



I have read the instructions on this form and authorize the transaction described above.




I am solely responsible for making sure that any contributions, transfers, conversions or rollovers to this IRA plan are permitted under the rules of the plan and the applicable tax laws, and take full responsibility for any resulting effects, taxes or damages.

B.I understand if I transfer / rollover funds from a Qualified Plan and commingle them with other IRA funds, I might not be able to roll the funds over to another Qualified Plan later. Due to the important tax consequences of rolling over funds to an IRA or other qualified plan, I have been advised to seek the advice of a tax professional.

C.If this is a direct rollover from a Qualified Plan directly to Bank of America, I authorize the employer to handle it according to the instructions on this form. I understand I am responsible for ensuring that Bank of America has received the forms needed to complete a direct rollover to open my Bank of America IRA. Bank of America may cancel my IRA if the direct rollover isn’t received within 90 days and there are no funds in the account.

D.If this is a custodian/trustee transfer, I authorize the existing custodian/trustee to handle it according to the instructions on this form. I understand this transaction is a transfer to a new custodian and not a taxable distribution to me. I also understand that if I’m 70½ or older, I am required to take my required minimum distribution, however, I do not have to take this year’s required minimum distribution before the existing custodian/trustee can transfer the remaining funds to Bank of America.

E.The interest rate and annual percentage yield quoted are valid for 30 days from the date signed below. If the funds are received after 30 days, the rate assigned will be the current rate at that time for the product.

For Bank Use: Medallion Signature Guarantee stamp (Only applicable for securities such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds or brokerage account)

Depositor’s Signature (Required)


BROKERAGE: In the case of a transfer from a brokerage account, the transferring firm may require signature authorization including but not limited to, signature guarantee, medallion guarantee or some other form of necessary stamp. These guarantees help protect against fraud. Most banks and brokerage firms can provide one. Please contact the transferring firm for clarification.

For Bank Use only:













Identification Type:




Identification Number:










Identification Issued By:



Identification Issue Date / Expiration Date:











Delivery Instructions to Bank of America







Make checks payable to: Bank of America, N.A. for the benefit of












(the name of the IRA/CESA owner)



Mail to:

Regular Mail:

Bank of America, N.A.

Overnight Mail: Bank of America, N.A.



















P.O. Box 619040


4500 Amon Carter Blvd







Dallas, TX 75261-9943


Fort Worth, TX 76155



Bank Information - For Internal Use Only (must be completed - required information)




Banking Center Name







Associate's Name


Associate's Phone Number


Bank of America will accept the transfer authorized on this form.




(Required: Bank Representative Signature Here*)

*By signing the Authorized Signature, this confirms that the identity of the customer has been verified and Bank of America will accept funds as successor custodian.

00-14-9031M 07-2015

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How to Edit Bank Of America Transfer Form Online for Free

You'll find nothing complicated related to completing the bank of america wire transfer form after you open our editor. By following these simple actions, you'll receive the fully filled out document within the shortest time frame you can.

Step 1: Step one would be to click on the orange "Get Form Now" button.

Step 2: Once you have accessed the editing page bank of america wire transfer form, you'll be able to notice all the actions readily available for your form in the top menu.

Type in the required material in every single part to prepare the PDF bank of america wire transfer form

portion of gaps in letter headed paper of bank of america requesting for transfer

The system will expect you to fill out the City, IRA Plan check one, State, Zip Code, Traditional, Roth, Rollover, SEP, For Beneficiary IRAs complete the, Account Number, Traditional Beneficiary Decedent, Roth Beneficiary, Decedent Date of Birth, Beneficiary Relationship, and Year of Death box.

Completing letter headed paper of bank of america requesting for transfer step 2

In the Brokerage IRA Brokerage account, For a transfer from a Brokerage, Check one all available cash or, Direct Rollover Instructions to, Ask your current Plan, Direct Rollover from a Qualified, I request you to liquidate all, cidFor questions on processing, and Page of field, identify the necessary details.

part 3 to completing letter headed paper of bank of america requesting for transfer

Describe the rights and responsibilities of the parties within the field Bank of America PlanAccount If, Type of Plan, Traditional Roth, Rollover, SEP, CESA, Traditional Beneficiary, Roth Beneficiary, IRACESA Plan Number, Deposit in Existing Account Number, Deposit in a New Account under the, Money Market IRACESA no term, MonthVariable Rate Account months, Term, and Term.

stage 4 to finishing letter headed paper of bank of america requesting for transfer

Finish by analyzing the following sections and preparing them as required: For Bank Use Medallion Signature, Depositors Signature Required Date, BROKERAGE In the case of a, For Bank Use only, Identification Type, Identification Issued By, Delivery Instructions to Bank of, Make checks payable to Bank of, Identification Number, Identification Issue Date, Mail to, Regular Mail, Bank of America NA TX PO Box, the name of the IRACESA owner, and Overnight Mail Bank of America NA.

step 5 to completing letter headed paper of bank of america requesting for transfer

Step 3: Hit the "Done" button. You can now export the PDF form to your device. Besides, you can easily deliver it by means of email.

Step 4: It may be safer to save copies of the document. You can be sure that we will not share or check out your information.

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