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The University of California, Berkeley has a biomedical waste operating plan that aims to ensure the safe and proper disposal of biohazardous waste. This is accomplished by collecting all regulated medical wastes from labs, clinics, offices and other areas on campus. Labeling these containers appropriately with the Biohazard symbol and specific universal warning labels for biological agents such as HIV or hepatitis B or C can ensure compliance with OSHA regulations while also protecting patients who might be handling these materials outside of the facilities. The University's plan includes procedures for managing sharps (needles), solid biohazardous waste (blood vials, bandages) and liquids (urine). The latter often contains infectious organisms like bacteria or viruses which need to be inactivated before disposal.

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In the Our facility must maintain records, Training records will be kept for, three (3) years and will be, Biomedical waste is any solid or, to humans, Items of sharps and non-sharps, locations at which they are, If biomedical waste is in a liquid, and the waste may be disposed into a area, put in writing the information you have.

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The system will demand you to put down certain necessary data to automatically submit the part Our red bags are manufactured by, Our documentation of red bag, Working staff can quickly get red, Sharps will be placed into sharps, and All sealed biomedical waste red.

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Biomedical Waste Operating Plan
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