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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating, long-term illness which affects many people in the United States. This illness can make it very difficult to work or attend school, and can significantly reduce quality of life. CFS 508-1 Form is a document that can be used to help prove eligibility for disability benefits if you are suffering from CFS. Knowing what this form is and how to use it can be extremely helpful if you are fighting to get the benefits you need and deserve. In this blog post, we will discuss what CFS 508-1 Form is, how to complete it, and why it is important. Stay tuned for more information!

Form Name CFS 508-1 Form
Form Length 2 pages
Fillable? No
Fillable fields 0
Avg. time to fill out 30 sec
Other names 508 1 cfs form, 508 1, 508 form dcfs, dcfs form 508

Form Preview Example

CFS 508-1

Rev. 12/2013State of Illinois

Department of Children and Family Services

Date Submitted



Employing Facility






Facility Provider ID#












(Street and Number)




(Zip Code)

II.Person Employed


























(Date of Birth)


Social Security Number


















Home Address




























(Street and Number)













(Zip Code)





Date Employed:

















Position for which employed (Check appropriate item):

Executive, Superintendent, or Director Child Care Supervisor (child care institution) Child Care Worker (child care institution) Child Care Staff (group home)

Child Welfare Supervisor (child welfare agency)

Child Welfare/Licensing Worker (child welfare agency) Registered Nurse

Teacher (residential facility)


Licensed Practical Nurse (day care center only) Early Childhood Teacher (day care center) School-age Worker (day care center)

Early Childhood Assistant (day care center) School-age Assistant (day care center) Substitute





Previous Employment (Last ten years of employment)





Name and address of Employer

Type of Work and Title


























The employer, or authorized official of the employing facility has contacted the human resources personnel, management or knowledgeable supervisor for each listed previous employer to inquire about the employee’s work performance and whether the employee would be eligible for rehire.


V.Other Direct, Unpaid Experience with Children (Such as scout work, Sunday School teacher)

Report of Reference on File (At least three character and/or business, from persons not related to the employee)

Name of Reference



VI. Educational Background (Circle the one item indicating highest grade completed)

Elementary Grade:

High School:


0 1 2 3

4 5 6 7 8

1 2 3 4


Years of College (Undergraduate):

Years of Graduate Work:



2 3 4


1 2 3




College Degree:


Graduate Degree:





Name of School, College, or University last attended:

Other Special Training or Professional License (Specify):

Professional License Number:

Evidence of Educational Achievement on File:


VII. Physical Examination

Last Examination (Date):

Name and Address of Examining Physician:


Health Clearance Report on File?





VIII. Certification of Employment

I, the employer, or authorized official of the employing facility, do hereby certify that the above-named person is employed in the position indicated and that, to the best of my knowledge is qualified for the position indicated, and employment is in accordance with minimum standards prescribed by the Department of Children and Family Services.


Executive Director/Director:

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In order to fill out this form, make sure that you type in the necessary information in each blank field:

1. The form 508 1 will require certain details to be typed in. Make certain the subsequent fields are finalized:

The best ways to fill out cfs 508 stage 1

2. Soon after filling in the previous section, go to the next step and enter the necessary particulars in these blank fields - Position for which employed Check, Executive Superintendent or, Licensed Practical Nurse day care, Child Care Supervisor child care, Early Childhood Teacher day care, Child Care Worker child care, Schoolage Worker day care center, Child Care Staff group home, Early Childhood Assistant day care, Child Welfare Supervisor child, Schoolage Assistant day care center, Child WelfareLicensing Worker, Substitute, Registered Nurse, and Teacher residential facility.

Stage # 2 of filling in cfs 508

3. The following portion is about The employer or authorized, and NOTE ATTACH THIS FORM TO THE CFS - type in every one of these empty form fields.

How one can prepare cfs 508 part 3

4. Filling in Other Direct Unpaid Experience, Report of Reference on File At, Name of Reference, Address, Relationship, GED, Yes, High School, Educational Background Circle the, and Years of Graduate Work is paramount in this next step - you'll want to take the time and fill out each and every blank!

Step number 4 of filling out cfs 508

Concerning Name of Reference and Address, make sure you review things here. Both these could be the key ones in the file.

5. This form has to be finalized with this part. Here there is a full set of fields that need to be filled in with specific details to allow your form usage to be accomplished: VII, Explain, Explain, Educational Background Circle the, Graduate Degree, Yes, Physical Examination Last, Yes, VIII Certification of Employment, and I the employer or authorized.

Completing part 5 of cfs 508

Step 3: Spell-check everything you have entered into the form fields and click the "Done" button. After setting up afree trial account at FormsPal, you'll be able to download form 508 1 or send it via email promptly. The PDF document will also be easily accessible in your personal account menu with your changes. FormsPal ensures your information privacy by having a protected method that never saves or distributes any personal data provided. You can relax knowing your docs are kept safe whenever you use our editor!